Lords of the Fallen Hushed Saint Boss Guide

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Lords of the Fallen Hushed Saint Boss Guide

The Lords of the Fallen Hushed Saint boss is a fairly difficult boss to face, which will put you to the test and test your skill, especially if you don't follow a strategy. For this reason, in this guide, we have decided to explain to you in detail all of his attacks, so that you can be ready to have an easier life when you reach the end of the Forsaken Fen area and have to fight against this fearsome boss.

How to beat Hushed Saint in Lords of the Fallen

Like most of the bosses in Lords of the Fallen, Hushed Saint also consists of a two-phase fight. However, there is one peculiarity compared to the others: in addition to having two phases, he also has two completely different attack patterns based on whether he is on his horse or not. Consequently, learning all of his moves may not be very simple and quick, but it is certainly the key to getting the better of this boss.

Phase 1

During the first phase, when he is riding his horse, the Hushed Saint boss will become much more agile and will move in circles around the arena, with the intent of hitting you. Be aware that, in this case, he will make use of some swing attacks as soon as he gets close to you, but don't worry as these attacks are quite easy to dodge, so you shouldn't have much trouble. If, however, you are at a distance, then the boss will throw his weapon at you: move to the side to avoid being hit.

While the Hushed Saint is wandering around the arena, be aware that he will be able to suddenly disappear and reappear in a different location. Pay attention to the movement of the water to understand when the boss is about to use this move. However, one attack you will need to watch out for is one where his steed will smash the ground creating a shockwave that is capable of covering a large radius. In this case, you will have to roll towards the wave just before it hits you.

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However, when this Lords of the Fallen boss decides to fight you on foot, he will dismount his horse, throwing his weapon at you and moving closer to you to reduce the distance. In this guise, the Hushed Saint has many types of attacks to watch out for, but he will also give you plenty of chances to get hit, so you'll need to make the most of every chance you get.

The first attack he will use is to swing his halberd which can be either parried or dodged. Once he finishes this move, the boss will need a cooldown period before fighting again, and so this is your time to attack. However, be careful of an additional attack he might use, so always be ready to move away and never let your guard down.

When the boss is away from you, he will charge his weapon to immediately approach you. Be very careful with this attack because he is capable of dealing a lot of damage to you, but, at the same time, it is also a great opportunity to land a few more hits and deal some damage to him. Furthermore, when you are far from him, he may throw his weapon at you, very similar to the move used while on horseback. The best strategy to use in this case is to dodge the shot just before the weapon comes to you.

Similarly to when he is riding his horse, even when he is on foot the Hushed Saint will be able to disappear and then reappear by jumping and slamming his weapon inflicting aerial damage. Finally, the boss will use his shield both to parry your attacks and to hit you, so be careful to parry and/or dodge these types of attacks.

lords of the fallen hushed saint

Phase 2

When the boss has lost half of his health bar, the second phase of the battle will begin. His weapon will become more powerful and he will be able to hit from a greater distance, which means things will become more difficult. The attacks that he will use in this new phase are the same as the previous ones, except for three new attacks which we will describe in detail below.

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The first new attack you need to know is the one in which the boss will bash his shield on his chest to summon his horse which will charge at you. Don't try to dodge it as it will be very difficult and requires excellent timing skills, the best way to avoid this type of attack is definitely to run away. There will be other times when you can show off your skills, this is definitely not one of them.

The second new attack is where the Hushed Saint will smash his shield to create a shockwave, similar to the one he uses when on his horse. Consequently, in this case, you will have to use the same strategy and that is to roll right in the direction of the wave. Finally, the third new attack is a combo of two shield attacks and a powerful strike with his halberd. Be very careful and try not to get hit.

Ultimately, what we would like to advise you is to memorize the moments in which you will have fairly safe chances to hit the boss, as memorizing his entire attack pattern is certainly not a very simple thing. Another important thing to remember is that when the Hushed Saint is on his horse he cannot be hit, so just focus on avoiding his attacks. The right time to hit him will be when he is on foot, as explained previously.

Our general advice is therefore to stay at a distance when he is on his horse and only approach him when he is on foot. In this way, consequently, you will be able to hit him and also show off your dodging and parrying skills, as all of his attacks can be either parried or dodged. Once you have defeated the Hushed Saint boss, you will receive as a reward a Vestige Seed, x8 Umbral Scouring, and, once you enter the Umbral realm, also the Remembrance of the Hushed Saint. Bring this item to Molhu to purchase his weapon, armor, and shield, as well as the Umbral Spell Latimer's Javelin using Umbral Scouring.

lords of the fallen hushed saint

Lords of the Fallen Hushed Saint Boss Guide
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