Overwatch 2 Venture Guide: Abilities, Tips, Ultimate, Best Counters

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Overwatch 2 Venture Guide: Abilities, Tips, Ultimate, Best Counters

Our Overwatch 2 Venture guide goes through Venture's specialized arsenal,  which lets them tunnel under enemy defenses to wreck the competition from the backline!

A daring archaeologist with relentless spirit, Sloane Cameron A.K.A. “Venture” is a Damage hero who specializes in infiltration and short-range combat. What Venture lacks in reach they make up for in mobility and self-sustain — two very useful tools when you're behind enemy lines.

As a member of the Wayfinder Society, Venture was looking for relics near Petra when Talon launched an attack against Overwatch. After siding with the heroes, the young explorer stumbled upon a hidden vault that teased a future map rework — and a major plot point in Overwatch 2's overarching story.

Curious about Venture's abilities? Planning to climb ranked with Venture when Season 10 finally arrives? Here's everything you need to know about the latest hero in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 Venture Abilities

This elusive excavator lives for discovering lost and forgotten treasures beneath the earth. Here are all of Venture's abilities in Overwatch 2!

Smart Excavator Venture's Smart Excavator is a large, short-ranged weapon that fires seismic charges and boops enemies. This large drill allows you to burrow underneath the ground and be invulnerable for a short while.


Explorer's Resolve
Using abilities grants temporary Shield health.
Damaging heroes temporarily decreases the healing they receive.


Drill Dash Propels Venture forward while knocking enemies back.
Clobber Quick melee attack using Smart Excavator.
Burrow Move underground while becoming invulnerable for a short period of time. Emerging deals damage to nearby enemies. Holding the Left Mouse button to emerge deals increased damage and lets Venture jump higher.


Ultimate Ability
Tectonic Shock Unleash up to four devastating shockwaves along the ground.

Overwatch 2 Venture Tips

Venture's signature skill lets you slip past enemy defenses and dive straight into their backline without any roadblocks. That sounds fun (and it is). But playing the adventurous archaeologist demands some skill when you consider Smart Excavator's short-ranged projectiles and Burrow's considerable 6-second cooldown. So what's the best way to play Venture in Overwatch 2?

Start by playing with your team to build up your Ultimate. That means playing near the front and shooting clumped enemies with Smart Excavator. The small explosions from the seismic charges funciton similarly to Sigma's hyperspheres, letting you build your ult faster.

Avoid using Burrow to dive in too soon. Getting caught in a 1v5 is the worst thing that can happen to Venture. So only go in for a dive when they're a man down, or when they're scattered. Enemy supports will be more vulnerable that way. Otherwise, stay within your healers' line-of-sight in case you get slowed or stunned.

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Use Drill Dash often. If you aren't using Venture's boop skill every chance you get, then you're wasting their damage potential. Dash to high ground, dash to your supports; dash away from the edges of the map, dash to cover, dash to finish an enemy off. Always. Use. Drill Dash.

Lastly, use Tectonic Shock behind enemy lines. As seen in Venture's gameplay reveal, their ult gets the most value when the enemy doesn't know where it's coming from. So get the most kills from Venture's ultimate ability by using it on enemies who are grouped up in a choke without high ground access (eg. under the arches in Esperança).

Overwatch 2 Best Counters for Venture

Venture goes in fast for immobile Support heroes. That said, team communication is key to defeating a good Venture that's got you pinned down. And proper team composition is bound to force the other guy to switch off. Here are the best Venture counterpicks we've seen so far!

Venture Counters – Damage

  • Echo
  • Junkrat
  • Mei
  • Pharah
  • Sombra
  • Symmetra
  • Torbjorn

Counterpicks from the DPS category should evade Venture's ground abilities, offer enough crowd control to slow them down and peel for the supports. These heroes (especially Sombra) have skills that can shut down a Venture player faster than you can say “Terracotta”.

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Venture Counters – Tank

  • D.Va
  • Orisa
  • Roadhog
  • Zarya

Just a few Tanks on our list just goes to show how great Venture is against frontliners in general. These particular damage sponges can either mitigate Venture's damage entirely, or force them to retreat early with Burrow.

Venture Counters – Support

  • Baptiste
  • Kiriko
  • Lifeweaver
  • Lucio
  • Mercy

Lastly, the Support heroes that fare well against the Wayfinder include Bap, Kiriko, Lifeweaver, Lucio and Mercy. Like our DPS counterpicks, these heroes can stay off of the ground long enough to escape a Venture AND regroup with their team. Enemy Venture keeps shutting you down? Consider these Support counterpicks!

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