Lords of the Fallen Harrower Dervla Boss Guide

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Lords of the Fallen Harrower Dervla Boss Guide

If you want to get the Umbral ending, you can't help but defeat the Lords of the Fallen Harrower Dervla boss. This boss is not part of the main ones, so you can also decide not to face him; However, if you want to get the Umbral ending, it's something you can't help but do. For this reason, we decided to write this article in which we explain how to defeat this boss.

Where to find Harrower Dervla in Lords of the Fallen

Before getting into the heart of the matter and understanding which strategy to adopt to defeat Harrower Dervla, you must first know where to go to find this boss. In fact, since it is an optional boss, it will not be found on the main road that will lead you towards the end of the game. However, don't worry: below we explain what to do to reach it.

The area where Harrower Dervla is located is called Revelation Depths and is located right under the cistern after the Sunless Skein area, where you will have to face the Skinstealer boss. In fact, to be able to reach the area where Harrower Dervla is located, you cannot help but defeat the Skinstealer boss, as he will reward you with a key that you will need to access the Revelation Depths area.

Once you lower the water and follow the path that takes you into the depths of this area, you will see the Vestige of Lost Berescu right in front of you. Don't forget to rest in this place so that, in case you die, you will be close to the place where the boss in question is located. In fact, Harrower Dervla is located precisely in that area.

How to beat Harrower Dervla in Lords of the Fallen

Typically, optional bosses in Lords of the Fallen consist of a single phase, but this is not the case for Harrower Dervla. In fact, if you want to defeat this boss, be ready to face a boss fight that has nothing to envy of the main ones, linked to the main story of the game. For this reason, being aware of the right strategy to use could make the difference between life and death, as well as making it easier for you to obtain one of the three endings in the game.

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Phase 1

During the first phase in which you will have to face this fearsome boss, in reality, you will not only have to deal with Harrower Dervla, but also with an Umbral child who will help her during the battle. Harrower Dervla will make use of his enormous sword and her bow, while the child will use magic to strike you from a distance. Consequently, to overcome this first phase, you will have to alternate phases of melee attacks and phases of ranged attacks.

The first thing to know is that the child is mostly responsible for giving Harrower Dervla's weapons additional powers that are capable of inflicting even greater damage. As for her sword, it will be able to unleash an energy beam attack, while her bow will be able to make use of an explosive attack. For this reason, you will have to pay particular attention to when Harrower Dervla decides to make use of these attacks.

One thing to know is that if you stay away from Harrower Dervla, she will use her arrows more frequently. This does not necessarily mean that it is more dangerous, in fact, you can very well hide behind the pillars that are present in the arena to avoid being hit. You will just have to pay more attention to this type of attack, but nothing more. However, if the arrows are imbued with the child's power, this strategy will have no effect and you will end up taking damage anyway. In that case, move continuously to avoid her blows.

As for the other attacks present in the arsenal of this Lords of the Fallen boss, there are no particular ones to report. In fact, they will be quite simple to parry and dodge and this will give you the chance to have plenty of time to counterattack and inflict damage on Harrower Dervla. As we have already said, just be careful of the attacks that will be imbued with magic. In this regard, you should not worry too much about the child, as his attacks are predictable because you will hear noises that mean that the child is about to cast spells on you.

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Lords of the Fallen Harrower Dervla

Phase 2

Once you defeat Harrower Dervla for the first time, she and the child will team up to create a real new boss to face: The Unbroken Promise. Although this boss is slower than Harrower Dervla and there will no longer be the child to cast spells on you, this does not mean that you should not pay attention to this phase of the fight, as he is still capable of putting you in difficulty.

Our first tip for getting the better of The Unbroken Promise is to stay on the sides as soon as the battle begins, as the boss will make use of a shockwave that ranges from the portion of ground right in front of him. Furthermore, since The Unbroken Promise will also make use of magical spikes that will come out of the ground and therefore you will not have many chances to get close to hit it, the most effective strategy to use in this phase of the battle is to stay at a distance and use ranged attacks.

Furthermore, you should also know that The Unbroken Promise will use its magical spikes as a sort of arrows that it will shoot in your direction, so be careful to dodge them so as not to get hit. Another thing to keep in mind is that these magical spikes can also rotate around the boss, making it practically impossible to get close to him to hit him. As a result, using ranged attacks continues to be the most effective and safest strategy to use.

Ultimately, with a little patience and being careful not to be copied by magical spikes, you shouldn't have any particular problems defeating The Unbroken Promise. Once you do this, you will be rewarded with the Harrower Dervla's Rosary, Dark Crusader's Call, x8 Umbral Scourings, a Vestige Seed, and an Ammunition Satchel. Furthermore, don't forget to interact with the shrine on which the child was sitting during the first phase of the battle to obtain x2 Umbral Scouring and the Remembrance of the Unbroken Promise. Bring this last item to Molhu to obtain Harrower Dervla's Sword, Harrower Dervla's Crossbow, Harrower Gauntlets, Harrower Armor, Harrower Helm, Harrower Leggings, Martyr's Shackles, Martyrdom, and Barrage of Echoes.

Lords of the Fallen Harrower Dervla

Lords of the Fallen Harrower Dervla Boss Guide
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