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Staff Editors

Eliana Bollati Editor

Eliana Bollati, Editor

  • Eliana is a freelance editor & journalist from Australia with a passion for esports and video games. An avid player of video games for the better part of three decades, she began following professional esports circuits during the 2010s. She brings both a player and longtime fan perspective into her commentary on the professional scenes.
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David - Author

David Hollingsworth, Editor

  • David has written for games media outlets for the last seven years. With his first major esports role being with Esports News UK covering mostly UK League of Legends. David is also a member of the British Esports Association and is an advisor to them on World of Warcraft Esports. More recently David has worked for Esports Insider and Red Bull as an esports journalist.
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Staff writers

Zlosterr | Dota 2 Writer

Zlosterr, DOTA 2

  • Zlosterr has been a fan of eSports for many years and mainly focuses on Dota 2. He has more than five years of experience writing Dota 2 content for numerous platforms. Besides being a passionate fan of the game, he also played for various amateur teams.
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Matt Pryor - Author

Matt Pryor, FORTNITE

  • Matt is a graduate of Southern New Hampshire University. He appreciates all esports titles but primarily focuses on Fortnite and Call of Duty. Matt continuously analyzes gameplay and plays the games himself to better understand in-game decisions by the best players in the world.
  • You can view Matt's esports articles here.

Ophelie - Author

Ophelie Castelot, Overwatch

  • Ophelie is both an esport and journalism lover. She is the former head of the CS:GO section for a major esport website. Ophelie has been analyzing Overwatch ever since its release in 2016.
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Charlie Cater - Author

Charlie Cater, Call of Duty

  • Charlie Cater, a.k.a MiniTates is a college student from England with a passion for esports gaming especially Call of Duty. He has followed the competitive scene since Black Ops 2 at the age of 10 and attended the Call of Duty League this year in London. He hopes to pursue this passion through an esports degree next year at university, and believes that Call of Duty has the potential to become one of the biggest esports titles in the world.
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Anuj G - Author

Anuj Gupta, CS:GO, PUBG, Dota 2 & CoD Mobile

  • Anuj Gupta is a freelance journalist who loves the concept of esports. He has played multiple titles and has vast experience in Dota 2 and CS:GO. A passionate fan of Dota 2, Anuj loves to analyze games and coach new players. He provides a unique point of view through his writing.
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Arnab Baidya,  Valorant & Mobile

  • Arnab is a gaming and esports writer for ESTNN and other reputed outlets. Along with this, he has been managing professional esports teams and YouTubers for over a year and loves playing games and watching streamers on Twitch and YouTube.
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Jordan Marney - Author

Jordan Marney, League of Legends

  • Jordan 'Marn' is an esports journalist from across the pond. Jordan has a passion for telling stories about the esports titles he loves such as League of Legends and Call of Duty. For as long as he can remember Marn has been a lover of video games and in recent years a die-hard esports fanatic. He has written for Esportz Network, Unikrn and United Stand. Twitter: @official_marn
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