Overwatch 2: Mei Hero Guide

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Overwatch 2: Mei Hero Guide

Mei is one of the more interesting Overwatch 2 heroes because she is not your typical DPS.

In fact, prior to the arrival of Overwatch 2, most people didn’t use Mei for her damage. Instead, people who focused on the hero knew she had one of the best utilities in the game.

Although her abilities in Overwatch 2 are the same, the hero is now much more robust than before. That’s why it is time for our in-depth Overwatch 2 Mei guide that will cover everything you need to know about this hero. Besides focusing on the changes, this guide will also show you some of the popular combos and a couple of other things you must consider. Don't forget to check the original Mei Overwatch guide because some of the things there also apply to Overwatch 2.

Mei – Overview

One of the first things that you will notice once you start playing Overwatch 2 is that Mei is completely different than before. The hero feels much stronger because the Overwatch 2 changes gave her extra damage.

The first important thing to know about changes is that her Endothermic Blaster now deals 100 damage instead of 55, which is almost twice as much. What’s more, this gun’s ammo is up to 150 from 120, so she has even more uptime. The bad news is that the buffs and here because all of the other changes are nerfs.

For starters, her Endothermic Blaster can’t freezy enemies. Instead, it applies a 50% slow to enemies that build up over time. The slow itself lasts 0.5s instead of 1s.

Aside from her slow, Mei’s Ice Wall now has 250 HP instead of 400, and the range of the wall is 20 meters instead of 35. In terms of Cryo-Freeze, it no longer removes the effects of certain abilities, such as Sigma’s ult.

Lastly, Mei’s ultimate now costs 15% more than before, which means that the hero needs to do more damage before using it.

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You can’t rely on Ice Wall as much as before

One of the things that are important to remember when reading this Overwatch 2 Mei guide is that her Ice Wall is not as strong as before. There were metas where players used Mei only because of this ability. When used right, it can block the entire enemy team from moving, allowing you to make deadly combos.

While it is true that you can do this in Overwatch 2, Ice Wall is not as strong as before. The ability has less HP and a lower range. Consequently, Mei has to be closer when she wants to use it, and enemy heroes can break the wall much faster than before.

Despite the nerfs, the ability has tons of potential and is one of the things that makes Mei so dangerous to play against. Of course, the only way to take advantage of this ability is to play as much as possible and learn how it works. Once you know everything, you can make sick plays and carry our team with little to no effort.

Try to surprise your enemies with your damage output

People who’ve been playing Overwatch 2 know that Mei was never the top DPS. In fact, she was the least dangerous DPS hero when it came down to killing a target because she relied on her stun, followed by a right-click headshot. That said, this combo is no longer available because her gun no longer stuns a target.

To make up for it, Blizzard decided to increase her damage significantly. Hence, those who want to know how to play Mei should remember that they are one of the best heroes in close-range combat right now. Besides the fact that Mei has more HP than most DPS heroes, she can easily kite anyone and kill him in seconds.

In addition to her regular fire mode, you can also use your right mouse click and fire deadly icicles. Each one costs 10 ammo, and since the Overwatch 2 changes gave Mei extra ammo, she can fire 15 icicles before she has to reload. Landing a headshot with them will do a lot of damage, meaning that you can kill targets from a distance.

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Sadly, you will have to spend some time and learn how to use Mei’s right click because it has a charging time. In other words, landing your shots is not as easy as it seems.

Communication is key

Regardless of the hero you want to play Overwatch 2 with, you should always try to communicate with your team. Doing this will allow you to time your abilities and make the most of your hero. This is especially true when it comes down to Mei.

Although the Overwatch 2 Mei guide shows that she deals way more damage than before, her utility shouldn’t be underestimated. Sadly, things like her Ice Wall can often cause problems when not used correctly. That’s why it is advisable to communicate with your team in order to avoid as many problems as possible.

The bad news is that doing this while playing with random people is easier said than done. Although you might be able to communicate in the high ranks, people in the lower divisions don’t care or simply don’t want to use voice chat.

Mei Combos

Mei is among the Overwatch 2 heroes that can work with pretty much every other hero in the game. Her ultimate allows her to stun all enemies (as long as it is used right), which means that every other DPS or Tank can do wonders.

Despite the Overwatch 2 changes that affect the hero, her ultimate remains the same (albeit costing more). As a result, the hero can do wonders with other popular DPS, such as Cassidy. The latter has one of the best ults in the game when it comes down to killing targets, which makes it ideal with Mei because she can freeze them.

The fact that Mei slows down her targets also allows the hero to work with high-burst heroes that rely on headshots. In other words, names like Widowmaker, Hanzo, and Ashe can land easy Headshots and kill enemies.

Overwatch 2: Mei Hero Guide
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