The Hardest Heroes to Master Overwatch 2 From Each Role

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The Hardest Heroes to Master Overwatch 2 From Each Role

Our 2024 update on the Hardest Heroes to Master Overwatch 2 From Each Role.

With the latest patch hitting the live version, some heroes are now more viable than others, but that doesn't mean the rest aren't fun to play with anymore.

At the core of Overwatch 2's gameplay is the ability to switch heroes mid-game freely. From the get-go, varying your approach and pulling off unexpected plays can give your team a headstart. Sure, playing with the meta will give you an advantage, but being a wildcard with an underestimated pick will always throw your enemies for a loop.

Most heroes were designed so that anyone could pick them up after a few minutes of playing. However, some playable characters can take hours of practice before you're able to effectively add value to your team. This largely depends on the current meta. So if you want to try your hand at the most challenging heroes the current roster has to offer, look no further than this list!

Think you have what it takes? Here are the hardest heroes to master in Overwatch 2.

Hardest Heroes to Master Overwatch 2 From Each Role



Ever since she was released, Kiriko's abilities and general playstyle has made her an exciting addition to Overwatch 2's cast of heroes. The Protector of Kanezaka even brought one of the most powerful skills to the game's sequel. But despite Protection Suzu giving her a fair amount of survivability, her arsenal has long cooldowns, so timing is key to maximizing her kit. What's more is that landing headshots for bonus crits with her primary fire is a challenge when you're up against fast-moving dive comps.

Taking Baptsiste's place is Overwatch 2's latest Support hero, Illari. This DPS-Healer hybrid rewards accuracy and careful set-ups. Along with her considerable range, the Inti warrior's skill curve makes her a wildcard in any composition. But with some patience (and constant player comms), you'll be able to pull off reverse-sweeps with her ultimate.

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Lastly we have Zenyatta, who makes the Support list for obvious reasons. Having little mobility and zero defensive capabilities to handle 1v1's, the former Shambali monk heavily relies on teammates when the backline is under attack. That isn't to say that Zenyatta should be avoided though. You'll be surprised by the plays you can pull off when you use you have proper positioning and awareness. Don't forget to use his melee attack's extra knockback!


Overwatch 2 Hardest Heroes Credit: GameSpot


With only one spot for a tank, Overwatch 2's new 5v5 format places more importance into the front-facing role. If you're bored of going with the usual Reinhardt/Orisa picks, or if you just want to set a challenge for yourself, try mitigating damage with these underutilized heroes.

The versatility of Zarya's Particle Cannon makes her a great hero to learn. Knowing when to use its medium-ranged beam versus lobbing explosive charges is the first thing Zarya mains learn first. Maximizing her Particle Barrier also comes with a ton of practice due to the ability's long cooldown and frustratingly short uptime.

Another tank that gets little use nowadays is one of the main antagonists in Overwatch's story. Doomfist's close-quarters skillset has always been a challenge to pick up, and understandably so. Nowadays, many see Talon's de facto leader as a controller on the battlefield. As little appeal as there is in forsaking kills, pushing enemies away from key positions can greatly improve your odds, especially in Competitive mode.


Overwatch 2
Arguably the most prominent role in Overwatch 2, this role's purpose is to remove pieces from the board and create space for their team. With that in mind, some DPS characters are more difficult than most, promising a lot of reward for a whole lot of risk!

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First up is Widowmaker. This silent assassin sports a great arsenal that lets her make her own sniper's nest, and rack up kills from afar. The rub is that her HP was recently nerfed, making her more squishy than she's ever been. Regardless, her damage output remains untouched, so you can still take full advantage of the spider's lethality from safe distances.

Next on the list of hitscan damage heroes, we have Cassidy. This cowboy relies on his trusty revolver to dole out the hurt, making him a formidable opponent from any distance. Knowing that, his effectiveness depends on (surprise surprise) how well you place your shots. And given that an average Overwatch 2 match has 5 enemies constantly running around the map, you're always going to be on target practice. His ultimate ability “Deadeye” also makes him vulnerable to crowd control, often shutting you down before you can scope in on a single kill. Mastering the former Deadlock will take some work, but it's loads of fun to try.

Last but not the least, Echo rounds out this list as the most difficult hero to play in Overwatch 2. Being one of only two heroes with aerial capabilities, she launches tri-shots that spread as they travel, making accuracy difficult. On top of that, her sticky bombs are easily countered. All of her maneuverability makes her a slippery target however, and her Focusing Beam deals a devastating 175 damage/second if targets are below half health.


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The Hardest Heroes to Master Overwatch 2 From Each Role
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