Lords of the Fallen Crimson Rector Percival Boss Guide

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Lords of the Fallen Crimson Rector Percival Boss Guide

Not all bosses in Lords of the Fallen are mandatory to defeat in order to continue the plot. Some of them, such as the Lords of the Fallen Crimson Rector Percival, are optional bosses that you can decide to face or not. However, our advice is to dedicate some of your time to defeating these bosses, as they will guarantee you rewards that will certainly come in handy during your adventure.

Where to find Crimson Rector Percival in Lords of the Fallen

Before going into the details of how to find Crimson Rector Percival, it is important to know how to find him. Once you defeat the Hushed Saint, you will have access to the Vestige of the Pale Butcher. Fast travel to this location and from the spawn point go right to cross the bridge. However, in case you haven't operated the bridge, you will have to enter the Umbral realm, go to the left side of the cliff, and follow the road that goes around it.

Once on the other side of the bridge, bear right towards the caves until you see a gate ahead of you. You won't be able to open it and you won't have the key, but don't worry because upon entering the Umbral realm the gate doesn't exist and therefore you can continue without problems. In this area, be very careful of the enemies that are present, as they are quite dangerous and are capable of inflicting a lot of damage. Once these enemies have been killed, go to the right of the rising valley.

At this point, you will have to deal with other enemies infesting the area. Our advice is always to proceed calmly and try to approach one enemy at a time. If you have a Vestige Seed (defeating the enemies in this area will give you one), we highly recommend planting it to the right of the Womb of Despair's brood. This way, if you die against the boss, you won't have to retrace the entire path.

From the point where you planted the seed, go back and head towards the area where you will see two enemies fighting each other. Here you can decide whether or not to defeat the enemies, the choice is up to you. However, your goal is the wall that is at the very end of this path. At this point, once you reach this wall (paying attention to the enemies in case you decide not to kill them), you will finally have arrived at the place where Crimson Rector Percival is located.

lords of the fallen crimson rector percival

How to beat Crimson Rector Percival in Lords of the Fallen

Unlike other optional bosses in which there are not two phases in the fight, the one against the Lords of the Fallen Crimson Rector Percival boss has two distinct phases and it is for this reason that you will have to adopt different strategies that are able to let you prevail. Although he is not a main boss, you must not make the mistake of underestimating him: Crimson Rector Percival is a fearsome boss who will be able to put you to the test.

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Phase 1

During the course of the first phase, the attack you will need to pay the most attention to is his charged sword stab. However, this attack will only be used if the boss is at medium or long distance, so that he can get close to you very quickly. Once he gets close, the Crimson Rector Percival will summon a wraith that is capable of performing an overhead sword attack. This is a mimicked attack and is therefore very easy to dodge.

Furthermore, pay attention to the fact that, in some circumstances, the boss will also be able to perform a jumping sword pound attack. Although this type of attack is very slow, it is capable of inflicting very large damage, so be careful and be ready to dodge this attack so as not to be hit and not suffer damage. By following this strategy, you should not have any particular problems against this type of attack.

As for the specter, its main role is to catch you off guard. Furthermore, the boss may also call a second specter as soon as he lands his first attack, so keep your eyes peeled and pay attention to everything. This new specter will make use of a sword swing attack which will be quite slow and which therefore you should not have any particular problems avoiding.

Ultimately, to overcome this first phase of the battle unscathed, our advice is to have patience and not throw yourself in headlong using an overly offensive strategy. Instead, wait for Crimson Rector Percival to finish his combos and take advantage of the cooldown moments between them to hit your opponent and inflict damage. Also, be careful to step back as soon as you see that the boss is about to summon his ghosts.

Furthermore, if you want to have an easier time against this boss, you could consider the idea of dipping your weapons in magic that is capable of inflicting elemental damage, especially fire. In fact, Crimson Rector Percival has fire resistance as its weakness, so it might be a good idea to exploit this. As for weapons, light ones are more recommended, as they will give you the opportunity to land a greater number of hits before you have to go back on the defensive.

lords of the fallen crimson rector percival


Phase 2

When Crimson Rector Percival reaches 50% of his health bar, the second phase of the battle will begin. The good thing is that most of his attacks will always remain the same, so you will have to adopt a strategy very similar to the one you used during the first phase, however, there will also be some new additions that will force you to find a new strategy that is able to counter these attacks.

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First of all, as soon as the second phase begins (this is how you will know), Crimson Rector Percival will make use of a healing spell. This will make the use of this Radiant magic spell able to restore the boss's life very quickly. If you plan to attack the boss during this phase, abandon the idea immediately as it will be useless and the boss will continue to heal. Therefore, wait for the spell to end before you can start being offensive.

Another new thing that Crimson Rector Percival adds in this second phase of the battle is to dip his sword in magic. From this moment on, therefore, if you are hit, in addition to suffering damage, you will also receive physical, bleed, and holy damage. Consequently, the most important thing to do is to dodge his every blow so as not to be hit and not to make use of your Sanguinatrix which, even if upgraded, will end up running out very quickly.

Finally, during this phase of the fight, if you are very close to him, Crimson Rector Percival will make use of a spell capable of inflicting air damage that is capable of knocking you back and which will inflict damage on you. For this reason, we advise you to never stay too close to the boss for too long. Get close, when it is safe to do so, to hit him and then immediately return to medium distance to avoid this type of attack.

In conclusion, when the boss is using the spell that allows him to regenerate part of his life, as we have already said, attacking him normally has no effect, but you can opt for a charged attack in such a way as to interrupt the healing process and cause the boss to restore less health. Furthermore, if you use your Umbral lamp to destroy creatures around the boss, this will allow you to put him into a stagger state or interrupt his spells.

Dodging his attacks, especially in this phase, becomes imperative if you don't want to find yourself short of Sanguinatrix and with negative effects applied to you. Consequently, learn his moves well and look for the right timing to perform a dodge and, above all, wait for Crimson Rector Percival to finish his combo before attacking him. Once you defeat this Lords of the Fallen boss, the game will reward you with a Ring of Brilliant Protection, the Crimson Rector Gauntlets, and a Vestige Seed.

lords of the fallen crimson rector percival

Lords of the Fallen Crimson Rector Percival Boss Guide
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