Overwatch 2: New Hero Tease, PVE Mode, Weapon Inspects & More

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Overwatch 2: New Hero Tease, PVE Mode, Weapon Inspects & More

Just a couple of days after we’ve learned more about what we can expect from Overwatch 2 Season 4, we already have new information from the devs about several more things. Following the Live Stream Q&A that took place two days ago, the Overwatch 2 community learned a few things about the new hero. We’ve also got some details regarding the PvE mode, Weapon Inspects, and more.

Before you read the latest information, don’t forget that there is still a lot of time left in Season 3. If you haven’t had the chance to play yet or want to pick a hero that will help you reach your desired rank, check out our Overwatch 2 Season 3 hero tier list, where you can find some of the best options in the current meta. Also, don’t forget we have some of the top-tier betting sites for Overwatch.

Weapon Inspects

Overwatch 2 Season 3 - One Punch Man

One of the things that Overwatch 2 players have been expecting to see is the option to inspect their weapons. Even though there aren’t that many weapon-specific skins in the game, this option will definitely make the skins even more popular. Needless to say, the feature has been available in CSGO for more than 10 years now.

People who’ve watched the Overwatch 2 Launch Trailer probably remember that Blizzard teased this option. However, it’s been almost 6 months since the game’s arrival, and we have yet to get it. 

Some of us expected to see this feature in Season 3, but it seems like we will have to wait until Season 6. Of course, no one can guarantee that this will be the case, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the option becomes available in early 2024.

Future Heroes

Even though people are always interested in the patch update that brings different balance changes and new maps, there is no arguing that new heroes are always the most interesting thing. So far, we’ve seen a couple of them in Overwatch 2, but Season 3 didn’t give us access to anything fresh. Fortunately, it seems like the next season will, and by the looks if it, the hero will be fun to play.

After the Q&A with the Overwatch 2 Dev, we’ve learned that the new heroes will be supports. This probably won’t surprise most people because we need more support in the game. Currently, players only focus on a couple of options, and it’s not that interesting. 

Another interesting thing about the future Overwatch 2 heroes is that they will be “cute”. We don’t know how to interpret that, but we assume the heroes will look interesting.

Furthermore, one of the new heroes should have a new mechanic that would allow him to interact better with his team. No one knows what the devs were talking about, but we assume it will be interesting because it isn’t available yet.



Overwatch 2 is probably one of the most popular PVP games in the world, mainly because it does not offer any other game modes. Sure, there are different kinds of arcade games, but we’re yet to see a full-fledged PVE action.

Blizzard has been teasing us with this new game mode for some time now, so we weren’t surprised that the Overwatch 2 dev talked about this topic during the live stream. According to him, the new mode should be available “soon”, and not “Blizzard soon”. In other words, we expect to see it in a couple of weeks from now.

It will be extremely interesting to keep an eye on the Overwatch 2 PvE release and see what it will have to offer. There is no arguing that people expect a lot, but we’re yet to see if Blizzard will live up to the expectations.

Some of the things we’re aware of are that the PvE will be released across several updates, meaning players won’t have access to everything right away.

Overwatch 2: New Hero Tease, PVE Mode, Weapon Inspects & More
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