Overwatch 2: Genji Hero Guide

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Overwatch 2: Genji Hero Guide

Learn everything you need to know to play Genji in our latest Overwatch 2 guide!

Genji has always been one of the most iconic heroes in Overwatch. As a result, you shouldn’t be surprised he continues to be among the go-to Overwatch 2 heroes. He is fast, hard to kill, incredibly annoying, and able to deal with pretty much anyone.

Although Genji in Overwatch 2 is practically the same as in Overwatch, the new maps, game modes, and 5v5 setup have some impact on the hero. Nevertheless, many of the things we’ve mentioned in the original Genji guide are still true, so make sure to go through it.

That said, the Overwatch 2 changes had an effect on the hero and everyone who wants to play him. So, if you are interested in using this cyborg ninja, this Overwatch 2 Genji guide will provide you with all of the needed information.,


As mentioned earlier, Genji is one of the few Overwatch 2 heroes who remains the same as in the previous game. He has all of the abilities that made him so famous, which means he continues to be among the go-to options for flanking.

To be fair, the only thing new for the hero is the addition of the Overwatch 2 DPS passive ability.  This thing will give him bonus movement and reload speed, making him even harder to deal with.

Now you know what to expect from the hero, it is time for a couple of tips that will help you out.

Tip – Always use your double jump while fighting

One of the many things that make Genji such a popular option among Overwatch 2 players is his elusiveness. Despite having 200 HP, this is probably one of the hardest heroes to kill, especially if the player is good. Besides being able to climb walls and deflect enemy shots, he can even double jump.

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Using this skill while fighting is significant and can be one of the things that makes a difference. The fact you're constantly jumping means you are much harder to hit. What's more, you can land some nasty headshots.

Aside from using your double jump on the ground, you can also combine it with climbing a wall. Once your enemy has low HP, you can try to kill it with your dash, and you can use the same ability to get back because its cooldown will be reset.

Tip – Do not rely on Deflect to do damage

One of Genji's many abilities that makes him such a popular option among Overwatch 2 fans is the one that he allows him to deflect projectiles. Although many people realize this is a defensive tool that allows him to survive if he is out of position, some players use it offensively. Needless to say, this is not a good idea.

One of the reasons why you should not rely on this ability to do damage is that every player who knows what he’s doing will simply stop shooting. So, if you use this ability when you don’t really need it, you won’t be able to rely on it later on.

Tip – Cancelling your animations can be rewarding

Every ability in Overwatch 2 has a specific animation. For example, using your Dragonblade means Genji has to pull his sword out, which takes time. One of the things you can do to make the most of the hero’s abilities is to learn how to cancel your animations. 

While it is true this seems complicated, this is not the case. Once you read this Overwatch 2 Genji guide and start playing, you will learn how to do this in no time and do a lot more damage with your abilities.

One of the key things to remember about canceling your animations is to use your Dash as soon as you shoot your shurikens or cast your ultimate. Doing this will shorten the animation, allowing you to be more effective and do more damage.

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Of course, the only way to make the most of this tactic is to have good positioning. Dashing randomly won't allow you to do anything, so make sure you are aware of your surroundings. This is extremely important when learning how to play Genji.

Tip – Keep an eye on your teammate’s abilities

The last big tip for every Overwatch 2 Genji player is related to his allies. Since Overwatch 2 is a team-based game, you should try to take advantage of your hero’s abilities and use them in conjunction with others. We are not talking about any big combos but more like small things that can have an impact. 

For example, if you see your Rein used his ult, it is a good idea to use Dash and hit multiple units while they’re stunned. This will allow your team to do way more damage, and you can burst a target in no time. 

There are all kinds of other scenarios, so it all depends on the map and your teammates.


When talking about the Overwatch 2 combos with Genji, one of the first heroes that come to mind is Ana. The top-tier support’s ultimate makes Genji the strongest hero in the game. If the two powerhouses combine their ults, they can easily kill the entire enemy team, even in Overwatch 2, where tanks are much stronger than before.

Genji is also good with heroes like Zarya because she can catch multiple enemies. Doing this allows Genji to cast his ultimate and land at least a couple of kills. Of course, it depends on the heroes that are trapped inside, but even if they are tanks, Genji will be able to do a lot of damage.

Genji is one of the most popular heroes among professional players. So, if you're interested in checking some of the latest betting sites, keep an eye on whether the team you’re betting on uses the hero because he can make a difference.

Overwatch 2: Genji Hero Guide
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