Mauga Overwatch 2 Story

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Mauga Overwatch 2 Story

Let’s learn additional details about Mauga Overwatch 2 and see what can one of the potential new heroes look like.

Our many years of experience with Blizzard and Overwatch, in particular, allow us to predict some upcoming game changes. By the looks of it, it seems like the next new hero will be Mauga Overwatch 2.

Mauga is an interesting character that we first learned about a couple of weeks ago. Even though there has been no official confirmation about the hero or what we can expect from him, you can find different information about his story. So, let’s learn more details about everything.

Mauga Overwatch 2 Story

According to the storyline of Overwatch 2, Mauga is a friend of Baptiste, and he is a Talon Heavy Assault.. Mauga may look like a “dumb brute”, but in reality, he is talkative and is famous for being really good in close combat. With that said, the hero has one problem – he changes his moods quickly, and once he becomes angry, he doesn’t stop. Thankfully, his friend Baptiste can call him down.

Speaking of Mauga Overwatch 2, he and Baptiste met in Talon. According to a famous quote, Mauga called Baptiste the best medic in Talon and said that he would protect you, as long as the medic keeps him alive. After meeting him there, the two took part in operations in Singapore and Makati, where there were a lot of civilian casualties. 

Mauga and Baptiste in Monte Cristo

The Overwatch 2 storyline says that our two main characters were part of an operation that took place at Monte Cristo. They were a part of Talon, and the latter had the task of eliminating Daniel Fernandes, who was the leader of the Playa Cartel.

Although Talon did not have problems, once they reached Fernandes’s location, they weren’t able to find him. This was when their leader ordered them to tear down the place, which resulted in a lot of casualties. As expected, Baptiste was not happy with what he saw and decided to flee, which was when he was confronted by Mauga Overwatch 2. The latter had the task of finding him, but when he was asked by its leader if that happened, Mauga answered that he didn’t find him.

The aftermath

mauga and baptsite

Around four years after Mauga Overwatch 2 and Baptiste parted ways, the two met again in Haiti. They had to complete another mission because there was a local group that hadn’t been paying Talon on time. Although there were other people for the job, Mauga insisted that Baptiste would help them.

Although things did not go as planned, Mauga, Baptiste and Nguyen, the third person for the job, had to deal with Sinclair. It should have been a walk in the park, but instead of meeting him, the trio had to fight against his security. After dealing with them, they discovered Sinclair was in his office.

Mauga Overwatch 2 was eager to kill Sinclair after finding him, but the latter revealed that there was an Overwatch recall order and the fact that he was once a part of the Overwatch. Sinclair hoped that this info could save him, but the bad news was that Baptiste and the rest were aware of it. Mauga told Baptsite that the latter should kill him, but instead of completing the task, Baptiste used a Flashbang to distract Ngueyn and Mauga and escaped with Sinclair.

Eventually, Mauga caught Baptiste, and the two started fighting. Things were not going well for the healer, which is why he eventually blew up a device that caused a massive explosion. Once that dust settled, Mauga was nowhere to be found, but Baptiste suspected he was alive, and his suspicions were right.

Mauga Overwatch Speculations

According to the dev team at Overwatch 2, Mauga was supposed to be the 31st hero in the game. However, Joshua Noh and Geoff Goodman, the people who developed the hero, were unhappy with his kit and thought that it did not suit the hero. Consequently, they decided to release Sigma instead.

There were speculations in June 2022 regarding Mauga’s arrival, but this did not happen. Now, considering Overwatch 2 Season 7 has Samoa as a control map, a lot of people expect to see Mauga Overwatch 2 in Season 8. We are yet to see if this will happen.

Mauga Overwatch 2 Story
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