Overwatch 2: The Easiest Heroes To Master From Each Role

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Overwatch 2: The Easiest Heroes To Master From Each Role

One of the big decisions that every player has to make when starting in Overwatch 2 is choosing a hero. There are many Overwatch 2 heroes to pick from, and all of them are divided into 3 big groups – DPS, Tank, and Support. Every role is important, but to make the most of it, you must know how to use the chosen hero, which is not that easy.

Although some heroes in Overwatch 2 are hard to master and take time, others aren’t like that. Certain names are more suitable for people new to the game and wanting to learn how to play. So, let’s go through them and see what makes them easier to master than others.


Before we do that, keep in mind that we’re a couple of weeks away from Overwatch 2 Season 4. We’ve already covered some of the new things we expect to see, so you can read about the new hero, PVE mode, and more by checking the article.



Mercy is one of the Overwatch 2 hero's who can provide the best support to team mates

Starting with one of the most underrated roles in the game, we have the Overwatch 2 support. One of the big misconceptions is that support players are only healers, and they shouldn’t focus on anything else. While it’s true that some heroes can be played as healing bots, others have to do a lot more to be effective.

Currently, there are 8 supports to choose from, but if we have to choose the easiest one, we’ll go for Moira. Even though she’s not a hero that works in every situation, her ability to a lot of damage and heal multiple units at once is a huge advantage. What’s interesting is that Moira also has a reliable escape mechanism, which not many supports can offer.

The next support that you may want to get better with if you like this Overwatch 2 role is Mercy. Although you will need some time to get used to the way she flies, Mercy is all about healing or doing damage to a single target. Inexperienced players can significantly impact the game just by sticking to a given hero, such as Pharah, Echo, Cassidy, and more.

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Lastly, we have Ana. The hero may seem more difficult than the rest, which is true up to a point. However, she’s not nuclear science, and you can learn how to play with her in little to no time.

 Ana is a support hero who can work exceptionally well with various DPS and Tanks, such as Genji, Rein, and more. She also has one of the best CC abilities in the game, which is always a plus.



Everyone with Overwatch 2 tank experience knows this is the game's most important role. Since we only have 1 tank per team, this person has to do a lot to carry his team. Some players fail, but that’s mainly because they’re playing a hero that they can’t utilize properly.

If you’re new to the game and want to learn how to play tanks in Overwatch 2, you should probably start with Winston. Despite not being the hottest option in the Overwatch 2 Season 3 meta, there is no arguing that he’s one of the most accessible heroes to mater. 

Winston has insane mobility, a reliable shield, and one of the most intriguing ultimates in the game. He can work really well against specific targets that like to stay behind, such as Widowmaker. However, you have to be careful not to find yourself out of position because Winston is hard to keep up with.

The next name on the list is none other than Reinhard. Unlike Winston, Rein is among the hottest pick in the meta and one of the tanks with the highest win rate. This makes him ideal for climbing the Overwatch 2 ranked divisions.

Rein is not hard to play, deals tons of damage, and has one of the best shields in the game. What makes the hero so good is his ability to one-shot squishes and his ult that can stun multiple units. When used correctly, these 2 abilities are enough to win a fight.

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Lastly, we have Orisa, one of the hottest options for the Overwatch 2 rank bracket. Orisa has been incredibly strong in the last few patches because she deals a lot of damage and is hard to kill. Moreover, the hero has one of the best CCs in the game due to its low cooldown.



Finally, we have the Overwatch 2 DPS role, the most popular option on the list. There are tons of DPS heroes and almost all of them can work well in the Overwatch 2 Season 3 meta. However, if we have to pick one suitable for beginners, we must select Junkrat.

Although many people underestimate his power, Junkrat is one of the names in Overwatch 2 that is useful just by existing. His insane damage output and ability to blow up squishy targets make him a fantastic option, especially for people new to the game. He isn’t that good against targets that can fly, but he works exceptionally well against pretty much everything else.

Up next, we have Soldier: 76, one of the hottest options in the current meta. Following the buffs to his recoil, the hero is powerful and not that hard to master. Consequently, even people who’re new to Overwatch 2 can pick him and start winning.

Lastly, we’d like to include Torb in this article. The latter is not among the best in the meta when it comes down to the higher skill brackets. However, if you look at the first couple of Overwatch 2 ranks, you can see that Torbjorn has few to no problems.

The hero is easy to play with because you only need to learn where to position your Turret. Of course, Torb can also do a lot of damage on his own and has more HP/Armor than the rest, making him harder to kill. 

Overwatch 2: The Easiest Heroes To Master From Each Role
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