Overwatch 2: Roadhog Hero Guide

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Overwatch 2: Roadhog Hero Guide

Get ready to run over your enemies with Roadhog thanks to our handy hero guide!

Playing tank in Overwatch 2 is way more fun than in Overwatch, no matter which option you go for. The lack of barriers makes some heroes feel stronger than others, and Roadhog is definitely one of them. 

This Overwatch 2 tank can work in multiple setups, and he is tough to kill. Besides having one of the largest HP pools in Overwatch 2, Hog is also capable of doing a lot of damage. Naturally, he is among the go-to option for all tank players.

Despite the fact that the changes in Overwatch 2 didn’t transform this hero, the Overwatch 2 Roadhog guide will show you that there are a couple of new things you should be aware of. Aside from highlighting the changes, we will also go through a couple of important combos and other things you should know.


As mentioned, the Overwatch 2 changes affected Roadhog, but they didn’t transform the hero from the ground up. The good news is that he feels even stronger than before, which is one of the reasons why he has so many fans.

Speaking of Hog and his changes, the first important thing is that the hero’s Breather healing is now up to 350 from 300. In other words, the tank that can heal himself is even harder to kill. 

Aside from this healing, The Whole Hog has to be fired manually, allowing the hero to be more precise when shooting. Even though this might seem disappointing, it is important to remember that the changes to his ult also mean that stuns can’t interrupt it. This is incredibly important because Hog was easily countered by all sorts of heroes.

Aside from the manual ultimate, Roadhog can also use other abilities while having his ult on. Needless to say, this increases his kill potential.

Tip – You can zone your enemies, so choose your position carefully

There is no arguing that Roadhog is a dangerous Overwatch 2 tank that can deal a lot of damage. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that you should try and use this to your advantage once you start playing.

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Since your hero has one of the largest Health pools in the game, you can easily 1v1 any hero when he is close to you. In other words, most enemies won’t want to fight you in a direct clash, which will allow you to zone them out.

The bad news is that Hog does ot have a barrier nor any ability that lowers the damage he takes. Moreover, his huge model makes him an easy target, which means that people who pick the hero have to know what they’re doing. One of the best tactics to have is to use different objects on the map as cover. For example, you can hide behind a wall and peek or play behind another tank’s shield, such as Rein.

Tip – You have to learn how to position yourself

Although we’ve briefly touched on this in the previous top, one of the most important things you must learn after reading this Overwatch 2 Roadhog guide is how to position yourself. This is one of the heroes that can make a difference, but only if he has a good position. Sadly, some players never learn how to do that and think that the hero is not worth it.

We’ve already mentioned the fact that he can take a lot of damage, but Roadhog can also be devastating. His two fire modes allow the hero to deal way more damage than expected. That said, the only way to take advantage of this is if you have good positioning.

Unsurprisingly, your position is also important when it comes down to landing your hooks. A good hook, followed by your left click and a melee attack can be enough to kill any 200-HP target, so you need to learn how to take advantage of it.

Tip – You will have a hard time against some heroes

People who want to learn how to play Roadhog will see that the hero can deal a lot of damage. He is a powerful main tank that can work in a lot of scenarios, but this doesn’t mean he is invincible. On the contrary, the hero is an easy target for a lot of Overwatch 2 DPS, so you need to be careful.

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Tracer and Sombra are probably the first names that come to mind because these heroes are incredibly annoying. Although they have to be close to Hog to do damage, which means they are vulnerable, they can easily kite and dodge the hooks. Consequently, Roadhog won’t be able to do much and will have to fall back or use his healing ability.

Another hero that can be a huge pain to deal with is Reaper. Generally speaking, Reaper is a hero that can work extremely well against tanky setups because of his insane damage output when he is close to his targets. Unsurprisingly, this makes him the best against Roadhog because he can kill him in seconds.

Some Hog players think they can kill Reaper using their hook combo, but this is not the case. A good Overwatch 2 player will use Reaper’s Wraith Form to dodge the hook and kill you in seconds.


Following Overwatch 2 changes and the fact that teams usually have only 1 tank, choosing a suitable hero for the current draft is important. Roadhog is a tank that can work with a lot of DPS and supports, and it usually depends on the lineup he is facing.

One of the old-school combos that Hog can work with is Ana, a top-tier support in Overwatch 2. People who play these two heroes can be vert effective because Ana can empower Hog to do even more damage.

Another important thing to mention in this Overwatch 2 tank guide is that Roadhog is good with the newest support hero Kiriko. Once these two heroes use their ults together, Hog can kill the entire team in seconds.

In addition to the heroes mentioned above, Roadhog can work with many other heroes. It all depends on his team and opponents, so think carefully before deciding what to go for.

Overwatch 2: Roadhog Hero Guide
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