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The symbol for the Dota Pro Circuit, a stylized aegis of the immortals, appears in black above the words "Dota Pro Circuit North America" in Yellow an White. The ESL One and Intel logos appear beneath

Dota 2: 2022 DPC NA Division I And Division II Week 5 Results

Week 5 results from the North American DPC. The DPC matches in North America have been predictable and the fifth week had similar results. Quincy Crew are the best team currently with Evil Geniuses and Team Undying fighting for the second spot. Division II has The Cut leading the table …
LoL: LEC 2022 Spring Split Day Three Recap

LoL: LEC 2022 Spring Split Day Three Recap

The final day of the three-day Summer Week is here, and it’s setup to cause a few surprises. Day two saw some stories beginning to emerge from the opening weekend of the LEC. Three sides sit at the top with 2-0 records, as G2, Fnatic, and Rogue share the spotlight …
Dota 2 heroes including Axe and Earth Spirit make ready to battle on a city street as other heroes look on

Dota 2: 2022 DPC China Division I Week 2 Results

All of Week 2's Action from China's Dota Pro Circuit. After the kick start of games in the first week, the DPC scene in China has some new and exciting matches in the second one. We see PSG.LGD in a good position as league leaders. Both Team Aster and EHOME …
The Beyond the Summit logo, a stylized mountain top inside a circle, appears in blue. The words "SEA DPC by Beyond the Summit" appear below in white and blue

Dota 2: 2022 DPC SEA Division I And Division II Week 5 Results

A summary of everything that happened during week 5 of DPC in Southeast Asia. The fifth week has drawn to a close and we can now see a clearer picture of the league table. BOOM and  T1 are having the best tour with only a single defeat. Team SMG are …
The LEC stage set up for the showdown between Excel and G2

LoL: LEC 2022 Spring Split Day Two Recap

The LEC returns for day two of the week one Super Week action. Day one didn’t rock the boat too much, though the game one victory of MAD Lions against Vitality is easily the biggest shock. Providing you, like us, predicted Vitality as your top picks for Spring 2022. The …
The heroes Terrorblade and Anti-Mage locked in a heated battle, the DPC logo appears below them

Dota 2: 2022 DPC Western Europe Division I and Division II Week 5 Results

Another week, another set of amazing Dota 2 games. We break down all the action in week 5. Although the DPC started in late November, the first round is slowly but steadily coming to an end. The second-last week of the Western European DPC was an arena where some teams …
The word "Reet" appears in large block silver letters across the sky with Reet's fortnite character looking up at them

Fortnite: Two-Time FNCS Champion Reet Joins TSM FTX

NA West superstar Reet is no longer a free agent and has joined TSM FTX. Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Chapter 2 Season 8 Champion Nathan “Reet” Amundson unexpectedly hit the free-agent market following his resignation from XTRA Gaming. The now-defunct organization saw top Fortnite players such as Reet and Deyy …
Some Of The Most Expensive Cosmetic Items In Dota 2

Some Of The Most Expensive Cosmetic Items In Dota 2

ESTNN looks at some of the most expensive items you can get in Dota 2. Dota 2 is one of the many games where people can purchase cosmetic items that change the way their favorite heroes, items, and effects look. Instead of creating a pay-2-win game, Valve decided to offer …
Profile images of Tony "LethuL" Campbell Jr. and Chris "Royal1" appear either side of the HCS logo

Sentinels’ LethuL & Royal1 Fined For Violating HCS Code Of Conduct

The fallout from last month's geo-filtering scandal involving Sentinels player Matthew “Royal 2” Fiorante continues. Halo Championship Series (HCS) league officials announced today that Sentinels player Tony “LethuL” Campbell Jr. and coach Chris “Royal1” have received fines following their conduct toward HCS Administration’s investigation. Both team members made their opinions …
The LEC stage set for the showdown between Mad Lions and Team Vitality

LoL: LEC 2022 Spring Split Day One Recap

The LEC is finally back on our screens, and what a weekend fans have in store. With a bumper weekend of fixtures, we should get an amazing first look at what the 2022 LEC has to offer. With top matches from our Power Pick 2022 top picks, and upsets are …
The schedule for the Call of Duty League showing the dates of the Majors and Championship Weekend

COD League 2022 Season Schedule Revealed

The schedule for the 2022 CDL Season is here. The Call of Duty League changes its format for the third consecutive season as they look to find the perfect balance between number of matches and their importance. This year, teams will compete in online qualifier matches across three weeks before …
Phantom Assassin's Manifold Paradox Arcana, featuring a pair of flaming daggers and eerie glowing green eyes

Dota 2: Six of the Most Popular Arcanas

There are plenty of really impressive Arcanas in Dota 2, we share a few of our favorites. During the early days of DotA, people liked the fact that it was one of the few games where you couldn’t pay real money to purchase in-game items. This changed once Dota 2 …
The roster for Cloud 9 appear in their team jerseys, the team logo appears in the background behind them

