Lords of the Fallen Lightreaper Boss Guide

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Lords of the Fallen Lightreaper Boss Guide

The Lords of the Fallen Lightreaper is a boss you will encounter immediately after defeating the tutorial boss Holy Bulwark Otto. In fact, as soon as Holy Bulwark Otto takes his last breath, the Lightreaper will enter the arena. However, from the moment he enters the scene, you will understand that this is an extremely difficult boss to face and that therefore, he will certainly kill you.

But fear not: the game was designed this way, so your death against this boss is plot-related. However, you will encounter this Lords of the Fallen Lightreaper boss two more times during your adventure. Since this is a very difficult boss to face, we decided to create this guide in which we explain the strategy to use during each of his encounters.

How to beat Lightreaper in Lords of the Fallen

The first thing to know is that this boss is not alone but is accompanied during his battles by a sort of fire-breathing dragon that will help him fight. As a result, you will not only have to pay attention to the Lightreaper itself, but also its mounter who is capable of performing specific moves that inflict the Burn and Ignite states. This will cause your character to take continuous damage as time passes, so think carefully about using items and boosting statistics that can remove these states.

First encounter

Regarding the first meeting, in reality, there is not much to say as you will have to die. In fact, his moves will be able to kill you very quickly, without even giving you much time to think and try to outline a strategy. However, if you are in NG+, you could try to kill this boss even during this first encounter, even if it still won't be an easy thing to do.

lords of the fallen lightreaper


Second encounter

The second time you will encounter the Lords of the Fallen Lightreaper boss is when you reach the Fitzroy's Gorge area. At this point in the story, you will be able to fight a little easier and will have a chance to defeat him. However, this won't be a walk in the park at all, so you'll have to have a good strategy in place to try not to be caught off guard. For this reason, it is important that you know what the moves of the Lightreaper and the fire-breathing dragon he rides are.

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When mounted on his dragon, the Lightreaper will essentially make use of two attacks. The first is a diving strike where the dragon will fly down to hit you with its claws. To avoid this attack, all you have to do is move from where you are so as not to be hit. The second attack, however, is a fire breath that will allow the dragon to create a trail of fire that is capable of inflicting the Burn and Ignite states. In this case, you will have to avoid the trail of fire and the resulting trail of lava to avoid taking damage.

Most of the attacks the Lightreaper can make are related to when he is not mounted on his dragon. In this case, in fact, he will be able to carry out an attack in which he will use a double sword to hit you. In this case, you can either try to parry the combo or you can also simply step back to avoid being hit. Another attack in the Lightreaper's arsenal is where he will stab his blades into the ground to create a shockwave that cannot be blocked. Our advice, in this case, is to dodge this attack.

Furthermore, the Lightreaper is capable of performing a simple melee attack with its dual swords, as well as an attack that is capable of creating a projectile that will follow you. To avoid these attacks, you will have to dodge them, although pay attention to the second attack as, in case you are too close, it may not be so easy to dodge.

lords of the fallen lightreaper

Continuing with the attacks that the Lightreaper can perform to hit you, there is also a leaping strike that will allow him to rise into the air and then land on the ground with a heavy stab from one of his swords. In this case, what you will have to do is move or dodge the blow by going in the opposite direction of the boss as soon as he jumps into the area. Another similar attack is where the boss will charge and then try to hit you with one of his swords. Even in this case, the most effective strategy to use is dodging.

One attack you'll want to pay particular attention to is one where the boss will start moving with great speed while swinging both of his swords, slashing anything in his path. In this case, you can choose to block the entire combo (even if it won't be very easy) or to move away so as not to be hit by this attack which can be devastating.

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Even when the Lightreaper is not riding his dragon, he will still be able to use the element of fire to carry out explosive aerial attacks, lines of fire, or fire projectiles that are launched after the boss has jumped into the air and ending with a flame-fueled attack. The best strategy to avoid being hit by any of these attacks is to dodge the attacks, move continuously (be careful as the arena will become smaller due to the lines of fire), or standing at a distance to try to avoid the projectiles.

Ultimately, we can say that the general advice is to study well all the moves that are present in the Lightreaper's arsenal, in order to be ready for his encounter. Try to dodge attacks and keep your distance when necessary, always keeping in mind the opportunities you will have to hit your opponent between one attack and another. In fact, after he has carried out certain attacks, he will need a cooldown period to recover: that is the right time to launch your combos.

lords of the fallen lightreaper

Third encounter

The third and final time you will encounter the Lightreaper is at Bramis Castle in the Upper Calrath Plaza area. The boss will use the same moves that we explained in detail previously, with the exception that he will be alone and not riding his dragon. Furthermore, he will also have the possibility to restore part of his health during the battle, so the main thing to do is to destroy the Umbral Entity that is located above the boss arena, otherwise, it becomes impossible to defeat the boss.

Although the Lightreaper is not riding his dragon, it will still attack you from time to time with its fire breath to try to inflict greater damage on you while you are trying to avoid the boss's blows. However, since by now you will know well the moves that are present in his arsenal, you should not have such pronounced difficulties. Once you defeat this fearsome boss, the game will reward you for your hard work with a Vestige Seed, x25 Umbral Scouring, Lightreaper Flesh, and Lightreaper's Umbral Parasite. If you enter the Umbral realm you will also obtain the Remembrance of the Lightreaper which will allow you to obtain weapons and armor.

lords of the fallen lightreaper

Lords of the Fallen Lightreaper Boss Guide
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