Lords of the Fallen Griefbound Rowena Boss Guide

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Lords of the Fallen Griefbound Rowena Boss Guide

The Lords of the Fallen Griefbound Rowena is another of the optional bosses that players may or may not defeat in Lords of the Fallen. In this article, we will explain in detail what to do to find the boss and the strategy to use to defeat it, so that your life is easier and you don't waste a lot of your time facing an optional boss.

Where to find Griefbound Rowena in Lords of the Fallen

Before proceeding to show you the most effective strategy to use to defeat Griefbound Rowena, it is appropriate to tell you where to find it. In fact, once you have entered the Fief of the Chill Curse area and defeated Kinrangr Guardian Folard, you can continue exploring this area. From the Vestige of Loash, climb the ladder and follow the path ahead. Be careful of the enemies in this area, as they will be quite difficult to deal with.

Once you have done this, you will find yourself in an area where we recommend planting a Vestige Seed, so that, in case you die, you will not have to defeat all the enemies again. From this point, go to the right and cross the wooden bridge. Pay attention to the enemies (you can decide whether to face them or not) and jump down using the ladder in front of you. At this point, on your right, you can see a ruined building: that's where Griefbound Rowena is located.

Lords of the Fallen Griefbound Rowena

How to beat Griefbound Rowena in Lords of the Fallen

As soon as you enter the arena, Griefbound Rowena will make use of the classic screech move, only that, unlike other bosses, this will not be used to inflict damage on you, but to summon some mobs. However, you won't have to worry much about these enemies, as they are not very slow and you will hardly be hit by them, they mostly serve to limit your freedom of movement, which is essential if you want not to be hit.

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Griefbound Rowena is not a very powerful boss and therefore uses these mobs to try not to let you get close to her, since, once close to her, you will be in a great advantage position since her attacks are composed of spells. However, the presence of these mobs should not discourage you from approaching her, on the contrary, it is precisely the strategy you will have to adopt if you intend to win the battle. Run towards her and land a few hits, but be careful not to make your combos too long, otherwise, Griefbound Rowena will use a frost blast that will deal a lot of damage and teleport to another point in the arena.

Once she teleports, she will have an aura of ice around her, which means you can't attack her up close at that time, otherwise, you will take damage. This, therefore, is the right time to use ranged attacks and hit her from afar, in complete safety. However, be careful that, from this moment on, Griefbound Rowena will also use a ranged attack in which she will shoot three icicles at you. Dodge at all costs (it won't be difficult), otherwise you will take a lot of damage.

However, you should know that when Griefbound Rowena uses this attack, it means that she will no longer be protected by her aura, and therefore it is the right time for you to attack her with melee attacks. Pay attention, however, to the fact that she will also use frost spikes that will come out of the ground, so be careful not to be caught off guard by this type of attack and be ready to avoid it.

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In addition to dealing damage, these frost spikes also serve to limit your movement and make it more difficult for you to get close to her to deal damage. However, with a little attention, you will still be able to get close and hit it. Be careful not to get hit as your frost meter will fill up and your stamina will be reduced.

Ultimately, this Lords of the Fallen boss is not very difficult to deal with and does not have many attacks in his arsenal to pay particular attention to. As long as you stay away from her icy attacks, you should have no problem defeating her. Once Griefbound Rowena is dead, you will receive a Vestige Seed, Frostbite Salt and the Aelstrix Rune as a reward. Furthermore, if you change realms to Umbral, you can also get a new spell at the back of the arena after eliminating the entity.

Lords of the Fallen Griefbound Rowena

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