Lords of the Fallen Iron Wayfarer Boss Guide

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Lords of the Fallen Iron Wayfarer Boss Guide

The Lords of the Fallen Iron Wayfarer boss is one of the bosses you will have to defeat if you want to get the Umbral ending. By now you have reached this point in the game, you will surely know that none of the bosses should be taken lightly, even those that initially might seem simple to defeat. And Iron Wayfarer is certainly no exception to this rule. Surely there are more difficult bosses to face, but Iron Wayfarer should certainly not be underestimated.

How to beat Iron Wayfarer in Lords of the Fallen

Once you arrive at the gate of Bramis Castle, this is when you will meet this boss. The first thing you need to know about this boss is that he is able to inflict additional damage thanks to the use of umbral magic, which will allow him to land more dangerous attacks and which are capable of inflicting a greater number of damage per a higher range. However, be aware that Iron Wayfarer is certainly not a fast boss, so his movements are quite slow, and, consequently, with a little practice you will be able to avoid his attacks.

The attacks that are present in Iron Wayfarer's arsenal are not many, so you won't have to learn the pattern of many moves. One of the main attacks present in this boss' arsenal is without a doubt his Hammer Strike, which is nothing more than a melee attack in which the boss will bring his hammer to his head and then forcefully hit the ground or anything else in front of him. Consequently, this attack is not difficult to avoid, you just need to dodge it to avoid being hit.

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Another attack in his arsenal is the Lunge Strike in which Iron Wayfarer will come forward and then use his hammer to strike. Furthermore, he will also be able to make use of various melee attacks that always make use of his hammer. To avoid these attacks, all you have to do is dodge them by going to the side, so that you won't get hit and will actually have the chance to land a few hits to inflict damage on them.

lords of the fallen iron wayfarer

Pay particular attention to its Charged Attack. You will recognize it because the boss will start spinning around before hitting with his move which is also capable of inflicting Burn damage. However, although this is a dangerous attack, since there will be an initial animation, you will have plenty of time to move away and not be hit by this attack. As a result, you shouldn't have much trouble avoiding this move.

Finally, pay attention to attacks that can also inflict fire damage on you. Iron Wayfarer has three attacks in its arsenal that are capable of this. The first is a classic attack, similar to previous melee attacks. The only difference lies in the fact that, this time, the hammer will be dipped in fire and therefore, if hit, you will not only suffer damage, but you will also suffer fire damage, so be careful to dodge this attack so as not to complicate things for yourself.

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The other attack is a ranged attack that Iron Wayfarer will use to launch a stream of fire towards you. Again, avoiding this move won't be difficult at all, all you have to do is stay out of the boss's visual range and you won't have any kind of problem. Finally, the last attack to take into consideration is the one in which Iron Wayfarer will have a circle around him, which will indicate that this attack is capable of inflicting fire damage over time. The attacks, however, will be similar to all the others in his arsenal, so use the previous strategies to avoid getting hit.

Ultimately, we can say that, although at a certain point in the battle Iron Wayfarer begins to use attacks that are also capable of inflicting fire damage, the pattern still remains quite similar, as does the strategy to be used. His movements will always remain quite slow, which will allow you to get closer between one of his attacks and another to be able to land a couple of hits, before pulling back to avoid being hit. Once you defeat the Iron Wayfarer, you will receive the Iron Wayfarer's Hammer, a Vestige Seed, and a Rune of Adyr as a reward.

lords of the fallen iron wayfarer

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