Lords of the Fallen Spurned Progeny Boss Guide

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Lords of the Fallen Spurned Progeny Boss Guide

The Lords of the Fallen Spurned Progeny boss is one of the many bosses you will have to face in the game if you want to see the credits. Between simpler bosses and more difficult ones, Lords of the Fallen offers great battles to face that absolutely should not be underestimated, such as the one against the Spurned Progeny. In fact, despite its slowness, this boss can be lethal, so it is still necessary to adopt the right strategy to not be caught unprepared.

How to beat  Spurned Progeny in Lords of the Fallen

Like most of the bosses in the game, the Spurned Progeny is also composed of two distinct phases, although, unlike, for example, the battle against Pieta, the one against this Lords of the Fallen boss will be slightly different, as the boss will enter his second phase earlier, which is when his health bar is more or less at 80%.

Phase 1

The first phase of the battle is actually quite simple to deal with and you shouldn't have much trouble dealing with it. The real difficulty could come from the camera not correctly framing what you are doing, making everything more difficult than it actually is. In any case, the first thing we recommend you do as soon as the battle begins is to target the boss's legs and attack them as soon as you have the chance. This is the only point you can attack at this stage and staying this close will also help you avoid his sweeping attacks.

Consequently, in this first phase, Spurned Progeny will mainly attack using its sweep and smash attacks. These attacks in themselves are actually not very difficult to avoid, the problem, as we have already said, could derive from the camera not doing its job very well, therefore, for greater success, we advise you not to block the target as a target. boss, in order to have more viewing space.

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An attack you will have to pay particular attention to is when the Spurned Progeny raises its leg and then performs a body slam shortly after. The strategy to use in this case is to dodge the blow, so that you cannot be hit. If, however, you are hit by this attack, it is very likely that it will turn into an instant death, so be really careful and learn the timing of the dodge well to avoid it.

In case the boss remains standing on his leg, this means that he is ready to cast fire spells that will explode shortly after hitting the ground. These attacks, although they inflict enough damage, are quite simple to dodge, the only precaution to be taken in this case is not to dodge them too quickly or otherwise you could still take damage from the explosions.

lords of the fallen spurned progeny

Phase 2

As soon as you have removed a quarter of his health bar from the boss and therefore enter the second phase of the fight, the Spurned Progeny will start spewing lava onto the ground. To avoid the lava, what you will have to do is run in the direction of one of the stairs to avoid being hit by this type of attack. You will have to be very quick to get to an elevated place, as being hit by this attack means certain death.

At this point, the boss will try to reach the place where you are to hit you, so you will have to be ready to dodge his attacks. However, in this case, you will also have the opportunity to land some hits, in order to inflict damage on your opponent. Furthermore, in this phase of the battle, it will be very useful to make use of long-range weapons and spells, as they are very effective when the boss is near the platform you are on.

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Another attack present in the arsenal of this Lords of the Fallen boss is the one that he will carry out using his mouth hand, which will allow him to create a wave of flames. In this case, all you have to do is roll through the flames to avoid taking damage. If, however, the boss kneels down, his mouth hand will start charging at you and will try to ram you three times. Again, dodge is your best friend. Furthermore, as soon as the boss finishes his move, you can land some hits.

At a certain point in the fight, the Spurned Progeny will use its mouth hand to shoot a fireball right in your direction. The strategy to use in this case to escape unscathed is to position yourself behind one of the fragments of the walls; otherwise, this attack will be able to kill you instantly. Finally, the lava on the ground will begin to retreat and in this way, you will be able to return to fighting where you fought during the first phase. Consequently, this is the time when you can return to using previously used strategies.

In conclusion, we can say that the battle against the Spurned Progeny may seem difficult at first glance, but the secret is to have patience and learn the right timing to dodge each of its attacks, and then have the chance to hit it when you are in relative position. safety. Once you kill this boss, you will receive a Vestige Seed, x8 Umbral Scouring, a Spurned Progeny Fish, and a Giant Eyeball as a reward for your hard work.

lords of the fallen spurned progeny

Lords of the Fallen Spurned Progeny Boss Guide
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