Overwatch 2 Season 3 DPS Heroes With The Highest Win Rate

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Overwatch 2 Season 3 DPS Heroes With The Highest Win Rate

Season 3 in Overwatch 2 arrived just a couple of days ago, but it has already changed many things in the current meta. Some of our favorite heroes have become much stronger, whereas others were nerfed a lot. As expected, this also resulted in the pick rate.

Even though Season 3 hasn’t been around for that long, we’ve decided to look at some of the most successful Overwatch 2 heroes in the current meta. Even though the stats will most likely change in the future, they’re accurate at the time of writing this article. Speaking of the stats, we’ve used OverBuff.


The agility hero Symmetra from Blizzard's Overwatch franchise

Despite being one of the least-popular heroes in the current meta and the fact that Symmetra is not that strong against aggressive tanks, the hero has the highest win rate in Overwatch 2 Season 3, at least for now. With a 56.59% win rate, Symmtera is topping the chart.

There are different reasons why this hero is currently #1, and one of them is the fact that she’s only played by a selected group of people. Unlike other Overwatch 2 DPS heroes, this one is not as popular, especially in some ranked brackets. Consequently, only people who are interested in the hero keep picking it in the current meta.

Despite her drawbacks, Symmetra also has a lot of advantages, such as her teleporter. Furthermore, the hero has one of the best ultimates in Overwatch 2, which, despite the nerfs, continues to win team fights.



Interestingly, the second name on the list is Torbjörn, one of the DPS heroes that always dominated the lower-skill brackets. Even though he is a hero who can work in all kinds of situations, he definitely excels against lower-rated opponents. That’s probably one of the big reasons why he has a 55.13% win rate.

One of the reasons why some of you might be surprised by Torbjörn’s win rate is because the hero received a small nerf following the arrival of Overwatch 2 Season 3. Before the patch, the hero’s Deploy Turret had 250 HP. However, after that, it has 225 HP, which means it is easier to kill. 

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According to the devs, they’ve made the change so that his Turrent doesn’t feel as powerful as before. Truth be told, people who know how to play against Torb will always make sure to kill it. However, it seems like not everyone is like that, which caused the nerf.

The good news is that the nerf didn’t make the hero feel less powerful before, judging from his win rate.


DPS Hero Changes Echo Overwatch

Surprisingly, the third place on the list when it comes down to the strongest Overwatch 2 heroes right now is for Echo. What’s very interesting about her is that she has a 50.37% win rate, which is almost 5% less than the two heroes above her. This may not surprise everyone because Echo is more popular among the higher ranks, and people know how to counter her.

Echo is one of the few Overwatch 2 heroes that hasn’t received a Major buff/nerf since Overwatch 2’s launch. The hero was nerfed in the new game because her ultimate is not as strong as before. However, unlike most DPS, she remained relatively consistent in her performance, which is why probably why the devs didn’t change anything about her in Season 3.

Echo is one of the heroes that can carry her team, especially in specific situations. That’s one of the reasons why we expected to see her a lot more often in the future.



Compared to all of the heroes on the list, Ashe is the Overwatch 2 DPS with the highest pick rate at around 2.60%. This was expected, especially after Blizzard decided to nerf Widowmakler in the recent patch.

The Overwatch 2 stats reveal that Ashe has a 50.33% win rate, which puts it just below Echo. Like her, this is one of the Overwatch 2 DPS that did not receive any changes for Season 3. Consequently, she is an excellent option for mid-range scenarios where the team needs a lot of burst damage. We also must remember that Ashe has one of the best ultimates in the game.

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Mei one of the heroes recieving some changes in Overwatch 2

Perhaps the hero that will surprise most of you on the list is Mei. She has never been the go-to option for a DPS pick, even after the massive changes she received in OW 2. While it’s trusted that her pick rate is not that impressive at 1.48%, her win rate is 50.20%, which is pretty good for this hero.

When it comes down to Overwatch 2 Season 3 and the changes, the hero’s ultimate cost is down by 5%. In other words, she should be able to use it more frequently.

Other than that, Mei is the same hero as before. She is pretty good in close-range fights, but she’s definitely not strong in long-range matchups. With that said, the hero has one of the best CC in the game, and it works well on some maps.


The Overwatch 2 hero, Reaper, holds his gun at the ready

The last name on the list is Reaper, and he has a 50.13% win rate. Interestingly, he is the second-most popular Overwatch 2 DPS on the list, with a 2.12% pick rate. However, this probably doesn’t come as a surprise because he is among the few heroes that can deal with the strongest tanks in the game right now.

Similar to Mei, Reaper didn’t receive that many changes. However, his ultimate cost 8% less than before, which is good news. Many people underestimate Deathblossom, but it can be game-winning when used correctly.


The only other hero with above a 50% win rate is Pharah. The latter also got a small ultimate buff, and the fact that Widowmaker is not as good as before definitely has an effect on the hero’s popularity.

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