Lords of the Fallen Mendacious Visage Boss Guide

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Lords of the Fallen Mendacious Visage Boss Guide

The Lords of the Fallen Mendacious Visage boss is one of the optional bosses that players can choose to fight or not. However, despite this, you absolutely must not underestimate him if you want to fight him, as he is a boss who is capable of putting even the most attentive players with more experience in games of this kind in difficulty. For this reason, in this article, we have decided to show you all the strategies to use to get the better of this boss.

Lords of the Fallen Mendacious Visage location

Since it is not a mandatory boss to continue the plot, you could also continue without ever meeting him. Unlike other bosses which are more difficult to locate, Mendacious Visage is actually quite simple to find and you will most likely encounter it without too many problems, especially if you are a player who likes to explore everything far and wide.

In any case, in case you can't find it, below we'll tell you in detail everything you need to do. This boss is located in the Forsaken Fen area. Once you meet Iron Wayfarer, you'll notice a path that goes right around the village with the bonfire. Enter the Umbral realm to reveal the passage and arrive at the Mendacious Visage boss.

lords of the fallen mendacious visage

How to beat Mendacious Visage in Lords of the Fallen

Now that you know how to find the boss, it's time to learn his attacks and the strategies to use to get the better of him. The Mendacious Visage is basically a huge stone head that has arms and legs very similar to tree roots. However, unlike what you might think, none of these points are actually its weak point, and indeed they will have the ability to repel your shots. What you will have to do, therefore, is hit his rear to inflict damage on him.

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Pay attention to his ranged attacks and the projectiles that he will occasionally fire to try to hit you, simply by staying between the various groups of projectiles or even running around the arena so as not to give a fixed point. Also, in case the Mendacious Visage opens its face to fire missiles from inside, you will have to dodge this attack to avoid getting hit.

Another attack to watch out for is one in which he is able to shoot glowing slugs that will head right in your direction. In case you touch them, they will explode and will be able to make a part of your stamina bar unusable for a short period of time. As a result, our advice is to try to avoid this attack at all costs.

The Mendacious Visage arsenal doesn't end there. In fact, the boss is also able to use body-to-body attacks. What he will rely on is a jump and slam attack which, fortunately, will be quite simple to avoid. However, the boss will try to repeat this attack in such a way as to get closer to you and cast an aerial magic attack that causes an explosion. Furthermore, he will also try to carry out an attack that will allow him, if you are not reactive, to fall right on top of you with his huge face. Lastly, the Mendacious Visage could also make use of an attack that will create an air shockwave.

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The general advice we want to give you to get the better of this creature is to pay attention to his attacks and avoid them in any way. Try not to stay too close to him, so as to reduce the chances of having to deal with melee attacks and be careful of ranged and aerial attacks. Once you have defeated this Lords of the Fallen boss you will be rewarded with the Mask of Wrath, a Vestige Seed and the Precision Hammer.

lords of the fallen mendacious visage

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