Overwatch 2 Mauga Guide – Tips and Abilities

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Overwatch 2 Mauga Guide – Tips and Abilities

Interested in learning more about Overwatch 2 Mauga? Let’s go through everything we know about the new hero.

Just a few hours following our article about the Mauga Overwatch 2 story, Blizzard announced the addition of a new hero to our favorite game. This happened at BlizzCon 2023, where we also learned a lot more about different things.

Needless to say, Overwatch 2 fans were more than happy to learn about the new hero, which is why it is time to go through everything about it. This Overwatch 2 Mauga guide will reveal more details about the hero, the voice actor behind him, his abilities, and more.

Overwatch 2 Mauga Guide

We won’t go into detail about his story because we already have a separate article about it. The interesting thing is that a lot of people thought that Mauga Voice actor Overwatch 2 would be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet. What we do know about the 39th hero in Overwatch 2 is that he will be a tank and will have a pretty impressive skill ceiling. Of course, we will have to wait and see him in action.

Mauga is a fire-themed hero that is designed to fight up close. He is similar to Junker Queen in this hard, but by the looks of it, his damage output will be even more impressive. 

Overwatch 2 Mauga Guide –  Abilities

overwtch 2 mauga guide
mauga ovewatch 2 guide

Before learning more about the Mauga voice actor Overwatch 2, it is important to know more information about the hero’s abilities. 

  • The first thing we want to talk about is his regular attack called Incendiary Chaingun “Gunny”, which allows him to use his gun that has 300 ammo and deals 4.5 damage per shot. The falloff range is 25m, and he can land headshots. Keep in mind that this gun will actually ignite your enemies, and Cha-Cha will do bonus damage when they are ignited.
  • Using your right mouse button will allow you to use the Volatile Chaigun “Cha-Cha”, which also has 300 ammo and deals 4.5 damage per shot.  What’s interesting is that you can actually fire both guns at the same time, but you will only hit your shots if you are really close to your target.
  • Overwatch 2 Mauga has a passive ability called Berserker. It allows the hero to generate up to 150 overhealth, which decays at the rate of 5 per second around 2s after he did critical damage. 
  • Overrun – This ability will let Mauga charge forward to stomp and launch enemies. It is worth knowing that Mauga Overwatch 2 is unstoppable while doing this.
  • Cardiac Overdrive – Mauga’s ability will let his allies take less damage and they, as long as they are doing damage. The healing is around 40%, whereas the damage reduction is 30%.
  • Cage Fight – Mauga’s ultimate is called Cage Fight, and it allows the hero to deploy a barrier that traps you and an enemy. Once that happens, you will get unlimited ammo. 
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Overwatch 2 Mauga Tips 

Overwatch 2 mauga guide

Even though most people will have the chance to use the new tank hero at a later stage, our Overwatch 2 Maga guide wouldn’t be complete without sharing a few tips. To be fair, this is a pretty versatile tank that is useful up close, as well as against ranged heroes. Nevertheless, he will be way more useful if he is close to his enemies, so keep that in mind. 

Aside from that, here is what else to keep in mind before visiting the Mauga Overwatch Wiki:

  • As mentioned earlier in the Mauga Guide Overwatch 2, you can shoot with your guns simultaneously or one after another. Sometimes, you will need to use both.
  • Using both Chainguns at the same time will increase your spread dramatically. Therefore, this will only be useful in close-range combat.
  • Do not use your Cage Fight when there are too many enemies around you because you will most likely die. Nevertheless, this ultimate is incredibly strong when you need to burst a given target.
  • Ideally, you should always try to use your left mouse click to land some headshots before using the right one. Doing this will increase your overall damage output.
  • Overrun is incredibly strong, but it takes some getting used to. When used right, the ability can be pretty solid because enemies will roll away from you when you go through them. 
  • Considering Mauga’s passive ability, there will be cases where the hero will need to play aggressively in order to survive. That said, you will have to be careful and balance everything.
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Those of you who read this Mauga Overwatch 2 Guide and want to use the hero should do that right now because Blizzard only allows us to test him for one day. Needless to say, we will need to wait for future updates to learn more about the hero. Don’t forget to check ESTNN for more information.

Overwatch 2 Mauga Guide – Tips and Abilities
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