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ECS Season 6 CSGO

Counter-Strike: Looking Ahead to ECS Season 6 Finals

ECS Season 6 Finals begin on November 22 in Arlington Texas and will feature 8 of Counter-Strike’s top teams battling for a $660,000 prize pool. Here are some story lines to keep … Read More
Paris Eternal Overwatch

Overwatch League Expansion Team Profile: Paris Eternal

THE SQUAD SoOn (Terence Tarlier) Nationality: France Role: DPS Teams Team France 2017-18 LA Valiant Rogue (Pre-OWL) Veteran DPS that has always been on top-tier teams ShaDowBurn (George Gushcha) Nationality: Russia Role: … Read More

Overwatch GOATS: A History, Analysis, And Its Current State

A HISTORY: Ninjas In Pyjamas The story of the GOATS composition begins with Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP), an EU team from the early days of competitive Overwatch. Half the players on this … Read More
Ashe Overwatch

Breakdown of New Overwatch Character: Ashe

Just days after its announcement during the BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard made its new DPS hero available on Overwatch’s servers. This new character, Ashe, is the anti nemesis of the popular gunslinger Jesse … Read More
Esports Growth

The Growth of Esports: By The Numbers

The popularity of esports has skyrocketed in recent years as technology has improved, streaming has soared and a new generation of superstars have emerged. The leading Dota 2, League of Legends and … Read More

Counter-Strike: NiKo’s FaZe Isn’t a Great Team

It’s easy to be baited by FaZe. They are a team who show their strengths in the reflection of their trophies. From ESL One New York 2017, to EPICENTER 2018 over a … Read More

Monetizing Esports Viewership Using Unique Marketing Mechanisms

Esports work as a domain because they have the intrinsic ability to attract people. They do this on both sides of the equation – they are able to appeal to players who … Read More
Competitive Overwatch

What Makes League Games So Different From Competitive Mode?

Competitive Mode Backstory This is where pros proved themselves worthy to compete at the top level of play. Of course, other games factored into their skill such as TF2 (Team fortress two) … Read More
League of Legends

League of Legends Preseason: League of Klepto

Preseason is well underway and so far there are two extremely exploitable changes I would like to discuss today. The first being the changes to the Kleptomancy rune, currently on the PBE … Read More
Esports Awards 2018

Esports Awards 2018: Full List of Winners

The 2018 Esports Awards have just concluded. Here is a complete list of the winners: Unsung Hero of the Year Milos Nedeljkovic | FACEIT Videographer of the Year Davis “Hitch” Edwards | … Read More

FPS Esports News

MOBA Esports News

Battle Royale Esports News

PUBG Is Officially Launching On FACEIT

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is officially launching via FACEIT following the success of it’s beta. The official launch will take place tomorrow on September 28th in NA, EU and SA. The