Overwatch 2 Season 3 Heroes With the Least Deaths So Far

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Overwatch 2 Season 3 Heroes With the Least Deaths So Far

Overwatch 2 Season 3 has been around for more than 2 weeks now, which means that most people are used to the changes that were introduced. As we’ve seen from our previous articles, some heroes are substantially better than the rest, which reflects on their popularity and pick rate.

Overwatch 2 is a complex game where you have to worry about loads of things, including how to stay alive for as long as possible. Sadly, not everyone succeeds in this regard because staying alive is not easy. People have to think of a lot of things to be successful, and it all starts with picking the correct Overwatch 2 hero.

Even though good players don’t die a lot no matter what they play, some heroes are definitely better than others at surviving. With that said, let’s go through the names that stand out in the current Competitive season and learn why they manage to stay alive longer than others.


Overwatch Sigma Ultimate

With an average of 5.02 deaths/10 min, Sigma is officially the best hero for surviving in Overwatch 2 Season 3, at least for now. Some of you might be surprised because they’ve expected Wrecking Ball to be first, but those who’ve played with Sigma know that he is really good right now.

Besides being one of the game's best damage-dealing tank, Sigma is among the few heroes with a Shield. What’s more, he also has a unique defensive ability that makes him even harder to kill.

Following the changes that came along with Overwatch 2 Season 3, it’s safe to say that Sigma is one of the strongest tanks right now. He doesn’t work that well on every map, but there are cases where he’s on another level.

Wrecking Ball


The second spot on our list is for a hero that many people expected to be first. Wrecking ball was also one of the tanks in Overwatch 2 that received a couple of essential buffs, which means we expected to see him on this list. Besides the buffs, Wrecking Ball is usually the hero that dies the least because he’s incredibly mobile and sturdy.

Interestingly, Ball has 5.25 average deaths/10 min in Competitive Play, which means he’s slightly less effective than Sigma. We think that one of the main reasons for it is that the hero is just hard to master. Sure, high-rated players know how to make the most of themselves, but people new to Overwatch 2 will make many mistakes. This will inevitably affect the hero’s win rate.


dva overwatch school girl

The third place for the Overwatch 2 Season 3 heroes that die the least is for another thank. D.Va has been at the forefront of this role since the hero became available in Overwatch many years ago. She is one of the most robust heroes in the game, deals tons of damage, and can easily 1v1 pretty much everyone.

Despite the positives, the data from Season 3 reveal that D.Va has a total of 5.40 deaths every 10 minutes. Although these numbers are impressive, they are slightly worse than those of the other 2 tanks.

D.Va will continue to be one of the best options in the given Overwatch 2 meta. This is a hero that can work in every combo. Her Defensive Matrix is often overlooked, but it is one of the best defensive abilities in the game.


How to Unlock Kiriko in Overwatch 2

Even though some of you probably expected the fourth place on the list to be for another tank, this isn’t the case. The data reveal that the 4th best hero when it comes down to survival is none other than Kiriko. The latter is the most popular support in the game in many skill brackets and has been a part of the meta since she became available.

Although Kiriko is a support (which means she’s the go-to target in most games), her incredible mobility and defensive abilities allow her to survive much longer than usual. In fact, the best Kiriko players in the world are almost possible to kill because they’re just too elusive.

Nevertheless, the Overwatch 2 Season 3 data shows that Kirko has an average of 5.69 deaths/10 min. In other words, the hero can be killed, but people have to be careful.


Credit: UHD Wallpaper

The last spot on the list is the most surprising yet, especially for people who’ve been playing a lot in Season 3. Even though Ana is not the hottest support in the current Meta, it seems like people who know how to play with heroes don’t die as often as others. Consequently, she has 5.83 deaths/10 min, making her the 5th hero with the least deaths in the current patch.

To be honest, we’re more impressed by Ana’s stats than Kiriko’s. Unlike the latter, Ana only has one defensive ability and a long cooldown. Sure, she can stay in the backlines and heal her allies, but flankers can make Ana’s life a living hell. So, the fact that she has such an impressive death ratio surprised us.


Keep in mind that Season 3 of Overwatch 2 became available just a few weeks ago, so there is plenty of time to see changes in this list. We expect to see a solid shift in the meta once the mid-season updates arrive, so follow us for more information. 

Overwatch 2 Season 3 Heroes With the Least Deaths So Far
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