Overwatch 2: Avoid These 4 Mistakes During Season 3 To Reach Your Desired Rank

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Overwatch 2: Avoid These 4 Mistakes During Season 3 To Reach Your Desired Rank

4 mistakes you should be avoiding if you want to rank up in Overwatch 2.

The arrival of Overwatch 2 Season 3 was a wake-up call for many people who want to reach their desired rank in the game. We’ve already covered some of the best heroes in the current patch, so focusing on them is usually the first step to success.

With that said, besides using the best heroes in Season 3 of Overwatch 2, you also have to know what you do to make the most of them. In addition to the general tips and tricks, you also have to avoid some of the most common mistakes in the game.

Speaking of mistakes, we can write countless articles regarding the things you should not do. However, this article aims to help those who want to rank up. Hence, the things you’re about to see will help you pay more attention to the ranking process and how to make the most of it.

Tilting your teammates


We all have done the first mistake at least a couple of times, regardless of our rank. It applies to people from all skill brackets and is true for every Overwatch 2 season, including those about to be released.

Tilting your teammates is one of the worst things you can do if you want to win a given game and climb the ranked bracket. Even if you’re much better than them, you should try to refrain from insulting them or even giving them tips for that matter. Instead, focus on your own game and try to make the most of it to win the match.

People who start arguing over the voice chat or insult their teammates often find themselves in a bad position and can’t win the game. Season 3 of Overwatch 2 is not an exception, so make sure not to become a toxic player, and you will see a massive improvement in your playstyle.

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Stop using all of your defensive cooldowns when you don’t have to

Overwatch Sigma Ultimate

One of the changes to Overwatch 2 Season 3 that players must get used to is the slight buffs and nerfs to the ultimates. In fact, we’ve already covered the best ults in Season 3 so far, so make sure to check the article before you start betting.

Whether we’re talking about ultimate or general ability usage, one of the key things to remember is: you shouldn’t always use all of your defensive cooldowns. Doing this might seem like a good idea, but every good opponent will notice you have nothing left and try to kill you right away. There are many examples here, such as wasting your Hook with Widowmaker or using Genji’s deflect for no reason.

You may want to check your positioning if you notice that you’re using too many defensive cooldowns too early in the fight. The latter is one of the big reasons why some people use too many cooldowns. Players often forget to use the natural covers, they overextend and make all kinds of other small mistakes that add up. 

Speaking of defensive ability usage, you may want to keep track of your team’s cooldowns, especially their ults. If you notice that some of your supports have their ult ready, you can try playing more aggressively because they will be able to back you up.

Try to time all of your abilities with your team

Overwatch 2

Referring to what we’ve mentioned above, the easiest way to rank up (especially from the lower ranks) is to try and time all of the abilities that work well with your team. This is often easier said than done, but if you have good communication, you can make it work.

Speaking of abilities and combinations, it is advisable to pick heroes that work well together. There are loads of good examples, but when it comes down to the current meta, you can get things like Soldier: 76 and Kiriko, Genji and Ana, or Orisa and any of the top-tier supports.

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In addition to the abilities themselves, you just have to learn to play as a team. Securing solo kills is extremely satisfying, but this isn't easy in Overwatch 2 unless you’re playing with heroes like Widowmaker. In other words, it’s better to play around your team and make the most of it than try to make insane plays.

Realize when you’re at a disadvantage, and don’t die for no reason


A common problem among lower-rated Overwatch 2 players is that many of them need a solid understanding of the game. Consequently, they can’t realize when they’re at a disadvantage and fail to take advantage of the situation.

We’ve seen countless examples while playing. For example, some people don’t pay attention to their team’s position or their own cooldowns or think they can easily 1v2 or 1v3 opponents. Needless to say, those situations often don’t end well, which always has an impact on players.

Final thoughts

One of the things that you have to remember before you start playing Overwatch 2 is that you will make mistakes. Even the best players in the world in Season 3 make mistakes, but what differentiates them from the rest is that they learn from them. Of course, the only way to do that is by realizing what has gone wrong.

If you focus while playing Overwatch 2 and watch your mistakes, you will get much better at the game. Reaching the highest rank is not easy, but people who play long enough and improve will eventually get there.

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Overwatch 2: Avoid These 4 Mistakes During Season 3 To Reach Your Desired Rank
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