Witchfire Research Guide (Guns, Spells & More)

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Witchfire Research Guide (Guns, Spells & More)

Researching the ins and outs of witch-slaying in Witchfire's papal workshop. Here's our complete Witchfire research guide

Witchfire seemingly incorporates major elements from roguelikes in its gameplay to transform the first-person shooter genre with Souls-level difficulty. That being said, the hordes of the Witch become more merciless as you advance, which means you'll need to become equally as terrifying.

The upgrade system in Witchfire can be a bit difficult to get a grasp on when you're just jumping into the monster-slayer FPS for the first time. The good news is that most of these are just re-flavored mechanics that most FPS enthusiasts can recognize.

On top of always staying on the go to avoid enemy fire, better guns, stronger spells and life-saving perks are essential in your quest as a Preyer. And since the game gets harder every time you increase your ability stats, you're going to have to learn fast if you want to get past Witchfire's first map.

Here's everything you'll need to know about Witchfire's upgrade system, and how researching works.

Witchfire Research Guide

Witchfire's research station is a magically-floating mirror that lets you communicate with the Vatican workshop. By researching topics overtime, you'll unlock new gear, new magic items, new perks and high-level spells. You may only research 2 topics at a time, but they can be expedited with coin, which you get for returning with cursed items.

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witchfire research guide

Level-ups are especially important for research because certain topics in your sanctuary's mirror are level-locked. Witchfire's levelling system takes a page out of the Souls games by having you earn enough Witchfire to upgrade individual stats. In the same vein, if you die mid-mission, you leave your collected Witchfire behind.

Finally, for each level-up, you gain more available research topics in the workshop. Here's how researching for gear and items works in Witchfire.

How to Get New Guns in Witchfire

New weapons in Witchfire can be acquired through researching the specific weapon type you want. In Witchfire, there are Close range weapons, Medium range weapons, Long range weapons and Demonic weapons, with the last type requiring special ammo which can be found on the missions you take.

Close range weapons include your short-ranged hand cannons and revolvers, medium range weapons are your assault riffles and long range weapons include your long-barreled sniper rifles.

witchfire research guide

You can research a weapon type multiple times to gain more weapons of that type in your arsenal. As we've said, there are level caps for certain research topics, so you won't get all of the weapons in Witchfire right away.

How to Get Spells in Witchfire

There are Light Spells and Heavy Spells in Witchfire. Light spells offer elemental damage and can be used often, while heavy spells give you massive crowd control and big damage, while having long cooldowns. Magic is big when it comes to Witchfire's gameplay, so make sure to focus on this to apply more status effects on your enemies.

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witchfire research guide

How to Unlock Mysterium in Witchfire

Gunplay is a massive component in Witchfire's gameplay, and each one of your firearms have tiers or “Mysteria” which can be unlocked by killing enough enemies and researching the tier you want.

To upgrade your gun in Witchfire, unlock the first Mysterium by killing enemies. After that, kill more enemies with the gun of your choice and research the next Mysterium in the Workshop.

witchfire research guide

How to Get Magic items in Witchfire

Researching “Magical Item” in the Workshop will give you either a Relic, Fetish or Ring. Keep in mind that the wait time for this is the longest by far (typically around 45 minutes), so plan accordingly.

witchfire research guide

And that's everything you need to know about the research mechanic in Witchfire. During your missions, you can task researchers from the Vatican to craft certain gear or teach you sorceries to bolster your one-man crusade. Choose two at a time, and spend gold wisely to make the process faster each time. Pay close mind to your research, and you'll have a fully stocked Gunroom full of arcane power-ups before you know it.

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Witchfire Research Guide (Guns, Spells & More)
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