Overwatch 2 Season 3 Tank Heroes With The Highest Win Rate

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Overwatch 2 Season 3 Tank Heroes With The Highest Win Rate

We take a look at 3 tank heroes definitely worth your time in your next game of Overwatch 2.

After reviewing the most successful Overwatch 2 DPS heroes in Season 3 so far, it is time to do the same, but this time, we’ll focus on the tanks. As you already know, this is the most important in-game role in Overwatch 2. Tanks have received many buffs, which means they can make a real difference in every match.


Speaking of tanks, Season 3 changed many things about them. Besides the individual buffs and nerfs to some players, pretty much every tank had an HP reduction for non-Role Queue Roles and a base HP increase for Role Queue. This was definitely an exciting change and something we didn’t expect to see, at least not yet.


With that said, this article is all about the best-performing tanks at the time of writing, so let’s dive in. Keep in mind that we might see many changes once the mid-season update rolls out.




Surprisingly, the first hero on the list with the most successful tanks in Overwatch 2 is Reinhardt. People who’ve been playing Overwatch 2 for a while know that the hero wasn’t popular in Seasons 1 and 2. Sure, there were cases where some people picked him, but he was definitely not the go-to option.


Although he is still not the most popular Overwatch 2 tank among the higher-ranked brackets, he has a 52.62% win rate. With that said, his pick rate is awe-inspiring because it sits at 3.63%, making him the most-picked tank in the game.


The big reason why Rein is so popular in the current Overwatch 2 meta is because of the buffs. The hero received several changes, such as a 1s CD reduction to Charge and 10 extra Fire Strike damage. With that said, this Rocket Hammer knockback impulse is now 6 instead of 10, and his ult requires more resources and deals less damage, but it has a longer knockback duration.



Overwatch Sigma

If Renihadrth seems too aggressive and hard to master, you can also focus on playing Sigma. This Overwatch 2 tank has a 52.35% win rate and a 1.79% win rate. Even though he is not that good on every map, there are places where he’s the best Overwatch 2 tank.


In terms of the changes he had to go through, Sigma only received one nerf. His ultimate, called Flux, now requires 7% more resources, so he won’t be able to get it as fast as before. Other than that, he remains one of the heroes with the best shield in the game.




Despite being one of the weakest Overwatch 2 tanks when he became available, Ramattra has risen from the ashes. He was one of the best in the last couple of weeks before the arrival of Season 3, so we expected to see a lot of changes. In addition to those related to the hero’s HP, Ramattra’s Annihilation now slows down its duration when damaging enemies instead of stopping them. As a result, the hero’s Annihilation lasts up to 20 seconds. 


In addition to Annihilation’s duration nerfs, this ult now costs 12% more resources than before. As a result, Ramattra won’t be able to use it as often as before.


Despite the nerfs, Ramattra is still the most successful tank in Overwatch 2. He has a 52.25% win rate and around a 1.73% pick rate, which is impressive for a hero who has been a part of the game for several months.


Wrecking Ball


The next name on the list is probably the most difficult hero to master in Overwatch 2. Interestingly, Wrecking Ball’s win rate is 51.29%, which is one of the highest it’s ever been. 


This is one of the most complex tasks to master, and he is a hero that can always carry his team to victory. However, learning how to play with Ball is often more complex than it seems, which is why we usually see the hero in the higher Overwatch 2 ranks.


What’s interesting about Wrecking Ball is that the hero received several changes. In addition to his HP adjustments for the Role Queue and non-Role Queue, his Pile Driver cooldown is now down from 10s to 8s. As for his Minefield, the ultimate costs 9% more, but the arming time is down from 1.5 to 1s. Hence, his ult is way more efficient.


Junker Queen

Junker Queen giving the thumb down - Overwatch 2 issues and Bugs

Up next, we have one of the most promising tanks in Season 3 of Overwatch 2. What’s interesting about Junker Queen is that she has almost the same win rate as Ball – 51.09%. However, unlike him, she didn’t receive any specific changes for Season 3 because the hero got tons of buffs several weeks before that.


It is safe to say that Junker Queen feels much better now. Even though she isn’t as strong as she once was, the Overwatch 2 tank is definitely a viable option. That’s one of the reasons why the hero’s pick rate is catching the rest.


The main problem when playing with Junker Queen is that she’s not that good against some matchups. Sure, she can do a lot more damage than most other tanks, but she’s also more squishy. Consequently, she must be careful because the enemy’s DPS heroes could kill her.




The last hero with a positive win rate on the list is none other than D.Va. With a 50.28% win rate, this is a hero that can work in every situation. This explains why she has a 3.13% pick rate, making her the second most popular tank in the game.


Similar to JQ and some other names on the list, D.Va didn’t receive any major changes. In fact, the hero only got the base HP reduction/buff, similar to all other tanks.



Doomfist Overwatch 2

The last and probably one of the most interesting names on the list is Doomfirst. According to the stats, he has around a 49.99% win rate, which is pretty impressive for a hero that we don’t see much. He was quite popular in early Overwatch 2 Season 2, but after the nerfs, people decided to focus on something else.


Doomfirst didn’t receive anything new in Season 3, besides the HP adjustments. He can be a solid pick, but only in some matchups. That’s one of the reasons why we don’t see him as often as others.

Overwatch 2 Season 3 Tank Heroes With The Highest Win Rate
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