Overwatch 2: Complete Hero Guides for 2023

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Overwatch 2: Complete Hero Guides for 2023

Listing all the updated hero guides for Overwatch 2 Season 4.

The main appeal of Overwatch 2 is the huge variety of playable characters that sport each of their own unique abilities and fun playstyles. That said, it can get overwhelming, especially for players who are just getting into the game.

Like in any team-based shooter RPG, some heroes play better against certain characters. Pick strengths are also situational. And with 36 wildly different choices, you're going to want to get familiar if you plan to succeed in more of your games. Additionally, the start of the new competitive season has tens of thousands of players constantly on the grind. So if you don't want to get left behind, now's the perfect time to learn.

To make things easier, we've compiled every single Overwatch hero guide for your convenience. This article serves as a directory for Overwatch 2 play guides that are continuously updated to match the game meta. Each of our Overwatch 2 tutorials will discuss their playstyle, skills, backstories, and general strategies. Moreover, additional Overwatch guides will also be included to make sure you stay updated on all of the goings on in Blizzard's futuristic FPS.

Overwatch 2: Heroes to Counter Tanks

Hero Guides

Lifeweaver is set to receive his first set of buffs and ability control adjustments just a week after his Season 4 release. Overwatch 2's latest off-support is packed with controller abilities, such as an activatable platform and a skill that lets you pull allies away from dangerous situations. His “Tree of Life” ultimate summons a huge biolight structure that heals in bursts and shields allies. Besides his hero guide, we've also compiled the best counters for the newest addition to Overwatch 2's hero roster.

Additional Overwatch 2 Guides

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