Lords of the Fallen Skinstealer Boss Guide

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Lords of the Fallen Skinstealer Boss Guide

The Lords of the Fallen Skinstealer is one of the bosses you will face in the Sunless Skein area. This era is full of fearsome enemies to face and the Skinstealer is certainly no different. After defeating the Spurned Progeny, as you continue your adventure you will also face this fearsome threat. If you don't know how to kill him, in this article, we explain his moves and the strategy to adopt to get the upper hand.

How to beat Skinstealer in Lords of the Fallen

The battle against the Skinstealer, in all honesty, is not that complicated and you will not find very high difficulties, especially if you follow our advice. To defeat this boss there are actually two strategies that you can follow, based on your taste and your skills. The first is to parry all of his attacks, which however can only be done if you have excellent reflexes and good timing. Although his attacks are quite basic, in fact, they are still lethal, so you will have to pay close attention.

In case parrying is not your strong point, you can approach this clash by making use of dodging. In fact, the Skinstealer's attacks, in addition to being parried, can also be dodged with no problem, so it's really up to you to decide what type of approach to adopt. However, in case you decide to take the dodge route, be careful not to be equipped with heavy armor, as it is not functional to the cause and will take away too much stamina.

As soon as you enter the combat arena, you will have the opportunity to land a shot with your bow to immediately deal damage. However, keep in mind that as soon as it comes out of passive form, the Skinstealer will avoid any attack you throw at it with your bow, thus rendering it useless. At this point, prepare to avoid the boss's charge attack that he will carry out after emerging from his passive phase.

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This charge attack can be of two different ways: the Skinstealer will dash in your direction to hit you with a double horizontal slash, or it will roll and then hit you with a downward swipe. In order to avoid this attack, our advice is to roll forward diagonally, right in the direction of the attack, to avoid it. If done correctly, you will find yourself behind him and have a chance to land some hits.

A general piece of advice that we want to give you to avoid being hit by his sword attacks is to position yourself right under the arm that he will be using to hit you. In this way, given the range of the weapon itself, it will not be able to hit you. Consequently, unlike what one might think for this type of attack, it is much safer to stay close to the Skinstealer rather than move away. From a distance, in fact, it is much easier for the boss to still be able to hit you since dodging this attack is not very easy.

Lords of the Fallen Skinstealer

Furthermore, you can also understand, by looking at what happens on the screen, whether the boss is about to use a one-hit or two-hit attack. In case you see a yellow light, be ready because it means that Skinstealer will use a two-hit attack, so you will have to be ready to dodge and/or block two hits instead of one. However, keep in mind that usually, the boss will use two of these attacks consecutively, meaning you will actually have to avoid four total hits. If you're not an expert blocker, you can simply dodge his attacks by going backward, as they don't have a very high range.

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In case you see an orange sign, it means that the Skinstealer is about to make a faster attack than usual with his sword, so our advice is to dodge earlier than necessary, in order to make sure you don't get hit. Even in this case, the most effective strategy is to roll in the direction of the attack, in order to put yourself in an advantageous position to be able to land a few hits and inflict damage on the Skinstealer. However, in case you get hit by one of these attacks, be aware that your Ignite gauge will fill to 75%, so be really careful to avoid this move.

Ultimately, we can say that the moves present in the Skinstealer's arsenal are not at all special, in fact, they are very basic and quite simple to parry and/or dodge. Consequently, the key to succeeding in this undertaking is to always be vigilant and attentive, so as not to be caught unprepared when the Skinstealer attacks you with one of his attacks. Furthermore, as we already said at the beginning of this article, even if parrying is the fastest way to finish the fight, dodging is probably the simplest solution to adopt.

Once you defeat the Skinstealer you will receive the rewards of a Drainage Control Key and a Vestige Seed. Furthermore, some random pieces of the Skinstealer set or his weapon can also be dropped as rewards, but it is a random thing, so it is not sure what you will get. Finally, know that once defeated as a boss, you can find the Skinstealer as a standard enemy around the game world of Lords of the Fallen, but obviously, it will be easier to defeat.

Lords of the Fallen Skinstealer

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