All Lords of the Fallen Bosses Listed

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All Lords of the Fallen Bosses Listed

What are the Lords of the Fallen bosses? Lords of the Fallen has finally made its debut on the market. Received with mostly good ratings, even if not excellent, the second chapter, which aimed to revive the name of the brand thanks to this mix between sequel and reboot, partially succeeded in its aim. However, the thing that most users are now wondering is which Lords of the Fallen bosses they will have to face during their adventure. For this reason, in this article, we have decided to offer you a list of all the Lords of the Fallen bosses present in the game, both those necessary to continue and the optional ones.

Lords of the Fallen bosses

There are many bosses that you will have the chance to meet and defeat during your adventure in Lords of the Fallen, each with different characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. Below, here is the complete list of Lords of the Fallen bosses:

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lords of the fallen

However, a part of the Lords of the Fallen bosses that the developers have decided to create are optional and therefore not necessary to complete the plot and see the credits. However, as often happens, linked to these optional bosses there are rewards to obtain, as well as the possibility of discovering plot details that could change the cards on the table and make you have a completely different opinion.

In addition to the various strategies to adopt to fight each of the various bosses present in the game (which we anticipate can be defeated quite easily if you master the parry technique or if you get help from someone else), the most important thing to know is that they are divided into two different boss categories: Sinner and Heresy. The former can be considered mini-bosses, very similar to the other enemies you will find in the game world, only a little more powerful; the latter, however, are real bosses, the ones who will allow you to advance in your adventure.

lords of the fallen bosses

All Lords of the Fallen Bosses Listed
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