Overwatch 2: Reaper Tips – Here’s How to Win

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Overwatch 2: Reaper Tips – Here’s How to Win

Learn how to master Reaper, one of the S-Tier DPS heroes in Overwatch 2 in our latest guide.

Everyone who plays Overwatch 2 knows that the mid-season update became available a couple of days ago. Even though it did not affect every hero in the game, it nerfed some of the more popular options, which paved the way for other heroes. 

Speaking of the devil, Reaper is one of the S-Tier DPS in Overwatch 2 right now and one of the best heroes you can get to win your games. Although he is not good in long-range combat, Reaper is a monster in a 1v1, especially when he is close to you. The hero has more HP and most DPS, he can move fast, and his ult is powerful enough to kill almost everyone.

Having said that, only some Overwatch 2 players know how to utilize the hero and win games. That’s why it is time to learn more about him and see what makes this hero so popular.

Focus on the tank 

One of the things that Overwatch 2 is known for is the fact that tanks are really strong. In fact, Roadhog is the best hero in the game right now, but D.Va and Winston are also among the S-Tier heroes. All of them deal tons of damage and are incredibly hard to deal with.

Even though most DPS can’t do much against the tanks, Reaper is different because this hero is their biggest counter. Reaper is one of the strongest heroes you can get to kill a tank, which is why people who pick him should focus on bringing down the enemy’s tank as soon as possible.

Once Reaper gets in close range, his shotguns can melt any tank in seconds. This is especially true for Roadhog because if he misses his hook, he is dead. Of course, going for the tank is not that easy because the enemy team will focus on you and bring you down. That’s why you have to be innovative and use your abilities to sneak behind them.

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Flanking vs Pushing

Overwatch 2 is a fantastic game where DPS heroes can do all sorts of things to be effective. That said, most of them are flankers, meaning they rely on catching an enemy off guard and killing him from behind. Reaper can also be an excellent flanker, but he is among the few Overwatch 2 DPS heroes that can also be a pusher.

Flanking vs Pushing is one of the things that you have to be careful with when deciding what to do in a given game. Pushing will require you to stay near the payload and your tank, and try to kill the enemy’s tank and those close to you. On the other hand, choosing the flanking option usually requires you to focus on supports and the DPS.

Reaper as a Flanker and Diver can be incredibly strong against some lineups because the hero can kill anyone when he is close to it. In other words, he can quickly jump in, get a kill on the healers and use his Wraith Form to escape.

Reaper can heal a lot, so always keep this in mind

Even though high-rated Overwatch 2 players know that Reaper has a lot of healing, it seems that those in the lower skill brackets often forget about it. Reaper’s passive allows him to heal a lot, especially if he lands his shots and is close to his target. Sometimes the healing is higher than the incoming damage, meaning that enemies can’t kill him.

Unsurprisingly, many Reaper players take full advantage of their passives, which is why they try to stay as close to their targets as possible. Landing all headshots when they’re close means they will heal for around 70 HP per shot, which is impressive, to say the least. There aren’t that many heroes that can out-damage this.

Use Wraith Form to dodge certain abilities

Reaper’s skill set is unique because it allows him to catch his enemies off guard and sneak behind them. In fact, many people use Wraith Form to do just that and often have a lot of success. However, enemies who know what they’re doing will notice that Reaper has used his Wraith Form, so they will try to kill him because he has no way of escaping. That’s why you need to be careful when using this ability. 

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Many people don’t know, but Wraith Form can be one of the best tools to dodge certain abilities. For example, you can use it against Hog when you think he is about to use his hook and dodge it even if he lands it on you. The fact that you can cancel this ability while it is active means that you can kill almost anyone in a 1v1 matchup.

Communicate with your team and see if you can combine Death Blossom with other abilities

Everyone knows that Reaper has one of the best Overwatch 2 ultimates. While it is true that it can be countered, a good Death Blossom is enough to kill the entire team because this ability deals 170 DPS. 

This ult is strong on its own, but Reaper can do wonders when he decides to pair it with other heroes. Ana’s Nano Boost is one of the most common options regarding combos, but we also have to include Kiriko’s ult. The newest Overwatch 2 support has one of the best ults for Reaper because it allows him to be faster and shoot faster. Needless to say, this makes his ult even more dangerous.

While we are on Reaper’s ult, we must remember that the hero will continue to lifesteal while using it. In other words, the more targets you are attacking, the harder it gets for the enemy team to kill you. 

The bad news is that some heroes can counter your ult very easily. Lucio is one of the first names that comes to mind because he can boop you away, meaning you won’t be able to do much. So, be careful when playing and keep an eye on the enemy’s cooldown.

Overwatch 2: Reaper Tips – Here’s How to Win
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