Overwatch 2 x LE SSERAFIM Event Coming November 1

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Overwatch 2 x LE SSERAFIM Event Coming November 1

Overwatch 2 and LE SSERAFIM are teaming up for an in-game event.

Several days ago, rising star K-Pop group LE SSERAFIM released the digital single Perfect Night. Perfect Night is the first English-language digital single of the group and a collaborative effort with Blizzard Entertainment to promote Overwatch 2.

The official music video for Perfect Night has already racked up nearly 13 million views in just three days, attesting to the star power of LE SSERAFIM.

The Overwatch 2 x LE SSERAFIM collaboration continues with a special in-game event for players. 

New Limited-Time Game Mode, New Dance Emotes, and LE SSERAFIM Skins

The Overwatch 2 x LE SSERAFIM Event will introduce a limited-time Concert Clash game mode, which features 3v3 Capture the Flag action. 

Overwatch 2 x LE SSERAFIM Event will introduce five new LE SSERAFIM-inspired dance emotes and skins. The event trailer showcases Sombra, Kiriko, Tracer, Brigette, and D.VA with these skins. 

If you ever wanted to turn Junkrat into a K-Pop idol, now's your chance.
Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment

Players will also be able to earn a free Legendary Fawksey James skin for Junkrat during the event. 

Turn you and the rest of your Overwatch 2 squad into a K-Pop group starting November 1. 

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