Overwatch 2 Ashe Guide – How to Play & What Combos to Pick

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Overwatch 2 Ashe Guide – How to Play & What Combos to Pick

Ashe has been one of the more popular heroes since her release. As Overwatch 2 released, Ashe has largely gone unnoticed by the larger player base.

Ashe is one of Overwatch's three “snipers” because she can work really well from a distance. Albeit not as valuable as Widowmaker from miles away, she can still land nasty headshots. What’s interesting about Ashe is that she deals tons of damage, even with body shots. Hence, the hero is often the first target that people focus on.

But how to play Ashe in Overwatch 2 and what to focus on? This guide will provide you with all the necessary answers to become a good Ashe player.


As mentioned, Ashe is one of the heroes that could be classified as a “sniper”. That’s because she can deal a lot of damage with her right-click attack that can easily two-shot all non-tanky heroes in the game. Ashe can also do damage with her normal attack and fire at a faster rate. However, she doesn't real a great deal of damage up close. Sitting somewhere between a Soldier 76 and Reaper.

One of the hero’s primary abilities is her dynamite. When used right, this thing can do a lot of damage, so it is essential to learn how to throw it. Speaking of throwing, you have two options ahead of you. The first one is just to throw it and wait until it explodes. The second is to throw it and shoot it while it is flying or when it is on the ground. Unsurprisingly, the latter is usually the better variation because you can surprise your enemies and hit multiple units.

The bad news is that learning how to hit your Dynamite is not always easy, especially if you are new to the game. One of the best things you can do is to throw it, avoid moving your mouse, and simply shoot when you think it will do the most damage.

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Using the Coach Gun

One thing you must know about Ashe in Overwatch 2 is that the Coach Gun is powerful. Similar to the previous version of the game, you can use this ability to reach the high ground, do damage, or escape from tricky situations.

One thing you must remember about your Coach Gun is that it will always knock you back when using it. So, you must be careful not to fall off a cliff because you could die.

There are all sorts of situations where this gun can help. For example, you can use it to hit your dynamite, escape from danger, each certain area of the map, dodge ults, and much more. 

Tip – You are vulnerable when reloading

While it is true that this is true for every hero, it is essential for Ashe because she has the longest reloading speed in the game. With that said, this hero is also unique because she doesn't need to reload her gun fully to use it. Her gun, the Viper, has 12 ammo, meaning you can use it even with just one bullet.

A full reload will take 3.5 seconds, which is more than enough for the enemies to kill you. That’s why you must be really careful when reloading and ensure you are not in danger. Needless to say, there will be many situations where you will only have the chance to put a couple of bullets before you have to start shooting.

Tip – Careful with B.O.B; he is not invincible

B.O.B. is one of the more powerful ultimates in Overwatch and one of the big reasons Ashe is such a strong DPS. When used, she summons a robot-looking creature that deals 112 DPS per second and has a total of 1000 HP. It had 1200 before, but Overwatch 2 nerfed it a bit.

If you want to learn how to play with Ashe, you must know how to use your ultimate. Even though 1k HP is a lot, certain heroes can kill him quickly. So, you must be careful and know when and how to use your ult. B.O.B. rarely lands because enemies can hide, but it will force them to rotate, giving you and your team enough space to push or defend.

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Best Ashe Combos

Ashe is one of the heroes who can work with many options. Here are just some of the things you can expect.

Ana and Ashe

This may not seem like one of the go-to options for most Ana players because the support works better with Genji, Rein, and a few other heroes. That said, using the Nano Boost on this DPS can have serious consequences for your opponents. We must remind you that Ashe has one of the highest damage outputs, so having access to 50% extra damage and 50% damage reduction makes her unstoppable.

Ashe and Orisa

The new Orisa has the power to disable her targets and even “gather” them, similar to Zarya. Although almost any DPS benefits from those things, this is especially true for Ashe. If Orisa lands the spear, you can easily headshot your target, which means it should die in seconds.

As for the ultimate, you have to be careful when using BOB in Overwatch 2 because you need to wait for Orisa to use her ult first. That’s because BOB will push all targets in his path, meaning that you can accidentally save someone from Orisa’s ability.

Ashe and Widowmaker

As strange as it sounds, Ashe and Widowmaker can be a pretty good combo. These two heroes are usually used in a pokes setup that requires Sigma. That said, Ashe can also work with Hanzo because both excel at mid-range, which is what the Poke combo focuses on.


Ashe is one of the most intriguing and rewarding heroes in the game. Once you learn how to play, you can easily dominate your games and reach new divisions. That said, the hero is hard to master, so you must play a lot before you learn the ins and outs.

Overwatch 2 Ashe Guide – How to Play & What Combos to Pick
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