Overwatch Brigitte Guide: Best Tips & Abilities

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Overwatch Brigitte Guide: Best Tips & Abilities

Sustain nearby allies in the heat of battle with the ultimate guide on how to play the Rocket Flail-wielding support hero.

This hero guide reflects recent hero changes in Overwatch 2. Read about the latest seasonal balance changes here.

Leave This to an Expert

Brigitte Lindholm is one of Overwatch's most unique heroes.

Tutored by the legendary Crusader Reinhardt Wilhelm , she was raised as a fighter as well as an engineer to become one of the youngest fighters in the reunified taskforce. Armed with a mechanical flail and a sizeable barrier shield of her own, Brigitte's design gives players an all-around kit that, when used wisely, can handle multiple combatants while keeping teammates within a large proximity alive.

Despite the devs stating that there was a 45%-55% winrate across all of Overwatch 2's current heroes, Brigitte isn't seeing much use in the lobbies. This can be due to the fact that many regard her as a much harder pick when compared to Lucio's mobility or Moira's fun DPS utility. Using the new and improved crusader-in-training can be a bit of a challenge, considering that she isn't the backline sentinel she used to be. But if exercising control on the battlefield while healing near the front lines sounds like your cup of tea, here's the complete manual on how to rock as Brigitte.

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Precision Swedish Engineering

Brigitte may not be in Overwatch 2's current meta, but having a full understanding of her versatile kit gives you a competitive edge over those who don't. Knowing what makes a great character great lets you play optimally, and ups your survivability factor by a large margin. We've all seen her bright armor enter the fray before, but what exactly can this inventive swede do?

Inspire's AOE passive lets you heal nearby friendlies whenever you damage enemies with skills and basic attacks. Inspiring an ally within the 20-m radius heals them over time (15HP/sec for 5 seconds). Consecutive hits reset the duration and does not stack heals.

Repair Pack lets you sustain faraway allies with large chunks of healing. These target team members across the field to heal them for 100 HP over 2 seconds. The healing duration increases by 2 seconds for every extra pack given. Each of the three packs Brigitte uses is returned to her after six seconds. Healing packs now heals 25HP upon impact.

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Rocket Flail's extended range effectively lets you deal huge brawl damage to groups of enemies who dare to get within close range. Hitting an enemy with her Rocket Flail procs Inspire.

Whip Shot launches your flail 20 meters away and deals big damage to a single target. Hitting an opponent with this skill also boops them back 5-10 meters away, making Whip Shot both an offensive and defensive ability. Successfully hitting an enemy with a Whip Shot triggers Inspire.

Barrier Shield's 300 HP barrier gives Brigitte a measure of protection, briefly letting you and teammates behind you catch your breath.

Major changes to Shield Bash have completely transformed Brigitte's playstyle. In the quest to make her a more engaging pick, Shield Bash's stun was scrapped to see the mechanical engineer take a more active role away from the backline. The ability now enjoys a lower cooldown and lets Brigitte dash farther (even past enemy barriers!). Crashing against an enemy also procs Inspire.

Brigitte's ultimate ability Rally boosts her movement speed and buffs surrounding allies with “overhealth”. Rally gives you and your allies enough space to make aggressive efforts towards the objective.

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Build ‘Em Up, Break ‘Em Down!

Brigitte's design may give newcomers the impression that the armor specialist was meant to be played aggressively. While that might have been true in the past, it certainly isn't in Overwatch 2. Without a way to stun foes in 1v1s, you're much less of a “sentinel” and more of a brawler during engagements. That being said, you're stronger when you're surrounded by your team mates.

Inspire continuously heals over time, even when an ally exits her range. As a result, members of your team don't have to stay within the 20-meter range to receive all 75 HP. If you're playing with a Brigitte, you don't have to worry about losing out on Inspire's heals.

Repair Packs can bail your teammates out when they're in a pinch. Prioritize fleeing teammates who are critical to get them back safely. Alternatively, use Repair Packs on dependable DPS players to bolster them while they wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Despite the healing efficiency of Brigitte's Repair Pack, there is a slight flaw to its design. Unbeknownst to most new players, there is a short delay before you're able to start swinging your Rocket Flail again after you throw one out. Keep this in mind, be constantly aware of your positioning and opt for Inspire's AOE heal instead if you're getting dived.

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The Rocket Flail can be a double-edged sword. Despite the allure of higher uptime for more Inspire procs, her less-than-optimal survivability remains an issue. With that said, you're only ever good to start swinging when enemies dash towards your backline. Only engage enemy tanks with your flail when you're sure you can kill them. Otherwise, you're helping them do their job. Another great way to finish off enemies is her Whip Shot ability which deals a whopping 70 damage, and can be deployed immediately after hitting with your Rocket Flail. Just make sure not to boop enemies into a better position.

Given that Brigitte is one of the easier heroes to remove from the battlefield, avoid tanking for your team! She may have her trusty shield, but up against the entire enemy team's fire? It'll go down fast. Furthermore, be hyperaware of your Barrier Shield's health when you use it to protect yourself. Without it, you can say goodbye to the valuable mobility Shield Bash offers.

Finally, use Rally to gain control over engagements when its your team's turn to start a fight. Only use her ultimate ability to confidently create space during crucial moments. While it can be tempting to use Rally to help your team survive a “Graviton Surge” or “Gravitic Flux”, you're almost certainly going to get more value when you save it for later. Be as aggressive as you can while using hard cover so that you aren't relying on your Shield Barrier too much. And always peel for your other support player.

Enemy Tips and Tricks

  • Tracer's ultimate can stick to your Shield Barrier. If it sticks to the center, keep your shield up to prevent it from sticking to you. If it lands away from the center of the shield, drop the shield to un-stick the bomb
  • Sombra's hack can be interrupted by raising your shield
  • Dash away from Genji and Reaper ults. Boop them away from your team with Whip Shot whenever possible
  • Winston's leap can be interrupted using Whip Shot
  • Spam Inspire on D.Va, but be wary of her burst damage
  • Keep your distance from Zarya
  • Use Whip Shot to kill Wrecking Ball's momentum. Hitting his mines also procs Inspire! Just.. don't get too close.
  • Shield Bash in front of an ally to save them from Roadhog's hook


Overwatch Brigitte Guide: Best Tips & Abilities
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