Lords of the Fallen Bringer of Stillness Boss Guide

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Lords of the Fallen Bringer of Stillness Boss Guide

The Lords of the Fallen Bringer of Stillness is an optional boss who, unlike the others, is very likely not to be encountered during your adventure. In fact, its location is not very easy to find and you will have to travel a long stretch of the map before being able to fight this boss. For this reason, in this article, in addition to explaining the best strategy to adopt to defeat it, we will also explain step by step what to do to achieve it.

Where to find Bringer of Stillness in Lords of the Fallen

In order to get to fight the Bringer of Stillness boss, we recommend starting your journey from the Sunless Skein area. To be precise, the most suitable place from which to start your journey is the one near the Umbral Flowerbed area. Once you get here, our advice is to plant a Vestige Seed so that you can start from this place in case something goes wrong.

Once these preliminary actions are done, go to the Umbral realm, since it is the only way you can reach Bringer of Stillness. From the Seedling, continue towards the staircase until you see an enemy with an axe. You don't have to fight it, you can even decide to ignore it completely, the choice is up to you. Once you have decided what to do, you will notice that there will be floating platforms to climb onto and follow a path: that is exactly where you will have to go.

From the point where the aforementioned enemy is located, follow the road until you reach a place where there are traps. Once you get here, if you turn to the right, you can see a figure with a black cloak right on the platform below you. From this point, follow all the platforms being careful not to fall to get to the Bringer of Stillness. Once you get down to the bottom, interact with the mysterious figure to start the boss fight.

Lords of the Fallen Bringer of Stillness

How to beat Bringer of Stillness in Lords of the Fallen

We can say that this boss fight is divided into two different phases, even if in reality this is not exactly the case. In fact, the only real difference will be in the number of enemies present in the arena and not the moves we will have to pay attention to. In fact, as soon as you start the fight with Bringer of Stillness you will immediately realize the ease with which you will be able to remove two-thirds of the boss's health bar. This will most likely make you think that you are facing a quick and painless battle, but in reality, this is not the case.

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In fact, after the Bringer of Stillness has lost two-thirds of his health, two other figures similar to him will be added to the fight. This means that, from that moment on, you will have to fight three enemies at the same time. The greatest difficulty of this clash is precisely this, as, from the point of view of attacks, these creatures do not have any particular attacks. They make use of attacks that you will have also seen used by other minor enemies in the area. The only attack that can really bother you is the one in which these creatures will become fog to move around the arena and try to surprise you.

The most important thing to take into consideration is your ability to calculate the space you have available well. Once you are able to understand this mechanic, you will realize that this boss fight is anything but complex to complete. However, our advice is to focus first on defeating the Bringer of Stillness and then its “copies”, as the main boss will now have little life remaining and some well-placed attacks will manage to eliminate him.

Once you've defeated the main enemy, one of the moves you'll have to really pay attention to is when the two remaining creatures disappear into the ground and then appear in other places. However, there is a way to understand the place where they will appear. In fact, if you pay attention, you can see a sort of cloud moving on the floor: this serves to make people understand the movement of the creatures. This way, you will be able to understand where these Bringers will appear and try to hit you. Our advice, as soon as they appear, is to dodge their attacks so as not to be hit.

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Lords of the Fallen Bringer of Stillness

The other attack to watch out for is one in which the creatures will go backwards, stand up, and launch themselves towards you in a diagonal fashion. Although this attack lasts quite a long time, it is possible to avoid it by dodging towards one of the two sides. Alternatively, if your timing is impeccable, you can also try to roll in their direction or try to block the various blows. Using a parry is certainly riskier, but if you find the right timing you will be able to induce enemies into a stagger state which will allow you to hit them without worrying about being hit yourself.

However, there is a trick to make this battle as short as possible. As soon as you defeat the main boss, you can kill the remaining two by simply pushing them out of the arena. How? Now we will explain how to do it. Let's start by saying that it is a risky procedure and not very simple, but with a little attention you can do it.

First, try to get the enemies right at the edge of the arena and put them into a stagger state. At this point, by making use of a finishing blow move, you can push enemies out of the arena, which will kill them instantly, no matter how much health they have left. This strategy will allow you to end the battle very quickly, but you will have to be careful not to fall out of the arena yourself in an attempt to kill your opponents.

Ultimately, we can say that defeating this boss is not a complicated thing at all, you will have to pay a little more attention to essentially two types of attacks and have excellent management of the spices in order to emerge victorious from the battle. However, once you defeat the Bringer of Stillness and the other two creatures, whatever method you decide to adopt, you will receive rewards, including a Vestige Seed and some pieces of armor.

Lords of the Fallen Bringer of Stillness

Lords of the Fallen Bringer of Stillness Boss Guide
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