Lords of the Fallen Infernal Enchantress Boss Guide

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Lords of the Fallen Infernal Enchantress Boss Guide

The Lords of the Fallen Infernal Enchantress is the eighth boss that you will have to face and defeat in order to continue your adventure. As soon as you enter the Lower Calrath area, you will see that this place is engulfed in flames and it won't take long to understand that those flames are the work of this boss. Despite his smaller stature compared to the other bosses you have faced so far, Infernal Enchantress is not an opponent to be underestimated.

How to beat the Infernal Enchantress in Lords of the Fallen

As in any other boss fight you have taken part in up to this point, whether it is mandatory for the completion of the story or optional, the one against the Infernal Enchantress also needs a solid strategy to be completed. In fact, this boss has some attacks that can put you in difficulty and catch you off guard. For this reason, we decided to create this guide in which we explain what to do.

One of the first differences with other boss fights is that this one does not consist of two phases, so the Infernal Enchantress will use the same set of moves for the entire duration of the fight. It might seem trivial, but knowing that you won't have to adjust your strategy during the battle is certainly a positive thing and makes you breathe a sigh of relief.

However, as soon as the battle begins, you will notice that the boss will be surrounded by a red bubble which will have the task of protecting the Infernal Enchantress. Furthermore, you will also notice that his health bar will have a blue orb on the left, indicating that the Infernal Enchantress is protected from parasites. Although you will be able to hit the boss with some ranged attacks, the first thing to do in this boss fight is to eliminate this sort of barrier.

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In order to eliminate the barrier, you will have to locate the four parasites that make it up. However, our advice is to dedicate yourself to this research without forgetting to carry out some ranged attacks against the Infernal Enchantress, in order to accelerate the process that will lead you to victory. The first you can find right at the beginning of the arena, above a wooden walkway. The second is located nearby, next to a wall. The third, however, is on the left, near the broken bridge. And finally, the fourth is located right next to the Infernal Enchantress, near the tree.

Once you have destroyed the barrier, you can dedicate yourself entirely to the Infernal Enchantress. You can decide whether to prefer a melee or ranged attack style, the choice is up to you. Or, what many will probably adopt, is to use a hybrid gameplay style that can draw from both ways to deal damage to this Lords of the Fallen boss. However, you should know that the Infernal Enchantress will use different attacks based on whether you are near or far from her.

lords of the fallen infernal enchantress

Should you decide to approach her with a close-quarters fighting style, the Infernal Enchantress will make use of several moves that will change quickly. One of the attacks you will have to pay particular attention to is the one in which she will wrap herself in a swirl of fire that will gradually grow and end in an explosion. Our advice, in this case, is to move away as soon as possible as this attack is capable of inflicting a lot of damage. Once the explosion is complete, the Infernal Enchantress will disappear and then appear in another location in the arena.

In addition to this type of attack which, we repeat again, can be very dangerous and is capable of heavily damaging your health bar, this boss is also able to use his hand as a sort of flamethrower to try to hit you and get burned (which will take your life over time). Therefore, be careful to dodge these attacks so as not to be hit and suffer damage.

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If, however, you decide to have a distance approach, the Infernal Enchantress' moves will be completely different from those we have indicated previously. In this case, the boss will start throwing fireballs at you. You'll be able to tell when she's about to use this attack because the Infernal Enchantress will bring her arm back and brace herself for a moment before starting to throw fireballs. Because of this, you have time to move from your position and dodge the fireballs to avoid getting hit.

Another attack he will use is where you will see red lines appear and fireballs will come out of the ground. In this case, all you have to do is dodge these fireballs to avoid getting hit. When these fireballs explode, the Infernal Enchantress may also decide to use an attack to launch fireballs directly at you. This attack is not very easy to predict, so even though she won't always use this attack, it's best to be ready and act as if she would. As a result, all you have to do is dodge and move to put yourself in a position where he can't hit you.

Ultimately, we can say that to defeat the Infernal Enchantress you will have to pay close attention to her attacks which, although in most cases are easy to dodge, they can inflict a lot of damage. However, by following the advice we have given you in this article, you should be able to defeat the Infernal Enchantress more easily. Once you do this, you will be rewarded with a Vestige Seed, the Infernal Enchantress Flesh, the Infernal Enchantress Flail, and the Infernal Enchantress Helm.

lords of the fallen infernal enchantress

Lords of the Fallen Infernal Enchantress Boss Guide
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