Lords of the Fallen Sundered Monarch Boss Guide

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Lords of the Fallen Sundered Monarch Boss Guide

In order to defeat the Lords of the Fallen Sundered Monarch boss, you will first have to defeat all the other main bosses found in the Bramis Castle area. Once this is done, you will be able to open the gates that allow you to enter the final area. Deep within the castle, however, there is a large area where you can fight the Lords of the Fallen Sundered Monarch boss. For this reason, in this article, we will explain what to do to defeat this boss and be able to continue with the game.

How to beat Sundered Monarch in Lords of the Fallen

As soon as you enter the battle arena, the boss will not pay any attention to you and will continue his moaning. This will allow you to better prepare and get closer to pulling off an initial combo. However, at this point, the boss will decide to enter combat, so be ready to dodge several times to avoid being hit by his first attack. Once the boss has finished using his shockwaves, you can get close to him again to be able to hit him a couple more times. At this point, a cutscene will start which will begin the real battle.

Phase 1

The first attack he will try to pull off immediately after the cutscene ends is the one in which he will run towards you and try to hit you with the statue's head. However, be prepared because this will be a combo of five attacks, so the timing of your dodge will be of fundamental importance to avoid being hit. Also, as if that wasn't enough, Sundered Monarch will finish this combo with a leap into the air with a ground pound. Stay at a distance and use either a spell or a ranged attack to attack the boss as soon as he finishes this combo.

At this point, you will have to pay close attention to a lunge attack with which he will try to grab you. However, if you are able to dodge it, this will open a window for you to attack, since it will need a few moments of cooldown before it can resume its attack pattern. Once he recovers, Sundered Monarch will try to hit you with a charged attack using the statue's head. In this case, dodge the attack by going to the side to avoid being hit and counterattack.

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One of the most dangerous and difficult attacks to avoid is certainly his leaping slam attack which will be able to release an Infernal wave from its point of impact. Keep in mind that even if you dodge this attack backwards, you will also still have to avoid the Infernal wave since it has a wide attack range. Furthermore, after this attack, Sundered Monarch will make use of some slam attacks which however you should have no problem parrying and/or dodging (if you are good, you might even have time to counterattack).

lords of the fallen Sundered Monarch

Phase 2

As soon as Sundered Monarch's health bar reaches 50%, the boss will scream and fly up. At this point, Sundered Monarch will charge at you and then hit the ground and release an Infernal wave. The most effective strategy to avoid being hit by this attack is to stand back as much as possible when he is charging you so as to have more time to avoid the shockwave.

After this attack, stay focused because Sundered Monarch will charge again but, this time, he will beat his fist on the ground to create Infernal pools in which the swords will fall from the sky on the exact point where they were formed. Consequently, what you will have to do is try not to get hit by these swords so as not to cause your Infernal meter to fill up.

As soon as you see that Sundered Monarch's eyes start to light up, this means that the boss will position himself right in the center of the arena to land his next attack. What you will have to do in this case is to place yourself as close to him as possible, so as to have a better chance of not being hit. In fact, in this case, the boss will make use of a ring of Infernal blades, followed by a more internal one. By staying close to him you will not only avoid this attack, but you will also have the opportunity to hit him to inflict damage.

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At this point, Sundered Monarch will start to use a combination of slam and sweep attacks, so our advice is to dodge them and put yourself in an advantageous position to hit him, as you will have the time. However, pay attention to a slightly different version of the previous attack in which, however, this time, the swords will be short range so you will have to move away from the boss to avoid being hit.

Finally, towards the end of the fight, Sundered Monarch will again use his first attack that he used when starting the second phase of the fight. Follow the same strategy we indicated previously to avoid getting hit. However, this time, the attack will be followed by swords falling from the sky, so be careful not to get hit. However, this attack gives you the opportunity to get close to him to hit him and inflict damage.

Ultimately, we can say that to defeat this Lords of the Fallen boss you will have to have an excellent mastery of dodging times, in addition to alternating phases in which you will have to stay close to him and phases in which, instead, you will have to stay at a distance. However, once you defeat Sundered Monarch, you will receive a Vestige Seed and x8 Umbral Scouring as a reward. Additionally, Soulflay animates him to also gain x2 Umbral Scouring and the Remembrance of the Sundered Monarch. Bring this last item to Molhu to get Queen's Head Hammer, Heavy Memento, Melted Crown and Infernal Decree.

lords of the fallen Sundered Monarch

Lords of the Fallen Sundered Monarch Boss Guide
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