Lords of the Fallen Congregator of Flesh Boss Guide

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Lords of the Fallen Congregator of Flesh Boss Guide

The Lords of the Fallen Congregator of Flesh boss can be considered one of the first bosses that could put you in serious trouble. However, if you adopt the right strategy, even this boss could actually turn into a more accessible battle, especially if you make use of some objects that will certainly come in handy during this battle. For this reason, in this article, we will explain in detail all the attacks and the strategy to use to get the better of this powerful boss, so that you can continue your adventure in Lords of the Fallen.

How to beat Congregator of Flesh in Lords of the Fallen

Like the vast majority of boss fights, the one against the Congregator of Flesh is also made up of two different phases, so you will have to adapt the way you play and fight to get the upper hand in both phases and defeat this boss. This mass of flesh and teeth (quite gruesome to be honest) is found in a very small battle arena, and it is for this reason that the fight appears to be more difficult than it actually is.

Phase 1

As soon as the fight begins, the first thing you will notice is that his health bar has a blue orb to the left of it, which means that the Congregator of Flesh has a parasite that increases its defensive strength. So, the first thing to do is to defeat this parasite to weaken its defenses. However, the general strategy to follow to defeat the Congregator of Flesh is to target his back leg and body. Focusing your shots on his back leg, in fact, will allow the boss to roll more often, giving you the opportunity to hit him in the process.

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One thing to keep in mind is the fact that this boss is capable of using attacks that will inflict the poison state on you, so if you are in possession of any item that is capable of removing this state or alleviating its effects, using them is certainly a wise choice to make. In fact, being hit just a couple of times by this type of attack will mean that the poison gauge will be at its maximum and therefore your life will suffer great damage over time.

The fact that he is a large boss should absolutely not make you think that he is not able to move much or that his movements are very slow, as this is not the case at all. Pay attention to his right arm, as, being larger than the other, it is able to hit covering a greater range. Furthermore, often, the Congregator of Flesh will use this arm to try to grab you, in addition to using a swipe attack which, however, can be dodged quite easily.

The most effective strategy to use in this boss fight is to stay away from the boss and use ranged attacks that will allow you to inflict a lot of damage but at the same time remaining in relative safety. Also, make good use of the cooldown moments that the Congregator of Flesh will have after making a move, as these are excellent opportunities to inflict damage on the boss from a closer distance.

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Lords of the Fallen Congregator of Flesh

Phase 2

Once you have been able to decrease his health bar by half, the second phase of the battle will begin. In this phase, the Congregator of Flesh will be more aggressive than in the first phase, so you will have to pay even more particular attention to his attacks, which can even be lethal in certain circumstances. In fact, the boss will start jumping around the entire arena, which could very easily catch you off guard.

Furthermore, the poison clouds will be much more frequent than in the first phase, so you will have to be even more careful not to get hit so as not to suffer the consequences of this state. As with the first phase, if you have objects that can help you against this effect, absolutely use them without thinking twice. Furthermore, his swipe attacks will also be much more frequent and aggressive than those in the first phase of the fight.

Ultimately, to get through this second phase unscathed, all you have to do is use the same strategy you used for the first phase, with the difference that you will have to have an even higher concentration. The real danger of this phase, as already mentioned, are his jump attacks, so be ready to dodge them as soon as you realize he's about to perform one. Once you manage to defeat this boss, the game will reward you with some rewards which include a Vestige Seed and x8 Umbral Scouring. Also, if you're not already in the Umbral realm, enter it to also get the Stigma and the Remembrance of the Congregator of Flesh.

Lords of the Fallen Congregator of Flesh

Lords of the Fallen Congregator of Flesh Boss Guide
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