League of Legends: Top 5 Best Champions for Arena in 14.9

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League of Legends: Top 5 Best Champions for Arena in 14.9

Ranking the strongest champ picks in League of Legends Arena Game mode after its latest balance patch.

Arena returns for Patch 14.9!

Aptly named “Arena”, the game mode was announced alongside the popular title's Soul Fighter crossover, and pits 4 pairs against each other in a number of new maps whilst also providing dynamic perks. This time, new and returning players will play Arena with new champ items, hexgates, revival mechanics and augments, making the 2v2v2v2 game mode feel fresher than ever.

Arena comes as a breath of fresh air for long-time League of Legends players, who for the most part have been stuck playing its classic 5v5 format. The beloved Riot MOBA has hit a bit of a dry spell with its game variety, with its most popular ones including Teamfight Tactics and the Ultra Rapid Fire (a.k.a. “URF”), a game mode that first came out in 2014.

With that said, here are the top 5 strongest champs to play in the Arena in 14.9!

Best Champions for Arena


LoL Best Arena Champs

As far as AP assassins go, Shaco mains have had the time of their lives in Arena's more claustrophobic maps.

The Demon Jester possesses powerful abilities that can either win trades or outright remove a vulnerable player from the game. Shaco's Q is an excellent engage tool, and his ultimate ability provides good peel and can be used to split the enemy's focus during important fights. At the same time, Augments like Contract Killer gives him a sharper edge when he isolates an opponent, making him one of the best champs for Arena.

Shaco stays on top due to the Demon Jester's recently beefed-up AD ratio, Q damage, Jack in The Box duration and cooldown reductions on both skills.


LoL Best Arena Champs

Strike fear into your enemy's hearts as Aatrox, a self-sufficient, crowd-controlling tank that's easily one of the best bruisers in the game. With enough mobility to chase down low-health opponents while providing some much-needed CC, the Darkin Blade is a top-notch champ for people wanting a safe (albeit high-skill) Arena pick.

For now, Aatrox stays high on our list for the recent % healing buffs from his ultimate and his E skill, making the Darkin Blade an incredibly potent choice for Arena.


LoL Best Arena Champs

Mordekaiser's versatile builds and late AP makes him an absolute standout for the Arena. What's more is that the tanky Iron Revenant's signature ultimate ability “Realm of Death” is the perfect tool to isolate a weakened opponent in a 2v2. His E can even be used to peel enemies off of your bleeding partner while you grow into an even bigger problem. Scaling-wise, Mord would've been the hardest one to beat were it not for the strongest Arena champ on this list.

“Willing Sacrifice”, and “I'm the Juggernaut” are fantastic Augments for Mordenkainen in the late-game.


LoL Best Arena Champs

Sett stands high and proud on our list for his insane bruiser kit. The self-sufficient top-laner usually has enough shielding to ride out the early game, making him a troublesome match-up even when he's at his weakest. However, strong comps with a ton of true damage can lock Sett down fast when his speed buff is on cooldown.

For Sett's best Augments, go for “Dawnbringer's Resolve”, “Celestial Body” and “Perseverance”.


best champs for arena

Akali's big buffs to HP growth per level and total damage on Q makes her a prime pick if you want to make big IQ plays in the Arena minimaps. Her kit has everything you'd ever need to become a lethal assassin; a smoke to make you untargetable, high mobility and a long-distance dash that can delete your foes faster than they can react.

Run with “The Brutalizer” and “Contract Killer” augments whenever you get the chance to really maximize Akali's killer personality in Arena.

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League of Legends: Top 5 Best Champions for Arena in 14.9
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