Overwatch 2: Bastion Hero Guide

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Overwatch 2: Bastion Hero Guide

 Bastion is one of the heroes to get the most changes in Overwatch 2. Let's take a look at those, after his rocky release.

The fact that Bastion was one of the least popular heroes in Overwatch shouldn't be surprising. Even though he was able to do a lot of damage, enemy heroes could easily counter him. As a result, most people who played only played with Bastion in the lower ranks.

Fortunately, Blizzard decided to make a lot of changes and rework the hero from the ground up. As a result, the Overwatch 2 changes made Bastion a really interesting DPS to play with. That's why it's time for our complete Overwatch 2 Bastion guide that will allow you to learn everything about this hero.

Bastion Overview

As mentioned, Bastion is one of the few Overwatch 2 heroes that are entirely different than before. He has several new abilities and no longer has access to others. For example, Configuration: Sentry has been replaced with Configuration: Assault. When used, you will transform into a tank that moves slowly and deals great damage.

Bastion’s Configuration: Recon allows the hero’s main weapon to deal 25 damage instead of 20. However, his ammo is down from 35 to 25 rounds, and his fire rate is 5 instead of 8. That said, the weapon’s spread is now zero.

This Overwatch 2 Bastion guide reveals that the hero no longer has Self-Repair. Instead, he has an A-36 Tactical Grenade that allows him to fire a grenade that can bounce off walls. It will explode when it impacts the enemy or the ground and can deal damage to Bastion himself.

Aside from everything mentioned so far, Bastion also has a new ult called  “Configuration: Artillery. When used, he becomes immobile but can fire three powerful shells anywhere on the map. Bastion also benefits from the Overwatch 2 DPS passive that gives him extra MS and AS.

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Bastion won’t work with all heroes in Overwatch 2

One important thing you have to consider before you start playing with Bastion is that there are cases where the hero does not work. Sure, you can pick him alongside anything, but Bastion requires a specific setup to shine.

Even though he is not like Bastion in Overwatch 1, he remains one of the few heroes who benefit significantly from having a shield in front of him. The bad news is that the barriers in Overwatch 2 are not as good as those in Overwatch. Consequently, you won’t see things like Bastion and Rein because people prefer other options.

 You do a lot of damage, and some of your enemies won’t expect it

Every Overwatch player knows that Bastion can deal a lot of damage. This was the case in the previous game, but only when he had his sentry configuration. That said, the Overwatch 2 changes allowed the hero to be way more dangerous now, and some of your enemies won’t expect it.

The option to transform into a tank and walk while doing tons of damage can devastate many enemies. Aside from that, his regular left click also deals tons of damage, making him one of the deadliest DPS in Overwatch 2 you can face. However, most people don’t expect this, so you can definitely punish them.

Your primary fire works best when used at a distance

People who want to know how to play Bastion in Overwatch 2 will have to get used to the hero’s new left mouse click attack. Although it looks identical to the one before, it is entirely different.

Bastion deals way more damage, but his attack rate and ammo are much lower than before. This may not seem like a big deal, but it means that hitting your shots when you are close to an enemy is easier said than done. That’s why one of the best things you can do to take advantage of the hero’s damage capabilities is to take mid-range fights. Doing this should allow you to hit more shots.

Regarding hitting your shots, your goal should be to try and force some cooldown while using your left mouse click attack. Doing this will allow you to land easy kills once you start using your tank configuration because it deals absurd amounts of damage. After all, this ability allows you to have infinite ammo while it is active.

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This form is one of the best things you can use to kill Overwatch 2 tanks. 

Using Bastion’s Ult

Unlike Bastion’s strange ultimate in Overwatch, the hero receives a new ability for Overwatch 2. As mentioned, it allows him to hit several shots on the map that deal a lot of damage. You can choose to fire all three shots at once or land them in different places. While it is true that it all depends on the situation, it is probably better to fire them at once because this will allow you to do the maximum possible damage.

While talking about using your ults, your best bet is to focus on a slow-moving target because it will allow you to do the most of it. There are loads of good options, and you can even combine them with other abilities, such as Rein or Zarya’s ults.

Bastion Combos

While we are on the Overwatch 2 combos, Bastion is a hero who can work in specific combos. As mentioned, he benefits greatly from shields and barriers, so you can often find him alongside Sigma, Rein, and Zarya. 

Ana is one of the best support heroes in Overwatch 2 to have by your side because she can heal you and make you even more dangerous. The same applies to heroes like Mercy and Baptiste. The latter is powerful when he has his ult up because you can literally kill any hero (including a tank) in a matter of seconds.

Last but not least, we have to mention Kiriko. The latest Overwatch 2 support hero in the game and her ultimate make Bastion one of the best heroes in the game. It gives him extra movement speed while running, allowing you to chase enemies even while in a Turret form. 

Overwatch 2: Bastion Hero Guide
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