Lords of the Fallen Rapturous Huntress Lirenne Boss Guide

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Lords of the Fallen Rapturous Huntress Lirenne Boss Guide

The Lords of the Fallen Rapturous Huntress Lirenne is the next boss you will encounter after defeating Abbess Ursula. Still in the Abbey area, in fact, as soon as you set foot in a large chapel inside which you can see corpses hanging from the ceiling, you will realize that the time to fight has come again. This boss can be quite difficult to face, so for this reason, we have decided to create a guide that can help you make the fight easier.

How to beat Rapturous Huntress Lirenne in Lords of the Fallen

This boss fight, like many others we have had to witness, is characterized by a double phase. For this reason, be very careful when the boss enters the second phase, as things will get complicated. However, this fight will not start immediately once you enter the chapel, but you will have to interact with the glowing object located on the altar.

Phase 1

Once you have interacted with the object, the battle will officially begin. The Lords of the Fallen Rapturous Huntress Lirenne will appear right behind you, armed with a spear and a shield. Don't be fooled by her small size, as her speed and agility will give you a hard time. In fact, her slim build is not good news for you at all, because this will make the fight more difficult than you might think.

In case you decide to keep your distance, know that Rapturous Huntress Lirenne is able to get close to you very quickly using a flying kick, something she will fall back on very often during her fight. be careful not to get hit by this attack, as she is capable of inflicting the bleeding status.

If you decide to instead implement a more offensive approach and throw yourself headlong into her, know that Rapturous Huntress Lirenne is able to parry most of your attacks with her shield, so this strategy is definitely not the one to keep in mind. consideration. As if that wasn't enough, Rapturous Huntress Lirenne will counterattack with a three-strike attack that will deal a large amount of damage to you, so avoid being too offensive at all costs.

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Our advice is to make use of spells or ranged attacks in such a way as to be able to inflict damage on the Rapturous Huntress Lirenne in relative tranquility. In fact, in this way, most of the attacks you carry out will hit and therefore you will be one step closer to finishing the first phase of the battle. Furthermore, also take advantage of the moments in which the boss has just completed an attack, as it will not have the protection of its shield, and therefore you will be able to inflict damage on it.

Lords of the Fallen Rapturous Huntress Lirenne

Phase 2

When you manage to remove half of his health bar, the second phase of the battle against this Lords of the Fallen boss will begin. At this stage, things will become even more difficult, as Rapturous Huntress Lirenne will activate Radiant mode. This means that, from that moment on, she will have a bright light on her head signifying that she has entered her empowered state.

In this state, Rapturous Huntress Lirenne will make use of a Radiant Super attack that will allow her to deal a huge amount of damage. On top of that, she will also be able to use a Radiant dash to get back into position and then launch a ranged Radiant spear towards you. The best strategy to use to avoid these types of attacks is to learn their timing well and perform a good dodge, so as not to be hit and not suffer damage.

Furthermore, if you manage to dodge this attack, you will be able to catch the defenseless Rapturous Huntress Lirenne, which will allow you to land a few hits. However, don't exaggerate in hitting her and after a couple of hits immediately return to range, otherwise her boss will use a Radiant shield spell which will allow her to hit you with her shield from close range.

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Another thing you need to know to complete this second phase of the battle with Rapturous Huntress Lirenne is that, once she has little health left, she will start throwing Radiant thorns across the entire area of the arena. You will have to avoid this type of attack at all costs as, in addition to inflicting a lot of damage, she is also able to limit your movements, which you don't want to happen otherwise it will become very difficult to dodge her attacks.

Additionally, in this phase, Rapturous Huntress Lirenne will make use of an enhanced version of her flying kick to try to get close to you and deal damage. Be careful, in the unfortunate event that you are hit by this attack, not to let yourself be thrown towards the Radiant thorns, otherwise, her attack will turn into a lethal move. Our advice is to try to stay away from the Radiant thorns and dodge all the other attacks she will use, always being careful to make the most of the opportunities you will have to attack and inflict damage on her.

Ultimately, we can say that the battle with the Rapturous Huntress Lirenne is more of a battle of patience. In fact, you will have to be very patient and wait for the right moment to attack, as being super offensive will result in a certain premature death. However, once you manage to defeat this boss, you will receive a Vestige Seed, the Rune of Adyr, the Sanctified Huntress Spear, and a piece of her armor as a reward for your hard work.

Lords of the Fallen Rapturous Huntress Lirenne

Lords of the Fallen Rapturous Huntress Lirenne Boss Guide
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