Lords of the Fallen Kingrangr Guardian Folard Boss Guide

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Lords of the Fallen Kingrangr Guardian Folard Boss Guide

The Lords of the Fallen Kingrangr Guardian Folard is an optional boss that you can choose to face or not. Once you defeat the Spurned Progeny, you will have the option to go back to a previous area and open a gate that will take you to the Fief of the Chill Curse area. Shortly after entering this new area, you will encounter the Lords of the Fallen Kingrangr Guardian Folard. In this article, we will explain where to find it and how to defeat it.

Where to find the Kingrangr Guardian Folard in Lords of the Fallen

Even before you know how to defeat the Kingrangr Guardian Folard boss, you need to know how to find him. Once you defeat the Spunrned Progeny boss, you will see an item right next to the Vestige. This is a note that will let you know that you can go back to the Windmill Vestige. There, if you remember, there was a big gate that couldn't be opened. However, now you have the green light and can enter the Fief of the Chill Curse area.

To cross this area, you will have to make use of your lamp, as there will be obstacles that will prevent you from continuing into the depths of this area in the Axiom realm. At this point, proceed (always paying attention to the enemies in this area) until you see an Umbral Effigy. At this point, return to the Axiom realm and are ready to face Kingrangr Guardian Folard who is right nearby.

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Lords of the Fallen Kingrangr Guardian Folard

How to beat Kingrangr Guardian Folard in Lords of the Fallen

As soon as you enter the battle arena, notice that the Kingrangr Guardian Folard boss has a couple of empowered wolves with Umbral as companions who will try to attack you. However, resist using your lamp right away, as the boss will perform an attack in which he will use a flurry of ranged frost-powered strikes. Therefore, be very careful and don't get hit by this attack; otherwise, you will be frozen and the wolves will start attacking you.

At this point, it's time to enter the Umbral realm and see the entities that empower both Kingrangr Guardian Folard and his wolves. However, you will soon realize that being in the Umbral realm for this fight is actually not congenial, as there will be another rather difficult-to-defeat enemy who will join the fight. As a result, getting rid of the entities that strengthen your opponents is definitely not an easy thing to do.

The best thing to do to try to have an easier life is to head towards the left of the arena, where there is some water. At this point, enter the Umbral realm and run towards the area where the entity is located to eliminate it using your lamp. From this moment on, every time you hit Kingrangr Guardian Folard and his wolves, they will take damage, which was not possible before.

At this point, our advice is to focus first on the wolves and then on the boss. This way, you will be able to clear the area and have both more space and more time to attack Kingrangr Guardian Folard. However, of course, don't forget about the boss and always pay attention to what he is doing. Above all, be careful not to let your frost meter fill up completely, otherwise, you will suffer the effects of this state.

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Anyway, Kingrangr Guardian Folard attacks aren't that difficult to avoid. The only thing you will have to pay attention to is when his attacks turn into ranged attacks, because that means they will be able to hit you even if you move backwards. Consequently, our advice is to dodge the shots by going towards the sides. Don't worry too much because his attacks will remain the same throughout the fight, so once you learn the pattern and timing, things will be easier.

However, as usual, don't rush in, and don't be too offensive. If you use this strategy, Kingrangr Guardian Folard will try in every way to make you go to Umbral's realm, so that he will have the help of the other enemy to kill you. Therefore, be patient and don't take too many shots in a row. Instead, use a more balanced strategy, and then you won't have to have many problems. Once you defeat Kingrangr Guardian Folard, you will receive a Kingrangr Guardian Axe, a piece of his armor, and a Vestige Seed as a reward.

Lords of the Fallen Kingrangr Guardian Folard

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