Overwatch 2 Season 3 Best Hero Combos

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Overwatch 2 Season 3 Best Hero Combos

It’s been around a month since Overwatch 2 Season 3 arrived, which means that there should be some mid-season updates soon. With that said, new and experienced players have been using some of the best heroes in the meta for a while now. We’ve covered which are the strongest hero in each Overwatch 2 rank, so make sure to check it out if you’re not sure what to focus on.

Besides picking the best heroes for the specific rank, you must also know which combos to focus on. Even though pretty much all heroes can work under a specific scenario, some combos are much stronger than others. So, let’s learn more about them and see how to dominate your games.

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Best Hero Combos Overwatch 2 Season 3

Tracer and Wrecking Ball


Although some people aren’t fans of the diving combos, there is no arguing that those things are very popular in Overwatch 2 Season 3. You can pick from a couple of good options, and Tracer and Wrecking Ball are among them.

These two heroes can work really well together because they can be really aggressive. Furthermore, killing them is easier said than done, especially when it comes down to Ball. The latter is almost unkillable as long as players know when not to overextend.

Even though these two heroes’ ultimates do not really stack up that well, they are pretty good on their own. What’s more, none of the heroes needs the help of the other one to be effective. Yet, once they start diving together, things become even harder for the opponents. 

Reinhardt and Ana


After the Overwatch 2 Season 3 change, we saw a shift in the tank meta. There are a couple of big options right now, and it’s safe to say that Reinhardt is one of them. The hero has among the highest win ratings in the game and works well when paired up with a lot of support.

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Although most people will choose the Rein and Baptiste combo because of the damage boost, the tank works exceptionally well with Ana. The latter is among the best Overwatch 2 supports right now and has one of the highest win ratings in the game. No wonder she’s the most popular support in some ranks.

There are many reasons why Ana and Rein work well, such as the fact that the tank can help her survive much longer. With that said, Ana’s ult can do wonders for Rein because he can easily one-shot tons of heroes and become unstoppable.

Another combo with Ana that deserves some attention here is between the hero and Junker Queen. Even though the latter is not the hottest tank in the game, she can do a lot of damage and can work well against some lineups. We also have to address the elephant in the room – anti-healing. These two heroes can make the life of any support a living hell.

Mercy and Soldier


If you’ve read the Overwatch 2 Season 3 patch notes, you’ve probably noticed that Soldier: 76 received several buffs. Although he remains one of the most complex heroes to master, his new recoil makes him way easier to play. Needless to say, this affected his popularity, and we see him more often than ever.

Soldier is one of the heroes in Overwatch 2 that can work really well with a couple of supports, and Mercy is among them. She is one of the hottest options right now because of her passive ability. Mercy can easily keep Soldier alive, and her damage boost makes him one of the strongest heroes in the game.

Soldier has always been one of the hardest heroes to kill because he’s really fast and has self-healing. As you can imagine, when paired with Mercy, the hero becomes a nightmare.

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Sigma and Widowmaker

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Despite the fact that Widowmaker is one of the DPS heroes that received nerfs in Season 3, she is still among the best in the hands of those who can play with her. Widowmaker is a hero that can easily play against everything and win, as long as the player is good. With that said, she works really well with Sigma, one of the hot tanks right now.

The reason why these two heroes work well together is because of their ultimates. Although they do not contribute much to each other, each ult helps the other hero become way more dangerous.

 If we take a look at Sigma’s ult, the fact that he lifts his targets up allows Widow to land her shots with little to no effort. On the other hand, Infra-Sight often allows Sigma to do a lot more damage because he can use his standard attack to hit enemies behind pillars.

Mercy and Sojourn

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Although this Overwatch 2 combo took over the world during Season 2 and received some nerfs after that, we think it is still among the best. Of course, this depends entirely on who’s playing Sojourn. Since the latter is among the top DPS heroes in the higher-skill Overwatch 2 ranks, it shouldn’t be surprising that the combo is way more popular there.

The advantages of using Sojourn and Mercy are pretty self-explaining. The support provides tons of extra damage, allowing Sojourn to be way deadlier and one-shot her enemies. Once again, this combo efficiency depends entirely on Sojourn’s ability to land her Railgun shots.


The combos mentioned here are just some of the things you need to be aware of. You can use all sorts of other interesting options, such as Mercy and Pharah, Baptiste and Junker Queen, Hanzo and Widowmaker, and so on. Always try to experiment with new options until you find the one that works best.Overwatch 2: Hero Combos To Use in Season 3

Overwatch 2 Season 3 Best Hero Combos
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