Lords of the Fallen Damarose the Marked Boss Guide

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Lords of the Fallen Damarose the Marked Boss Guide

In Lords of the Fallen, there are characters who are initially our allies, but then, during the course of the adventure, they will show their true nature and we will be called to face them. One of these is the Lords of the Fallen Damarose the Marked boss who, if you decide not to respect his wishes, will turn into a boss you have to face. In this article, therefore, we will show you the right strategy to follow if you want to get the better of this Lords of the Fallen boss.

How to beat Damarose the Marked in Lords of the Fallen

In case you go against his wishes, as soon as you reach the Bramis Castle area, Damarose the Marked will appear in front of you and prevent you from continuing the game. Consequently, you will necessarily have to defeat her in order to continue with your adventure and kill the final boss of the game. Although it is not a very difficult boss to face, you will still have to pay attention to some attacks and use the right strategy to defeat her.

The first thing to know is that Damarose the Marked will mostly make use of her swing and strikes attacks using her cleaver. These attacks, fortunately for you, are quite simple to both parry and dodge, so it's up to you to choose which of the two solutions to use to avoid being hit. Once Damarose the Marked has finished her combo, you will have the opportunity to get close and deal hits since she will have to wait a cooldown moment before she can resume her series of attacks.

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Once you've managed to deal damage equal to a third of her health bar (which you shouldn't find particularly difficult), you'll notice a mark appear on Damarose the Marked's head and her weapon will also be able to deal fire damage from this moment on. As a result, should you get hit, her attacks will gradually fill your Burn meter and then cause your health bar to slowly empty. Therefore, you will have to avoid her shots in every way or use objects that increase your fire resistance.

However, at this juncture, Damarose the Marked will continue to use her combos, so use the same strategy as before, but she will also make use of projectiles that will be launched from the mark above her head. To understand when the projectiles will be launched, all you have to do is observe the sign and, when it is bright, it means that Damarose will be ready to launch this type of attack. Dodge the bullets and you shouldn't have any particular problems.

Another attack that Damarose the Marked will use at this point in the battle is to release a beam of fire from her hand which is capable of causing the Burn status. Consequently, you will have to avoid this type of attack at all costs if you do not want to get into serious trouble and risk dying due to status effects.

Lords of the Fallen Damarose the Marked

Once her life bar reaches 50%, Damarose the Marked will use a second mark that allows her to launch double the projectiles, but the rest of the moves will remain virtually identical to those we've already seen. Finally, when Damarose the Marked has only her last third of life remaining, she will summon a third symbol which will once again increase the number of projectiles the boss will be able to launch towards you. Even in this case, the same strategy always applies.

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Ultimately, since this fight is not complicated enough, you may not encounter any particular difficulties and you can also use a slightly more offensive approach than the other bosses. In fact, as soon as you enter the battle arena, immediately run in the direction of Damarose the Marked and pull off a combo to inflict the first damage on her. Then, stand back and wait for the boss to finish her combo to strike again. In case you are good at blocking blows, make use of this technique, as it will allow you to stagger her and hit her to inflict even more damage.

Things will get slightly more complicated when she starts to summon the various symbols on her head, since they are capable of filling your Burn meter, but with a little attention, you will be able to manage this phase too. However, at this point, avoid parrying his attacks as the projectiles will still hit you, but just try to dodge them and wait for the cooldown periods to be able to pull off your combos.

Also, when she uses her Flamethrower attack, you will have the option to run up behind her and hit her a couple of times before backing away. Therefore, take advantage of this opportunity as well. By following this strategy you shouldn't have too many problems defeating her. Once Damarose the Marked is defeated, you will receive Damarose's Cleaver and x2 Animated Vigor Skulls as a reward.

Lords of the Fallen Damarose the Marked

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