Lords of the Fallen Paladin’s Burden Boss Guide

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Lords of the Fallen Paladin’s Burden Boss Guide

As you already know by now there are bosses in Lords of the Fallen that can be faced or not, it depends on what type of adventure you want to have. The Lords of the Fallen Paladin's Burden is one such boss. Although it is not mandatory to defeat him, our advice is to do it anyway, as he will reward you with rewards and loot that could be useful to you. In this article, therefore, we will explain where it is and how to defeat the Paladin's Burden boss.

Where to find Paladin's Burden in Lords of the Fallen

As usual, since it is an optional boss, you will not find it on the main path that will lead you to the fight with Adyr. Instead, you will have to explore far and wide the game world. However, in case you want to get straight to the point and defeat this boss as soon as possible, we've got you covered. In fact, in this article, we will explain not only how to defeat it, but also how to find it.

First of all, know that Paladin's Burden is located in the Umbral realm, so if you are in the Axiom realm you won't be able to face it. So, the first thing to do is use your lamp to be able to change realms and enter Umbral. Having done this, as regards the actual location of Paladin's Burden, we can tell you that it is found by crossing the Path of Devotion.

To be precise, once you exit the cave at the very beginning of this area, on your left you will see that the Vestige of Deiter is located. Continue straight from that point and you will encounter some moths that are blocking the passage, use your lamp to change realm and find Paladin's Burden in front of you (only if you are in the realm of Axiom will you see the moths, otherwise you will already have the clear road).

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lords of the fallen paladin's burden

How to beat Paladin's Burden in Lords of the Fallen

Luckily for you, the boss fight against Paladin's Burden is not very complex and you won't have to memorize the pattern of many attacks. In fact, this boss will mainly make use of his longsword to attack you. Furthermore, know that he will mostly make use of melee attacks which will give you the possibility of taking advantage of the windows that will open during the cooldown moments between one attack and another to be able to attack him and inflict damage. In fact, most of his attacks can be dodged without many problems, which will allow you to put yourself in an advantageous situation to be able to position yourself behind him and hit him from that position.

Although Paladin's Burden mostly uses melee attacks, there are also other types of attacks to take into consideration in its arsenal. One of these is an air attack that will be used by the boss at regular intervals and which will be released right near him, so be careful if you are close to him and move away so as not to be hit. Furthermore, the boss also has an attack in his arsenal that allows him to create a shockwave that will push you back and inflict damage.

An attack that you will have to pay particular attention to because he is capable of inflicting a lot of damage is the one in which he will raise both his arms at the same time and sparks will start to rotate around him. What you will have to do in this case is to immediately move away from him (in case you are close to him) and continue running around the entire arena to avoid being hit by this move. In fact, this move will allow Paladin's Burden to summon thorny vines or branches which will inflict not only damage but also bleeding. Also, pay attention to the fact that these vines can follow you, so that is why you must always be on the move and must never stop.

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Finally, pay attention to when Paladin's Burden raises his lamp. As soon as you see this animation, run towards him and hit him to stop him. In this way, if you use a charged attack, you will have the possibility to stagger the boss, which will allow you to hit him more easily and with relative safety, while at the same time inflicting a large amount of damage. Once you defeat this boss, you will get x8 Umbral Scouring, a Umbral-Tinged Flayed Skin and x2 Large Manastone Cluster as a reward.

lords of the fallen paladin's burden

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