Lords of the Fallen Gentle Gaverus Boss Guide

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Lords of the Fallen Gentle Gaverus Boss Guide

After fighting the tutorial boss Holy Bulwark Otto and getting to know the first two bosses of Lords of the Fallen, the time has come to provide you with a detailed guide on how to defeat the Lords of the Fallen Gentle Gaverus boss. This too, like the other bosses in the game, must absolutely not be underestimated, as it can put you in serious difficulty if you don't use the correct strategy. For this reason, if you have difficulty defeating this boss, we advise you to follow our advice.

How to beat Gentle Gaverus in Lords of the Fallen

The first thing to know in order to face this boss without having any kind of secret is that the boss fight with Gentle Gaverus, unlike the others, will be characterized by only one phase in which he will make more use of his ranged attacks to try to hit you, so staying at a distance won't be a very useful strategy to try to avoid his attacks. Furthermore, he will also often use his arrows which you will have to dodge and pay attention to when he dips these arrows with Radiance to inflict greater damage.

If you get too close to this boss, Gentle Gaverus will use a sword attack to hit you. However, you should know that these attacks can be parried and/or dodged, so learn the timing of these moves well to escape unscathed. Also, another thing to know is that after two attempts to try to hit you with this type of attack, Gentle Gaverus will once again use his bow and arrows to hit you, so be careful of threats coming from above.

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Another type of attack that she will try to use when you are close to her is a long lunge attack which, although capable of inflicting a lot of damage if you are hit, is an excellent possibility to advance your counter-offensive. Dodge the attack and use the cooldown time that the boss will have to wait before resuming normal combat to pull off a combo and inflict damage. Also, pay attention to the fact that, if you continue to remain near her, Gentle Gaverus will use a smoke bomb to teleport to another location in the battle arena.

lords of the fallen gentle gaverus

One thing to keep in mind in this fight is the presence of two or three hounds that will follow you throughout the entire arena. In order to get rid of these hounds, what you will have to do is hit them once to eliminate their armor and then land a few more attacks to eliminate them completely. However, even if you eliminate this threat, that doesn't mean you won't have to worry about them anymore, as they will respawn several times during the battle. For this reason, our advice is to always keep an eye out for the hounds, so as not to be caught unprepared.

However, while you shouldn't underestimate the threat of the hounds, the most effective strategy to defeat Gentle Gaverus is to focus on her and her attacks, since the hounds will still be continually respawning. The thing you will have to pay attention to is not to be hit by their bites when you try to score hits against the boss, so you will have to have a complete vision of everything that is happening in the arena.

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Ultimately, our general advice to get the upper hand in this fight is to make use of a weapon that has a very high range, so that you don't have to stay too close to it and have to deal with its melee attacks. body. However, as we said previously, these attacks are not very difficult to parry and/or dodge, but they still require good timing. So, if you're confident in your dodging and parrying skills, you can also decide to stay closer to this Lords of the Fallen boss for the course of the fight.

Once you manage to defeat the Lords of the Fallen Gentle Gaverus boss who, although not to be underestimated, is still quite simple to deal with, the game will reward you with rewards that you can use in the rest of your adventure. Among them are a Vestige Seed, an Ammunition Satchel, a Sin-Piercer Sword, and the Sin-Piercer Sleeves.

lords of the fallen gentle gaverus

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