Everything New Coming to Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 6

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Everything New Coming to Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 6

Blizzard unveiled Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 6, with new features and minions to collect from the Tavern.

A new Hearthstone Battlegrounds season just started, bringing its share of changes and new features. The anomalies from Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 5 are now gone, but Blizzard added a new mechanic to spice up Battlegrounds games. Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 6, called Spellslinger’s Saloon, now features spells in the Tavern, a large range of new minions, and three new heroes who will be available in all lobbies for two weeks.

New Mechanic Coming to Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 6: Spells in the Tavern

The release of Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 6 brings a brand new mechanic to this game mode, as you can now purchase spells directly from the Tavern. While in previous seasons only minions were available and spells came from specific minions like the Naga, you can now pick a spell from the Tavern and play it whenever you want. Every time you refresh the Tavern, there is a random spell on top of the usual number of minions you get offered for your current Tavern Tier.

Just like minions, there are different spells each with their own Tavern Tier. However, they don’t cost the same as minions: spells have various costs, represented right under their Tavern Tier level. Some may cost 3 coins, others 1, while some spells cost health points instead of coins. Once you purchase a spell, it joins your hand and you can play it whenever you want.

Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 6 introduced 42 new spells, each granting various bonuses from extra gold coins to new minions, free Tavern refreshes, or the powerful Wheel of Yogg-Saron.

Here are some of the new spells introduced with the release of Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 6:

  • Recruit a Trainee (Tavern Tier 1 – 2 Gold Coins): Get a random Tier 1 minion.
  • Overconfidence (Tavern Tier 2 – 1 Gold Coin): If you win your next combat, gain 3 Gold. If you tie, gain 1.
  • Staff of Enrichment (Tavern Tier 3 – 3 Gold Coins): Minions in the Tavern have +2/+2 this game.
  • Ritual of Growth (Tavern Tier 4 – 2 Gold Coins): Replace all cards in the Tavern with ones of a Tier higher.
  • Jaws of Fate (Tavern Tier 5 – 4 Gold Coins): Spin the Wheel of Yogg-Saron.
  • Perfect Vision (Tavern Tier 6 – 2 Gold Coins): Set a minion's stats to 20/20.

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New Minions Coming to Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 6

32 new minions are joining Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 6. Most of them interact with the Tavern spells, either granting you new ones or activating a specific effect if you use them. Others simply add new mechanics to spice up your Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 6 games, no matter which minion type you usually prefer.

Here are some of the new minions available in Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 6:

  • Beleaguered Battler (Tavern Tier 1 – 4/5). At the start of your turn, lose 1 Attack.
  • Land Lubber (Tavern Tier 2 – 3/4). The Tavern offers an extra Tavern spell after each Refresh.
  • Phaerix, Wrath of the Sun (Tavern Tier 3 – 3/1). Divine Shield. Avenge (4): Give a random friendly minion Divine Shield.
  • Living Azerite (Tavern Tier 4 – 4/4). Whenever you cast a Tavern spell, Elementals in the Tavern have +1/+1 this game.
  • Rodeo Performer (Tavern Tier 5 – 3/4). Battlecry: Discover a Tavern spell.
  • Worgen Vigilante (Tavern Tier 6 – 10/20). Windfury. This minion always attacks an enemy minion that it can kill (if possible).

To make room for these new minions, 33 existing ones will be removed from Hearthstone Battlegrounds. Five minions from previous seasons return to the Tavern: Critter Wrangler, Nether Drake, Master of Realities, Snail Cavalry, and Razorgore, the Untamed.

New Heroes Coming to Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 6

On top of the new spells and minions coming with the release of Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 6, this new season brings three new heroes.

Here are the three new heroes joining Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 6:

  • Snake Eyes
    • Hero Power: Lucky Roll (1 Gold Coin). Roll a 6-sided die. Gain that much Gold. (Cannot be used again for that many turns!
  • Tae’thelan Bloodwatcher
    • Hero Power: Reliquary Research (Passive). Every third Tavern spell you buy costs (0).
  • Doctor Holli’dae
    • Hero Power: Blessing of the Nine Frogs (1 Gold Coin). Get a random Tavern spell.

All of these heroes will be available in each lobby for two weeks following the release of Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 6 for all players to try them out.

Everything New Coming to Hearthstone Battlegrounds Season 6
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