Overwatch 2 DPS Hero Changes – All You Need to Know

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Overwatch 2 DPS Hero Changes – All You Need to Know

Overwatch 2 has brought many changes; let's look at the DPS hero changes.


The new game has a lot of things to offer that weren’t available before. For example, players can access new maps, game modes, and a Battle Pass. The latter offers skins, voice lines, sprays, and all kinds of other things.

Needless to say, there are also loads of Overwatch 2 hero changes because all heroes from the previous game are available in the new one. Not all of them received new things, but some heroes are entirely new. So, let’s go through the most significant change made to heroes and learn more about them. Don’t forget to check our Overwatch 2 hero tier list for more information.

DPS Hero Changes – Ashe

Ashe was one of the few heroes in Overwatch that didn’t receive that many changes. Since the hero was pretty balanced, the developers of Overwatch 2 didn’t want to make any drastic changes. Consequently, the only thing new is the health reduction to B.O.B., the hero’s ultimate.

Instead of having 1200 HP, the hero now has 1000 HP, which means enemies should be able to kill him faster. Besides that, Ashe benefits from the passive ability to all DPS, increasing the hero’s movement and reload speed.

DPS Hero Changes -Bastion

Bastion is one of the heroes that received the most changes in Overwatch 2. Although this surprised some players, old-school Overwatch fans expected it because he has never been a popular hero among higher-level games.

Although the hero is not the go-to option for some players yet, it seems like the changes affected his popularity. With that said, here are the Overwatch 2 hero changes you have to know:

  • Configuration: Sentry was replaced with Configuration: Assault. The latter transforms the hero into a turret that has low movement speed but deals a lot of damage. The ability lasts for 7 seconds and is on a 12s cooldown.
  • Configuration: Recon now allows the hero to deal 25 damage instead of 20. However, this comes at the cost of ammo because Bastion only has 25 rounds instead of 35. On top of that, the hero’s fire rate is down to 5 from 8, and the weapon spread is now 0.
  • Self-Repair is no longer available.
  • Bastion has access to a new ability called A-36 Tactical Grenade. The latter fires a special bomb that can bounce off walls and will explode when it reaches the ground or an enemy. Keep in mind that Bastion can also deal damage to himself.
  • Bastion’s new ultimate is Configuration:Tank. Although he becomes immobile while using it, he can fire up to 3 powerful artillery shells anywhere on the map and do damage.

DPS Hero Changes – Cassidy

Next up is Cassidy. He's always been one of the most popular DPS in the game, so every change can be crucial. Although the hero has a new ability, his playstyle remains relatively the same. 

  • Flashbang is no longer a part of the game. Instead, the hero has an ability called Magnetic Grenade. When used, the hero will throw a short-range grenade that can stick to an enemy and deal up to 131 damage. 
  • Combat Roll remains the same, but the ability now provides a 50% damage reduction while rolling.
  • Peacekeeper’s secondary fire rate is 7.5% faster.
  • Deadeye now gives Cassidy a 40% damage reduction while it is active. Furthermore, the ability’s maximum duration is now 7s. After using it for two seconds, Cassidy will deal 260 DPS instead of 130 DPS.

DPS Hero Changes – Echo

It seems like Echo will remain one of the most interesting Overwatch 2 DPS heroes. Like several other names, this one did not receive that many changes. In fact, the only new thing is the DPS passive and a slight nerf to Echo’s damage. 

  • Echo’s Focusing Beam now deals 175 DPS instead of 200 DPS.
  • Her maximum HP while using Duplicate can reach up to 300 HP. In other words, she won’t have as much HP as the tank she complies.

DPS Hero Changes – Genji

One of the heroes that haven’t received any Overwatch 2 DPS changes is Genji. In fact, the only thing that is new for the hero is the global passive ability. Unsurprisingly, it works really well for him because it gives him even more movement speed.

  • The passive ability for all DPS heroes.

DPS Hero Changes – Hanzo

Aside from the Overwatch 2 DPS global passive that gives movement speed, Hanzo has only one change. It affects his Storm Arrow, which now deals slightly less damage. The bad news is that you will have to hit 4 arrows instead of 3 to kill a target.

  • The passive ability for all DPS heroes.
  • Storm Arrow deals 65 damage per arrow instead of 70.

DPS Hero Changes – Junkrat

One of the interesting Overwatch 2 DPS changes that affected many people is related to Junkrat. Although the hero is relatively unaffected compared to other names, his Steel Trap is much stronger than before. This definitely has an effect on his popularity because he can kill squishies even faster.

  • Steel Trap has a 15 projectile speed instead of 10 and deals 100 damage instead of 80.
  • The projectiles of Junkrat’s Frag Launcher are now 0.25 instead of 0.20.

DPS Hero Changes – Mei

One of the changes in Overwatch 2 that people were interested in is related to Mei. Although she remains one of the best CCier in the game, her Endothermic Blaster can no longer stun enemies. However, it deals a lot more damage, which definitely has a positive impact on the hero. 

