Mercy is one of the Overwatch 2 hero's who can provide the best support to team mates

Overwatch 2 Hero Guide: Mercy

We discuss the best strategies to carry your team to victory as Overwatch’s guardian angel, Mercy. Anyone Know First Aid? Angelia Ziegler grew up as a staunch advocate for peace despite living through a

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Overwatch 2 Hero Guide: Kiriko

We look into Kiriko’s hero abilities and the best ways to keep everyone alive as The Protector of Kanezaka. Find Your Own Path Kiriko Yamagami was raised by a family sworn to protect their

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Credit: Riot games

Top 10 Best Moments from Worlds 2022

From Play-ins to the very last game. Look back at the huge plays that made fans roar! A historical esports tournament full of heart-stopping plays blew the minds of 5.1 million concurrent viewers as

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Overwatch Sigma

Overwatch 2: Sigma Hero Guide

Harness gravity’s might as Sigma with the latest guide on how to win as Overwatch 2’s most volatile tank. A Force to Be Reckoned With An astrophysicist that went mad after an experiment went

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Overwatch 2: Ana Hero Guide

Bolster allies, impair hostile targets, and dominate competitive Overwatch 2 with Ana’s versatile arsenal. A Brief Overview A living legend, Captain Amari is a sniper of great renown. Being one of Overwatch’s founding members,

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Worlds 2022 Group Stage: Day 2 Recap

The main event for Worlds 2022 continues, as strong contenders score big wins in the Group Stage. The stakes get higher on the second day of groups. Impressive predictions and playmaking among the 12

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Overwatch 2’s New Hero Kiriko Has Arrived!

Blizzard finally confirms their latest Overwatch 2 heroine: Kiriko. Check out everything about Kiriko below. After several months of waiting (and 4chan leaks that looked too good to be fake), Overwatch 2 finally unveiled

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Valorant 4.09 patch notes

Valorant Top Gun Tier List For 2022

With game updates for Valorant coming in every month, keeping track of the best guns to bring to firefights is essential to winning matches and climbing ranked. With every patch, the meta on the

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