Overwatch 2: Best Heroes to Pick for Each Rank in Season 3

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Overwatch 2: Best Heroes to Pick for Each Rank in Season 3

Every Overwatch 2 player wants to reach the highest possible rank in the game. Some people read guides, whereas others focus on playing as much as possible. Regardless of which category you fall into, our Overwatch 2 articles will help you get better, so feel free to check them out.

Season 3 in Overwatch 2 changed the meta from Season 2 because certain heroes are way more popular than before. However, this doesn’t mean all heroes will work in every bracket. In fact, some of the most popular Overwatch 2 heroes will only work well when played by people who know what they’re doing. Let’s learn more about each rank in Overwatch 2 and see the heroes that stand out.

Bronze and Silver


Even though no one likes being a “Bronze” player, in reality, most Overwatch 2 players are there. Most of them want to do everything in their power to escape and the easiest way of doing this is by picking the best heroes. 

There are a couple of options that might work here, but if we take a look at the win rate, we can see that Symmetra and Torb are in a league of their own. These two heroes have a substantially higher win rate than the rest, which probably doesn’t come as a surprise.

Even though they’re not the hottest options in the current meta, the fact that enemies rarely kill the Turrets gives these heroes a massive advantage. As long as you know how to use these abilities, you can carry yourself from Elo Hell.

Statistics aside, heroes who can sustain themselves usually work well in these brackets. For example, Soldier: 76 can be a solid option because he can heal himself and do a lot of damage. Although learning how to use his recoil is easier said than done, once you’re ready, you will have no problems.

Speaking of self-sustaining, we also have to include Roadhog. Although he is not the best tank in the meta right now, he is among the best in Silver and Bronze. Consequently, you see him a lot more often than usual.

As for support, Moira and Kiriko are the best picks you can get. Both are tricky to kill, deal a lot of damage, and can easily kill almost everyone in a 1v1 environment. Despite that, these 2 heroes do not often have the best win rate because some people don’t know how to use them properly.

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Gold + Platinum

The hero Pharah from Blizzard's Overwatch franchise

When it comes down to the Gold bracket in Overwatch 2, we have to mention that most people here know what they’re doing. Some of them are here because they do not have enough time to play, but you may eventually come across players who got boosted and/or lucky.

With that said, there are a couple of heroes that deserve some attention, such as Pharah. Although she’s not good against good players, the hero can easily rip through her enemies when paired with Mercy.

Junkrat is also an amazing option because he is easy to play. He is one of the few heroes in the game that can actually do damage simply by existing. Junkrat’s damage output is among the highest in the game, which is good against Gold healers because they will have problems.

If you prefer tanks, Orisa and Rein are your 2 best friends. These two heroes are very hard to bring down, and they can do tons of damage. What's more, they can push, which can be really good.

Moving to support, we think Mercy is the best option. Besides partnering her with Pharah, Mercy can work with loads of other top-tier Overwatch 2 Season 3 heroes. That’s one of the reasons why she is among the hottest healers in the Gold and Platinum bracket.

Diamond and Master

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To be honest, almost all players in the Diamond an Master skill brackets know the ins and outs of Overwatch 2. What’s more, they keep an eye on the current meta and make sure to adapt to be one step ahead of their competitors. As a result, pointing out the heroes that you should choose here is not that easy because it usually depends on the meta.

If we must choose a DPS, our vote goes for Cassidy and Sojourn. These two heroes are really good in the current meta and are extremely strong in the hands of those who know how to play them. They’re not easy to master, but most people in these 2 brackets have what it takes to play them.

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Moving to tanks, Sigma is probably the best option right now. He is among the strongest heroes in the current meta, so it shouldn’t be surprising that most high-ranked players pick him.

Another tank that’s worth mentioning here is D.Va. To be honest, many people use Sigma, even in the lower ranks, but most Diamond and Master Overwatch 2 players know how to make the most of the hero and win games.

In terms of healers, Kiriko is undoubtedly the best. Lucio is also up there, as long as the people who pick him know how to play. Brigitte also deserves some attention, especially after the buffs she got at the end of Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3.

Grandmaster and Top 500

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The best Overwatch 2 players in the world know what they’re doing and the heroes they need to focus on. However, most of the players here tend to play their mains because they feel more comfortable with them.

With that said, a couple of names stand out, and one of them is Widowmaker. Many people in the lower ranks consider this to be one of the worst heroes in the game, but players like Kenzo have proven time and time again that she can be devastating.

Sojourn is also incredibly strong because the best Overwatch 2 players can consistently hit their Railgun shots. Tracer is also a pretty solid option, which explains why she’s among the best in this bracket.

In terms of tanks, Sigma and Ball are probably the two names that stand out. The latter is among the most complex hero in the game, but the best in the world know how to make the most of him.

As for the best healers in Overwatch 2, Ana, Lucio, and Kiriko are the two popular names that stand out. However, you can find every healer in the game.

Overwatch 2: Best Heroes to Pick for Each Rank in Season 3
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