Overwatch 2 Symmetra Hero Guide

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Overwatch 2 Symmetra Hero Guide

This Overwatch 2 Symmetra guide will show you everything you need to know about the hero.

Aside from removing some shields, adding new heroes, new game modes, and a 5v5 format, the changes affected a lot of heroes, including Symmetra, since she is one of the popular DPS heroes.

Everyone who played Overwatch knows that this DPS hero is slightly different than the rest. Instead of being super aggressive, Symmetra relies on ambushing her enemies. That said, she is also really strong because of her teleport, making her one of the go-to options among the top-tier skill brackets. With that said, here is what we need to know about the hero.


Even though the Overwatch 2 changes affected some DPS heroes more than others, Symmetra received a couple of new things. In addition to the Overwatch 2 DPS passive that gives her extra MS and AS, her Photon Projector now has 100 instead of 70 maximum ammo. Furthermore, her secondary fire projectile speed is up to 50 from 25, but the maximum damage is down to 90 from 120. 

Interestingly, Symmetra’s secondary fire maximum charge projectile is also up, and it now costs 10 ammo instead of 7. The good news is that the charging time is down to 1s from 1.2s, meaning she can use it more often.

The second big Overwatch 2 change to Symmetra is to her Teleporter. This ability now lasts for 10s, and it takes 1s to build. It has 200 HP and is on a 12s cooldown. Furthermore, its range is 200 instead of 30, so players must be more careful when using it.

Lastly, Symmetra’s Sentry Turrent now has a 20 travel speed instead of 15. However, they reduce a given target’s movement speed by 15% instead of 20%.

Use your teleporter to kite your enemies

Since this Overwatch 2 Symmetra guide started by covering what’s new about the hero, it became clear that its teleporter is different. Even though you can use it similarly to Overwatch 1 and allow your team to reach certain areas of the map, the faster setup time will allow you to kite your enemies when possible.

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All it takes is 1 second to set it up, but after doing it, you can use it to send your turrets and do the Symmetra bombs. Unless your opponent kills the teleporter ASAP, you should be able to land an easy kill, especially if they are near a chokepoint.

Speaking of chokepoints, Symmetra is not a hero you want to use in the open. Sure, there are cases where she can deal a lot of damage from a distance, but she shines more when she gets the chance to kite her enemies and kill them with her Turrets. The latter doesn’t slow as much as before, but they travel faster, so you can set them up in no time.

 Use Symmetra’s damage to kill enemy tank

One of the things that you will notice about Overwatch 2 is that tanks feel much stronger than before. Despite some of them losing their barriers, every tank has more HP and deals a lot of damage. On top of that, the new 5v5 format allows teams to have 1 tank (depending on the mode), so killing him is extremely important.

This is where heroes like Symmetra come to play. Everyone who learns to play Symmetra will realize she is one of the best at killing tanks. Depending on the situation, the hero can easily rip through her opponents and even counter names like Zarya. When writing this article, Zarya is one of the strongest heroes in Overwatch 2.

How to use your turrets

Aside from taking advantage of the new Teleporter, you also have to remember that Symmetra’s Turrets are faster than ever before. This may not seem that important in some cases, but it can make a huge difference in others. 

Some people like grouping their Turrets together because they think this allows them to do more damage. Besides the fact that this isn’t the case, staking those things on top of each other means that your opponents can kill them much easier

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. In other words, it is better to position them in a way that will allow you to deal damage from multiple angles.

Speaking of doing damage, you don’t always have to fight in a location where you already have Turrets. Depending on the fight, you can drop them in the middle and kill your enemies if they are not paying attention.

Don’t forget that you can send the Turrets through the Teleporter in order to position them better. Use the ability while looking at your Teleporter, and the Turrets will automatically go to the other side. 

Do not underestimate your ult

We can’t even count the times when we’ve seen Symmetra players use their ults for no reason, just because they believe that it is not that strong. Unsurprisingly, this is not the case because Symmetra’s ult can be game-winning, especially if you use it defensively.

The giant wall will block any upcoming damage, and it lasts for 12 seconds. Some of you may not know, but it actually has around 1000 HP, which means that it can be broken. Yet, most enemy players won’t focus on it because it is not worth it.


Following the changes we’ve mentioned in this Overwatch 2 Symmetra guide, we can see that the hero is relatively the same. In other words, most of the combos that worked in Overwatch can also be pretty good here.

One of the newest combos that can be extremely rewarding by difficult to pull off is between Symmetra and Orisa. The Orisa bomb can kill everyone as long as it is used correctly. To take advantage of the combo, Orisa has to start channeling her ult. This is when Symmetra needs to use her teleporter in a way that will allow the tank to go and cast her ult when it is fully charged.

Aside from Orisa, Symmetra can work with many other heroes, such as Torb. Playing against multiple turrets is annoying, to say the least.

Overwatch 2 Symmetra Hero Guide
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