Cloud9 Do It Again, Defeat OpTic Gaming In HCS Pro Series Week 2

Cloud9 earned their second straight HCS Pro Series after conquering OpTic Gaming. The Halo Championship Series (HCS) rolled forward with the second Pro Series event this year. Last week, Cloud9 continued its dominance with an undefeated tirade through the tournament. The HCS Raleigh Champions ( toppled FaZe Clan in the …
The Boston Breach logo appears partly obscured by stage barricades at a CDL event

Boston Breach Reveal Starting Roster for 2022 CDL Season

The Boston CDL franchise have revealed their 2022 starting roster. The Call of Duty League announced the arrival of a Boston franchise a few weeks ago. Today, they’re revealed as the Boston Breach, and alongside the announcement came the reveal of their 2022 roster. Boston Breach will enter the Call …
The World of Warcraft logo appears against a shimmering black and golden background, a gold sash covers the logo reading "15 Year Anniversary"

WoW: Blizzard Outlines 2022 WoW Esports Schedule

Blizzard has outlined plans for what’s to come for WoW Arena, and Mythic+ Esports in 2022. It was a challenging year for WoW, like all esports, as it had to head back online. While far from the most popular of esports, Blizzard managed to cope well given the COVID situation …
Parasite plants a kiss on the Call of Duty Championship trophy

Parasite Retires from Competitive Call of Duty

The final standing winner of the first ever COD World Championship retires. The competitive Call of Duty scene has been around for over 10 years now. It was 9 years ago when the first COD World Championship was held. Black Ops 2 was the first game to hold a World …
A team of Halo characters assemble garbed in the signature HCS Fnatic skin

Halo Infinite: FNATIC Officially Reveals HCS Roster

FNATIC signs a North American Halo Infinite team. Five months ago, the Halo Championship Series (HCS) revealed a partnership with nine well-known esports organizations ahead of Halo Infinite’s highly-anticipated release. OpTic Gaming, Sentinels, Cloud9 and FaZe Clan were among the marquee brands committed to Halo Infinite in the early going …
The words "Fortnite Limited Time Closed Beta For Mobile on GeForce Now" appear against a black fractal background. Beside them the promotional image for Fortnite Chapter 3 appears

Fortnite x GeForce NOW Brings Fortnite Back To iOS

Fortnite Battle Royale will return to iOS whether Apple likes it or not as part of a closed beta. Today, technology company NVIDIA announced a plan to bring Fortnite back to iOS platforms. The company’s website published an article welcoming players to join a closed beta waitlist for GeForce NOW …

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New York Excelsior 2022 Roster Reveal

The New York Excelsior unveil their 2022 roster. New York Excelsior have released what is likely to be the final 2022 roster reveal. The five player minimum roster is so far composed

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CS:GO: Return Of NBK And Other Changes For MOUZ

Mouse Esports are gearing up for 2022. After a six-month hiatus, Nathan “NBK-” Schmitt has made a return to Counter-Strike from Valorant. The 27-year-old joins MOUZ with other major changes to the

CS:GO: Evil Geniuses Bids Goodbye To Tarik

Farewell to tarik the “Content King”. Tarik “⁠tarik⁠” Celik parted ways with EG after being inactive for eight months. He is one of the most renowned players and was a crucial part

CS:GO: Shox Joins Team Liquid

Team Liquid have made some massive headlines. Richard “shox” Papillon has joined Team Liquid as part of their recent roster rebuild. The North American organization has made some important changes before the

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COD League 2022 Season Schedule Revealed

The schedule for the 2022 CDL Season is here. The Call of Duty League changes its format for the third consecutive season as they look to find the perfect balance between number

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Valorant’s Newest Agent, Neon

Additional Reporting: Arnab Baidya With Valorant’s Act III coming to an end, the next agent will take the field in Riot Games’ shooter. Article Updated: January 7 With less then two months

How to Fix Valorant Packet Loss Error

Stable Internet is key to ranking up fast. Valorant is undoubtedly one of the most played tactical shooter games globally, and Riot has been trying its best to make the gameplay experience

Valorant: Doma will Leave Fnatic

After the conclusion of Valorant Champions, Fnatic is among the first to start rebuilding for 2022. Valorant Champions 2021 ended on December 12 — with EMEA squad Acend rising above every other

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Fortnite: Where To Find Telescope Parts

Learn how to find and collect telescope parts in Fortnite Battle Royale. Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 features many in-game storyline challenges that push the narrative forwards and give players something to

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NY mobile sports betting launch – New York sports betting updates

If you are a fan of sports betting, we’d like to share some very exciting news. The New York State Gaming Commission has just announced the approval of four NY mobile betting platforms that launched on January 8th 2022.

The 4 best sports betting sites in the US for 2022

Finding the best online betting sites in the United States is a matter of gathering the appropriate information.

All you need to know to bet online on sports like tennis, horse, NFL, NBA…