Lords of the Fallen Sacred Resonance of Tenacity Boss Guide

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Lords of the Fallen Sacred Resonance of Tenacity Boss Guide

The Lords of the Fallen Sacred Resonance of Tenacity boss is one of the first optional bosses you can encounter in the game. However, since he is an optional boss, he will not be found on the main path of the game and therefore you will have to look for him if you want to defeat him. Despite his nature as an optional boss, we would like to tell you that he will not be very easy to deal with, especially if you come across him sooner than expected. In fact, it is likely that, if you are a great explorer, you will be able to encounter him sooner than expected and therefore defeating him will not be so simple.

How to find Sacred Resonance of Tenacity in Lords of the Fallen

Before showing you a strategy to use to defeat this boss, it is necessary to explain what to do and where to go to find it. First of all, let's start by saying that the Lords of the Fallen Sacred Resonance of Tenacity boss is found in the Pilgrim's Perch zone, in particular in the upper area of this area. In order to reach the exact place where it is located, however, you will have to follow very specific steps.

The first thing to know is that you must be in possession of the Pilgrim's Perch Key which can be purchased from Captain Stomund for 9500 Vigor (here we explain in detail how to do it). Once you have obtained this item, you will need to unlock the door located near the Bellroom Vestige. Once you have done this, cross the entire area you see in front of you until you arrive in a decorated room with an altar in the center.

As we already said at the beginning of this article, you may encounter this boss too early and therefore defeating him will not be easy at all. Our advice is to defeat the other bosses first, such as Gentle Gaverus, and then return to this area stronger and defeat the boss. However, if you are a fearless player, you could try to defeat him even if you meet him too soon, but know that it will not be an easy battle.

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Lords of the Fallen Sacred Resonance of Tenacity

How to beat Sacred Resonance of Tenacity in Lords of the Fallen

Once you know how to find the Sacred Resonance of Tenacity, the time has come to explain a useful strategy to use in order to defeat it. The first thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that this boss is capable of inflicting bleed and smite states that will slowly empty your health bar. Therefore, try at all costs not to be affected by the attacks that these types of states provoke.

Furthermore, another thing to keep in mind is that Sacred Resonance of Tenacity is capable of using slow and powerful attacks that you will have to dodge at all costs, as they are capable of inflicting very high damage. Furthermore, there will also be mobs in the arena which, although they are not very dangerous, can create a bit of boredom as they could distract you from attacking the main boss. To quickly get rid of these mobs, our advice is to use aerial skills in order to kill them and not have any big problems.

As previously mentioned, this Lords of the Fallen boss should absolutely not be underestimated, despite it being an optional boss. In fact, Sacred Resonance of Tenacity is able to use several abilities that can put you in trouble if you don't know how to avoid them. But don't worry, in this guide, we will tell you how to challenge his skills so as not to have problems.

The first ability you need to keep an eye on is Immunity Orbs. Thanks to this ability, in fact, Sacred Resonance of Tenacity will create two orbs that will increase the power of his defense. Consequently, you will have to suck up these two orbs using your Umbral Lamp, in order to restore the boss's normal defense. One of the orbs is usually found right next to Sacred Resonance of Tenacity, while the other is found in the center of the altar.

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The second ability that the boss can use is Holy Infusion which will allow him to infuse his huge mellet with Holy magic. The third ability, however, the Hammer Blow, will mean that the multi-hit combos that the boss will use to try to hit you will end with a devastating ground smash that will create a holy blast. Finally, the last ability, the Holy Nova, will allow him to use a Nova explosion that will deal great aerial damage.

Luckily for you, Sacred Resonance of Tenacity's attacks are quite predictable, so you can try to parry them (if you feel confident in your abilities) or run around the battle arena to avoid getting hit. However, you will have to watch out for his Holy Nova attack which can also hit you from a distance, so you will have to be good at dodging it. Finally, for the rest, we can tell you that fighting this boss from a distance is certainly the most effective and safest strategy to defeat it.

Ultimately, our advice is to pay particular attention to his skills, as they are the ones that will make the boss more difficult to tackle. Also, try to avoid his attacks at all costs, as they will inflict states on you that will deplete your health bar over time. Once you defeat Sacred Resonance of Tenacity, Lords of the Fallen will reward you with rewards that include the Sacred Resonance Hammer and a Vestige Seed.

Lords of the Fallen Sacred Resonance of Tenacity

Lords of the Fallen Sacred Resonance of Tenacity Boss Guide
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