Mei is one of the heroes that have a lot of new things, so let’s go through them:

  • Endothermic Blaster can’t freeze/stun enemies. Instead, it adds a 50% movement speed reduction that builds over time.
  • Endothermic Blaster’s slow duration is down to 0.5s from 1s.
  • The gun’s damage is 100 instead of 55.
  • Endothermic Blaster’s ammo is now 150 instead 120.
  • Mei’s Ice Wall now has 250 HP and has a 20 meters range instead of 35 meters.
  • Cryo-Freeze can’t remove Sigma’s Gravitic Flux.
  • Mei’s Blizzard Ultimate costs 15% more resources.

DPS Hero Changes – Pharah

One of the Overwatch 2 DPS changes that people will like is related to Pharah. Unlike before, Pharah’s Concussive Blast now deals damage and has an extra knockback if it lands a direct hit.

  • Concussive Blast deals 30 damage and has an extra knockback effect if it lands a direct hit.
  • The hero’s Rocket Launcher reloads 0.25s faster when out of ammo.

DPS Hero Changes – Reaper

Like many other Overwatch 2 DPS heroes, Reaper received a couple of small nerfs. His Hellfire Shotgun now deals slightly less damage than before.

  • Hellfire Shotgun deals 5.4 damage per bullet (it was 6 before).
  • The shotgun’s spread is 7 instead of 8 degrees.

DPS Hero Changes – Sojourn

There are 3 new Overwatch 2 heroes, and Sojourn is among them. She quickly became one of the fan favorites because of her incredible damage output. That said, Blizzard has already changed a couple of things since the hero became available to the public.

  • The hero’s Railgun primary fire rate was slightly reduced to 14 rounds per second instead of 15.
  • Disruptor Shot’s projectile can scale up to 0.1, depending on Railgin’s charge level.
  • Sojourn now has a 50% reduction in terms of the energy that the Reilguin gains towards Disruptor Shot when hitting non-player targets.

DPS Hero Changes – Soldier: 76

One of the heroes with tons of fans in Overwatch continues to be a popular option in Overwatch 2. However, Blizzard added a couple of nerfs you have to get used to.

  • The hero’s Heavy Pulse Rifle deals 18 instead of 20 damage.
  • Tactical Visor is now affected by damage falloff.
  • You can get headshots while Tactical Visor is active.

DPS Hero Changes – Sombra

This was one of Overwatch's least popular DPS heroes because people preferred to use something else, such as Tracer. Unsurprisingly, Sombra received one of the most Overwatch 2 hero changes because the game’s designers wanted to make her popular again.

The most obvious buff is related to Hack and the fact that it has less cooldown. Furthermore, the hero can use it much quicker. If that’s not enough, she can even hack while Stealth, which can be useful in many situations.

  • A new passive ability called Opportunist allows the hero to detect low HP heroes through walls and deal 40% more damage.
  • Sombra can use Hack while in Stealth and not break it.
  • The Machine Pistol now deals 7 damage instead of 8. Furthermore, its spread is down by 10%.
  • Hack has a 0.85s cast time and 4s cooldown. However, the CD is not reduced if she hacks the health packs.
  • Hack can destroy Baptiste’s Immortality Field and stun B.O.B. for 2 seconds.
  • If Sombra’s Hack is interrupted while casting, the ability goes on a cooldown.
  • Sombra gains a 50% bonus movement speed while in Stealth.
  • Hack lockouts abilities for 1.75s instead of 1s.

DPS Hero Changes – Symmetra

There is no arguing that Symmetra is one of the most Overwatch 2 DPS heroes, especially regarding combos. As a result, every change to the hero has an effect on a lot of players.

Speaking of what’s new, this Overwatch 2 hero changes guide will try now list all of the things you should know. Before you check the info below, remember that Teleporter is not as durable as before.

  • Teleporter will now last for 10 seconds before expiring. Fortunately, the ability’s Build time is down from 2 to 1 second.
  • Teleporter has 12 seconds cooldown, 200 HP (down from 300), and 22 meters of range instead of 30.
  • Symmetra’s Photon Projector has 100 instead of 70 ammo. 
  • The hero’s fire projectile speed is 50 (it was 25 before).
  • You can use Symmetra’s secondary fire if you have 10 ammo instead of 7.
  • Sentry Turret now has 20 travel speed instead of 15.
  • Turrets now slow the enemy’s movement speed by 15% per turret.

DPS Hero Changes – Torbjorn

Aside from the Overwatch 2 DPS global passive, Torb didn’t receive that many changes. This means he continues to be a solid pick.

  • Torb’s primary fire mode recovery is down to 0.55s (it was 0.6s).
  • River Gun’s secondary fire mode is down from 0.8s to 0.7s.

DPS Hero Changes – Tracer

Most people interested in the Overwatch 2 hero reworks will definitely want to learn more about Tracer because this is one of the most popular heroes. Like Torb, this elusive DPS hero didn’t receive a lot of change. In fact, she only got a small nerf.

  • Tracer’s Pulse Pistols do 5 damage instead of 6.

DPS Hero Changes – Widowmaker

Widowmaker, the game's sniper, is the final hero we’d like to include in this Overwatch 2 DPS changes guide. We expect to see new abilities, but the game developers simply made the hero tankier. 

  • Widow now has 200 HP instead of 175 HP.

Don’t forget to read the other hero changes in our Overwatch section. Also, keep in mind that many websites offer all kinds of Overwatch betting options.

Overwatch 2 DPS Hero Changes – All You Need to Know
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