Overwatch: Mei Guide, The Power of Mei

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Overwatch: Mei Guide, The Power of Mei

Mei is a fantastic hero in Overwatch that can do a significant amount of damage. With that being said, what makes the hero so dangerous is her ability to protect her team and block others when needed. Even though she might seem easy to master, Mei is a hero that requires you to know what you’re doing if you want to be successful. Find out how in our Overwatch Mei Guide.

Since this is one of the best heroes in the game for locking down a given area on the map, we wanted to share more things about it. That’s why this guide will try to walk you through the things you have to know about the hero before you start playing.

Mei might not shine in terms of damage, but she makes up for it

A lack of real damage is something you need to get used to if you play as Mei. Sure, there are games where she can shine, but she is not as deadly as Reaper or Genji.

Mei’s strength lies in the fact that she can use her Ice Wall to help her teammates or block enemies. Using this wall is easier said than done. However, learning when best to use it comes with experience, so hop into the practice tool.

Mei is really tanky

The fact Mei is slow and has no abilities that give her movement speed, Mei is often the go-to target for most heroes. Needless to say, Mei is easy to kill if her team don't work with her.

The good thing is that Mei is a lot tankier than you think. For starters, the hero has 250 HP, which means she has 50 HP more than most DPS heroes. Of course, we also have to mention her Ice Wall because this ability can easily block any DPS from killing her. 

Last but not least, Mei also has an ability called Cryo-Freeze, which allows her to freeze herself and restore around 52 HP per second. What’s more, this ability will restore a maximum of 60 Ammo. It has a 12-second cooldown and can be canceled prematurely. This means Mei can use this ability to dodge certain ultimates. 

You have to learn when to use Mei’s two fire modes

Like most DPS heroes in the game, Mei has two fire modes. Thanks to her weapon called Endothermic Blaster, she can be helpful in close-range combats and long-range flights.

The long-range model fires icicles that deal 75 damage and take 0.4 seconds to fire. In other words, you can use it to break shields and land headshots. With that being said, Mei’s primary fire mode is what makes her dangerous. Even though it only deals 55 damage per second, this ability slows down her enemies and can even stun them.

Once you hit someone with your beam, you will automatically apply a 20% movement speed slow. If you keep attacking them, you will slow down -2.85% of their MS per tick until you slow them for 70% of the MS. Once that happens, the target will be stunned for 1 second, which is usually enough to land a headshot with your Icicles.

Cryo-Freeze has its drawbacks

As mentioned earlier, this ability allows Mei to be even more tanky and dangerous. She can use Cryo-Freeze to dodge specific abilities and heal herself. However, there are a few drawbacks that have to be taken into account.

The first one is Mei’s inability to move while using the spell. This has its pros and cons, but the cons are more significant. Those four seconds (the ability’s duration) can be enough for the enemy enemies to “swarm” her. With that being said, Mei can cancel her Cryo-Freeze and move if needed.

The second and most significant drawback is that Mei can’t receive any heals from her teammates while using her Cryo-Freeze. Some people don’t know that until it is too late.

The ultimate

Mei’s ultimate, Blizzard, gives her the power to control a given location for the next 4.25 seconds. When used, this ultimate summons a special drone that deals 20 DPS and slows down targets. If a target that slows down gets frozen, it will also get stunned. This allows Mei to land her Icicle combo.

This ultimate is so powerful that you can use it in many locations where your opponents have no choice but to fight you. Some Mei players often place the ult inside certain points or on top of the payload. 

Even though it may not do a lot of damage, Mei’s ultimate can easily decide the outcome of most fights. Once her opponents are frozen, Mei and her allies can easily kill the squishy ones before the stun is over.

You need to be really careful when using your Ice Wall

Even though this ability is fun, and you can troll your teammates, Ice Wall can hugely impact the game. One wrong usage of this ability can typically lead to a loss. That’s you need to be very careful when and how you use the wall.

Your Ice Wall has 12 seconds cooldown and up to 5 seconds duration. It consists of four pillars, each of which has 400 HP. Interestingly, you can cancel your Ice Wall using the same key you’ve activated with. Since one wrong wall can have devastating consequences, Overwatch allows you to cancel the wall even if you are dead.

Another important thing to note about your Ice Wall is that you can change its placement before using it. Learning how to utilize this ability to its full potential will take a lot of time. However, it is worth it because it is the thing that makes Mei so dangerous. One good Ice Wall can change everything, especially if you have good teammates.

Overwatch: Mei Guide, The Power of Mei
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